Margaret House

The Communicators Association has received a request from the Devonport Historical Society who are looking for any images which may be tucked away in your photo albums or scrapbooks of Margaret House.  The images below are great but you may have others which would be great to capture.  Please scan your images and forward to me at  Thanks    Pauline Patterson and Anne Harwood images below.

This is an image of the Wrennery at 110 Calliope Road, Devonport.  The house was situated on the corner of Calliope Road and William Bond Street opposite St Augustine’s Church.  Not sure of when this image was taken but the colour images below is how it now looks.


Margaret house

Margaret house


This is an image of 142 Calliope Road as it is today.  This house was used by Senior Wrens for accommodation and is just down the road from Margaret House above.  Maybe someone can advise if it was known as  ???? something House.

Two more images have been provided by Pauline Patterson.  Thanks Pauline.

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23 February 2017 (Review commenced in April 2011)

Changes to the eligibility rules for the existing ten New Zealand military long service awards are expected to be announced in the second half of 2017, once the governing Royal Warrants and accompanying regulations are in place.

Additional work is currently being undertaken on the definitions of ‘Efficient Service’ and ‘Character and Conduct’.

As advised on 25 August 2015, the existing long service awards will remain, but the entitlement criteria will allow all eligible New Zealand military service to be counted. For example, service will be able to be accumulated rather than continuous (as is currently required for some awards). This will deliver a fairer system while maintaining the standing of the long service awards.

The appropriate long service award issued will reflect the majority of each recipient’s service. Persons who already have a long service award will continue to wear the award they have. There will be no swapping of awards.

Current serving military personnel will not need to apply for their long service entitlement to be assessed under the new rules. They will be automatically assessed via the data in their SAP HCM records. Please note that given the number of eligible personnel it may take around 12 to 18 months after the announcement to confirm and issue the medal entitlement for every current serving military Service person.

Applications from eligible ex-Service persons will be called for by the end of 2017, once a project team of additional staff has been hired and trained.

Full information on the changes will be released at the time of the formal announcement.

The time frame is not bad for a process which started in April 2011.  Must be busy in the Medals Department.

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In the Guard Again

Who, Where and What are the questions.

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RNZN Communicators Association 50th Anniversary

Some 12 months after initial discussions and meetings began, on the 6 October 1967 the first formal elections of officials took place and the Naval & Ex Naval Communicators Association (now the RNZN Communicators Association) was inaugurated.

It is fitting then that we celebrate our Association’s 50 years and accordingly your Executive has much pleasure in inviting you to the celebration.

What: RNZN Communicators Association 50th Anniversary Cocktail Party
When: Friday 6 October 2017 {50 years to the day of our inauguration}
Where: National Museum of the Royal New Zealand Navy
Torpedo Bay, Devonport, Auckland
Time: 1800 – 2000
Who: Financial members and partners
Dress: Formal – Jacket, Tie with medals
Serving Communicators – appropriate service dress

Our guest speaker will be Commodore Jim Gilmour, RNZN Maritime Component Commander and an ex Communicator.

The formal celebrations will be completed in plenty of time for you to join shipmates in ongoing comradery in Devonport or somewhere around the city of Auckland.

To commemorate the 50 year celebration, your Association is having a 50th Anniversary polo shirt produced. These are able to be ordered now will be mailed to you in September 2017. Please click HERE to view the example of the Anniversary Polo shirt and HERE for the colours available. It is not intended the Association will hold stocks of the polo shirts for future sale or have them on sale at the 6 October event.

There will be no ‘door’ sales at the event and attendance is limited to 150. To register and order your Anniversary Polo Shirt, please click HERE to complete the Registration form. You will then need to submit payment to the Association account. Once received we will confirm your attendance.

If you are unable to attend the celebrations and would still like a shirt,  complete the registration form and place your order for your shirt adding postage within NZ ($5.00) or to Australia ($9.00).  If you require the shirt to be posted elsewhere in the world, contact Frank direct and he will establish the cost for you.

Registrations close 1 October 2017 or when maximum numbers are reached.
We look forward to celebrating this important milestone with you and invite you to register now.

Yours Aye
Rod Berry

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Here is an artist impression of the new ship HMNZS AOTEAROA which will be delivered in 2020.  The ship has a displacement of 24,000 tonnes and cost $498 million dollars.  It is 173 metres long and as a design speed of 16 knots.  Accommodation for 98 persons.  The vessel will be built by Hyundai Heavy Industries.

The admiral says “It has the ability to conduct embarked helicopter operations and will be capable of carrying a significant tonnage of operational supplies. And it will provide an important Antarctic support capability to assist with our Southern Ocean monitoring.” Aotearoa would “represent us as a nation on the international stage whether conducting operational support, maritime sustainment or providing humanitarian aid and disaster relief. Aotearoa will be recognisable within the Pacific region and identifiable with all New Zealanders,”

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Jack Passings – April 2017

The following Sailors ‘Crossed the Bar’ during the month of April 2017. Details of funerals etc can be found by clicking HERE.

CAMPBELL, Donald Edwin Seaman
HENDERSON, Warren Hylton Roland (Roly) OSIG
BLANCHETT, Murray Alexander Coder
HAROLD, Jack Nelson
BARLEY, Alan Vernon
LOTT, James William

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Communications Training Schools

It would appear that the first formal Communications Training facility was located in what used to be the ‘green huts’ which ran alongside the promenade and ran down opposite the St Christopher’s chapel passed the old Fleet Mess and down to Quarterdeck.   The actual school was located in the green hut directly opposite the old Chief and Petty Officers Fleet Mess.

At some time (date to be discovered) a Communications Training Facility was established at 2 Alexander Road in a two story weatherboard building located on the hill by the PHILOMEL Wardroom.  This building still stands today and when the Communications School was transferred to the ex Army facility at North Head post 1958, the building for a number of years became the Posting Office.  We are aware that the Communications School was in operation and accepting classes on North Head in September 1959.  The image below shows number 2 and 4 Alexander Street and the 2 storey building is to the right.   Thanks Fred W for the images.

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