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The following comments were left on the RNZNCOMMS Association blog by Danny O’Connell and I congratulate him on responding with a well balanced comment.   This comment is worthy of sharing wider amongst our Naval Family hence why it is being repeated here.

These comments are provided in relationship to the rights of Service persons to be buried in the Service Section of their local cemeteries.  Please read on and if you agree with Danny then please download the templated letter and send in to your local MP.

Quote I’ve been thinking about this for some time and have come to the conclusion (like most of you I’m sure) that this is not acceptable. As luck would have it, I have been deemed a Veteran by virtue of some of the deployments that I was involved with, i.e. because of the ship that I was posted to at the time. In other words, right place – right time! But, in my view, any and all that I served alongside in the RNZN hold rights to the same title.
One of the outcomes of this that really irks me is the right to be interned in the Service section of the cemetery. They are saying that there are two different classes of serviceman and that some don’t ‘deserve’ to be buried alongside the rest of us! Utter bullshit and this upsets me because, when my time comes, I have always wanted to be in a service section plot alongside my brother servicemen. Well now I find that some are not considered equal! I don’t wish to be ‘elitist’!
I feel deeply for those that would want this also but are being told that they are not considered worthy. I feel deeply for their families who know what their loved ones wish’s are but are unable to carry them out. To that end, last week I sent off the template letter to my local MP, Ian McKelvie, member for Rangitikei. I received a reply from his office today requesting a meeting in 2 weeks time.
I don’t know if this will have much of an impact or how much weight it will carry but it seems that Mr. McKelvie is willing to at least listen. To that end, please let me know your thoughts on this and help me get a few thoughts together so that I might be able to get them across well.  Unquote

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The ‘KING’ Sparkers

The following email was received from Geoff Parker.  If you remember Geoff and would like to get back in contact after all these years drop him an email at


Many, many years early 70’s I was on board HMS Yarmouth as a sparker. We were in
communications with HMNZS Waikato often and I got talking over the ether to a couple
of your comms lads called the King brothers. I was invited on board when alongside
in Singapore and they both got me rather inebriated such so I fell down my hatch ladder
and still have the scars to show. We then had a few runs ashore and had a couple of
altercations with Aussie sailors in Sambewang.
Great times, just thought I’d pass them on and Thank the King brothers for the
good times we had.
Regards Geoff (Fez) Parker



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You will have previously read the post about ‘Operational Service’ and how this is being applied to service men and women, who when the time comes, may want to be buried in the Service Section of their local cemetery.  To read the original post in its entirety please click HERE 

If you have already downloaded the templated letter and sent it on to your local Member of Parliament Great – READ NO FURTHER.

However,  If you are dithering READ ON!!

This further post is provided to encourage you to take ACTION.  We all know what Servicemen and women are like, there is always another day to take ACTION and we all tend to put off what we should do today or we wait for others to take the necessary action.  WELL, this is your time to standup and be counted.

Click HERE to download a templated letter.  Do not add anything to the letter – just date it, add your home address, place your local MP’s name at the top and sign the bottom of the letter and add your service number.  Then here is the big task  POST IT!!!


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Jack Passings – October 2018

The following Sailors ‘Crossed the Bar’ during the month of October 2018. Details of funerals etc can be found by clicking HERE.

EASTLAKE, Terence John (Terry) Seaman
BLICK, Graham Felix O.Tel
YOUNG Andrew Aitken (Andy) ABS
HORNE, Richard Joseph TEL
MAHONEY, Brian John M.B.E. Cdr (Rtd)
MURPHY, Bryan Eugene (Spud). SA

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Exercise Loooong lunch is scheduled for 27th October 2018 at O’Hagens Irish Bar in the viaduct with a 1200 start.


These have been wonderful catch up events in the past. Open to all ranks, partners and friends. Please promulgate amongst your networks and we hope to see one and all there.

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Operational Service – What does this Mean?

If you are an ex serviceman/woman or, currently serving please read on. Under the current rules if you were lucky enough to have served in an operational theatre you will have received the Operational Service Medal and have notated on your service records that you have qualified for ‘Operational Service’. Please note that not all personnel in receipt of this medal qualify for ‘Operational Service’.

Well – “what does this entitle you to?” It entitles you to be buried in the service section of your local cemetery.

Now, if you were not so lucky to be posted overseas to an operational theatre but served in the New Zealand Defence Force and supported those who did serve overseas and did not qualify for ‘Operational Service’.

What does this entitle you to? NOTHING! Your service in the NZDF warrants for absolutely NOTHING and you are not entitled to be buried in the Service Section of your local cemetery.

So, it doesn’t MATTER:

  • how many years you have served in the Armed Forces,
  • that you took an Oath or Affirmation when you joined the NZDF,
  • that you were willing to serve Her Majesty the Queen and thus put your life in jeopardy if the cause arose,
  • that you were not posted to serve on a ship or ashore in an Operational environment and that you continued to provide support.

YOUR SERVICE TO YOUR COUNTRY AMOUNTS TO NOTHING! when it comes to your time to cross the bar.

NOW if you agree with the current entitlement regarding the Burial and Cremations Act 1964 then please do nothing.

However, if you think that your service in the NZDF should count and it should be recognised and that the current rules in the Burial and Cremation Act 1964 are out of touch then, I would encourage you to download and send the template letter by clicking HERE, place your address at the top of the page, date the letter, enter your local Member of Parliament name and SIGN it at the bottom but most importantly post it.

You are encouraged not to add anything further to the letter as experience has shown that personal comments may water down the letter and detract from its intent.  DO IT NOW!

Other Avenues you may like to consider and raise this issue with:

Your local RSA
The National Office of the RSA
The Chief of Defence Force
The Minister of Veterans Affairs
Your local Naval Club
The Chief Petty Officer mentioned in the letter was Chief Petty Officer Yeoman of Signals Pokiha Hiini who recently passed away suddenly at Waiheke Island.

If you are currently serving in the New Zealand Defence Force and wish to support this initiative please check your rules for sending letters to your local Member of Parliament.


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Telegraphist Peter James Mollison – Repatriation

As you maybe aware, the remains of Telegraphist PeterJames Mollison NZ14747 of HMNZS Royalist will soon be returned to NZ from Korea under Project Te Auraki and passed to his family.  Peter crossed the bar 29th October 1957 at the age of 19.

Peter will be interred at Hamilton on Saturday 13th October in the presence of Family Members.  By direct invitation only, a few other persons will attend,

The Family ask that you please respect their wishes at this sensitive time, but would welcome any emails or phone calls from any close mates who served with Peter.

Peters sister, Carol is available on 027 280 1815 or by email

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