Jan 1966 Comms

Here is an image for sailors from 1966 January intake.  The parade is held in PHILOMEL which might indicate that it was taken at the end of 1966 on completion of training.  Maybe someone can put names to missing sailor and advise who the Inspecting Officer was.  Bill Morley is the one badge Petty Officer.

From L-R  Bruce Miller (Sparker), Laurie Coggins (Sparker), Frank Brown (Stoker), Jim Roberts,  Marty Hayward (Sparker),  ?

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Passing of a Lady

Regret to advise that Sandra Lee Newport wife of Colin Newport, ex Signalman, RNZN passed away 26 July 2017 in Melbourne after a long illness.  On behalf of the Association our thoughts are with you and your family Colin at this difficult time.  A funeral to celebrate her life will be held on Tuesday, 2 August.  If you would like to leave a comment to this blog I will ensure that Colin gets your messages.  Kia Kaha our friend.

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Media Release – Professor Ron Paterson
A discussion document about how the Veterans’ Support Act 2014 is working has been released today.
It is part of the consultation process for a Review of how the legislation is operating. The Review is a legal requirement under the Veterans’ Support Act 2014 and is being independently led by Professor Ron Paterson. The Review is expected to be completed, and a report provided to the Chief of Defence Force, by the end of 2017.
The discussion document seeks views about how the Veterans’ Support Act 2014 is working, what could be improved, and what needs to be changed.
“I have released this discussion document early in the Review process, to give people as much time as possible to think about how the Veterans’ Support Act is working for them”, says Professor Paterson.
Submissions on the discussion document are due by 15 September 2017. Consultation meetings will be held in Whāngārei, Auckland, Tauranga, Gisborne, Napier, Palmerston North, Wellington, Christchurch, Dunedin and Invercargill in August and September. Information about the independent review, consultation process and discussion document can be found on the New Zealand Defence Force website http://www.nzdf.mil.nz/corporate-documents/vsa
“I’m looking forward to meeting as many veterans and their families as possible at the consultation meetings. They have served our country and the Veterans’ Support Act is there to provide the support and rehabilitation they need as a result of their service”, says Professor Paterson.
“We don’t often get the opportunity, so soon after new legislation comes into effect, to
independently review how it is working”.
“I encourage everyone who has an interest to take this opportunity to have their say”.
For more information, contact: review.vsa@nzdf.mil.nz

Consultation meetings for the Review are being held in the following locations over August and September 2017. The meetings will be hosted by Professor Paterson. Anyone with an interest in contributing to the Review can attend a meeting. You do not need to RSVP. You can both attend a meeting and put in a written submission.

Whangarei Friday 11 August 2017
Whangarei RSA,  10.00am
7-9 Rust Avenue,

Auckland Wednesday 9 August 2017
Manurewa RSA,  10.30am
2-8 Maich Road,

Auckland Wednesday 9 August 2017
Henderson RSA, 2.00pm
66-70 Railside Ave,

Tauranga Friday 18 August 2017
Tauranga RSA, 11.00am
1237 Cameron Road,
Greerton, Tauranga

Gisborne Friday 25 August 2017
Gisborne RSA, 11.00am
Cnr Childers Road and Bright Street,

Napier Friday 1 September 2017
Napier RSA,  10.30am
34 Vautier Street,

Wellington Monday 4 September 2017
Lower Hutt RSA, 9.30am
Petone Workingmen’s Club,
47 Udy Street,

Wellington Monday 4 September 2017
Porirua RSA,  2.00pm
5-7 McKillop Street,

Palmerston North Tuesday 5 September 2017
Palmerston North Senior Citizens Hall,  10.30am
323 Main Street,
Palmerston North

Christchurch Friday 8 September 2017
Christchurch RSA, 9.30am
74 Armagh Street,

Christchurch Friday 8 September 2017
Paparua Templeton RSA, 1.00pm
38 Kirk Road,

Dunedin Thursday 7 September 2017 10.00am
Mosgiel RSA, 10.00am
6 Church Street,

Invercargill Wednesday 6 September 2017
North Lounge of the Corinthian Centre, 1.00pm
Invercargill Workingmen’s Club,
154 Esk Street,

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One for the Old & Bolds

Here is an image of Petty Officers.  Can anyone name the Petty Officers, When it was taken and what was the occasion.  This was the 1965 Petty Officers Leadership Course which was held in HMNZS PHILOMEL.

Standing L-R    Reg Coxn Bob ‘Guts’ Cunningham, POS Bash Bishop, Reg Coxn Len ‘Dolly’ Gray, CPO Bill Rowe (Crse Instructor), Muzz Mullins, Long John Bruce, Bill Berge, Yeoman Billy Bartlett, Don ‘Cora’ Curry, ‘Moose’ Elder, POSTWD Colin Rands

Sitting L-R     Mo Cameron,  PRD Bevan Lawes, SLT Jock Elder, ‘Shorty’ Russell, Ian ‘inky’ McKenzie.

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Was this a Right Choice

This is an image from the past and one which will most probably not be repeated in our Navy. The only time you will see something similar to this is when ships bring food on board and we store ship.  Have we lost something or gained something by the removal of beer from our ships.  On one hand we now have no banyan’s, no BBQ’s at sea, no building of comrade esprit, and on the other hand we have no opportunity for sailors to over indulge at sea and become worse for wear.  What do you think?

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U.S. Navy to ‘modernise’ Morse code

U.S. Navy to ‘modernise’ Morse code because not enough sailors understand it

Max Burman Yahoo News UK 22 July 2017

Naval officers stand inside U.S. Navy aircraft carrier USS NIMITZ (AP Photo/Rishi Lekhi)

For more than a century, navies across the world have communicated with each other via Morse code. The signal lamp method has survived this long because its low-tech nature makes it impossible to jam, hack or intercept. It is, however, also slow and arcane, which is why it’s now little more than a back-up in case of emergency. Signal lamps also require a sailor specifically trained in Morse code to operate them, posing a problem for young sailors whose experience of the practice may be limited to old war films.

That’s why the U.S. Navy is giving in to the inevitable march of time and technology by ‘modernising’ Morse code.

New software is being tested that will automate the process, allowing American ships to communicate quickly and covertly without the need for an expert. The tech will convert text to Morse code signals and vice versa, along with motors or LEDs to send those signals to a nearby ship. Scott Lowery, an engineer at Naval Surface Warfare Center in Florida, has taken part in recent tests. He told New Atlas he was happy with the new system. “The best part of this flashing light converter is how easy it is for Sailors to use,” Lowery said. “It’s very intuitive because it mirrors the messaging systems used on iPhones. You just type your message and send it with the push of a button.”

Called Flashing Light to Text Converter, or FLTC, the software can run on a tablet or laptop. The navy is reportedly hoping to issue it throughout the U.S. fleet next year.

Click HERE for further information.

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RNZN Comms 50th Anniversary Polo Shirts

A number of communicators have indicated that they are unable to attend the 50th Anniversary celebrations, but would like to order a polo shirt.  A new online form has been generated which will allow you to do this.  Please click HERE to enter your details.  This option is only open to financial members of the Association.  An on-line form to apply for membership can be accessed HERE.

Another order will be placed with the manufacturer at the end of August so if you would like a shirt get your order quick smart.

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