Welcome – Foundation Membership

Welcome to our newest member of the RNZN Communicators Assn who has recently taken out not only full membership but also Foundation Membership of our association. His contribution will ensure the association will continue to be supported into the future.

Leading Communications Warfare Specialist Matty O’Neill currently serving in HMNZS OTAGO.  Thanks Matty for your contribution and membership.


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Gollie Passes

Regret to advise that Graham Cadwallader (ex EW) crossed the bar this afternoon 14 March 2017.  Details will be posted when advised

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MCG – Royalist Style

Here is an image of HMNZS ROYALIST Maori Cultural Party taken in 1965.  There are a number of communicators present in the image.  See if you can pick them out from directions below.  Thanks for the image Larry M.

Sparkers –  Abe Seymour – rear 3rd from left,  Larry Maindonald – middle 4th from left         Lionel Tuhiwai – rear 8th from left (obscured)     Don Mihaere – rear 11th from right             absent –  Joe Aranga
Buntings  – Bob Ratu – front 6th from left   Tom Cassidy – ls rear 11th from right
Skipper – Captain Vallant -the matelot standing between the officers is John Purcell (RSA President Napier)


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Dave R’s Brood

Here is an image of a Communications class from the 70’s.  There are a few drops of skin here.  Cane we put names to those young faces.


Rear L – R   Paul McDougal, Paul Kearney, Trevor Stevens, Greg Hanson, ? Robertson, ? Winthrop, ? Howell, Kyle Craig.
Middle L – R   ? Humphries, Watson, Henry Knight, Brian Jarman, Dave Hanover, Garth Nichols.
Front L – R   Roha (Vegemite) Moretti, Peter (Pincher) Martin, Dave Carroll, PRD Dave Robertson, Ron Bryant, Peter Fraser, Denis (Bounce) Spring.

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What Does CANTERBURY look like Now?

What does HMNZS CANTERBURY (F421) look like now after being on the bottom for a number of years.  Here is a utube video of a recent diving expedition on the 19 Feb 17. Click HERE to view. Depending on your taste in music you may want to view this on MUTE.  Thanks to Linda Bradley for the link.


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Current Branch Badges of the RNZN

Here is an image of the current branch badges of the RNZN.  Lets see how good we are and see which ones we can name.


Top Row 1 L-R – Combat Systems Specialist, Medic, Marine Technician Propulsion, Writer, Maritime Trade Operator
Row 2 L-R – Seaman Combat Specialist, Weapons Technician, Diver, Electronic Warfare Specialist, Officers Steward
Row 3 L-R – Naval Police, Electronics Technician, Marine Technician Electrical, Hydrographic, Band
Bottom Row L-R – Communications Warfare Specialist, Stores, Air Crewman, PTI,  Chef (not cook)

And not so current badges of the RNZN


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Sparkers and Buntings

Here is an image of some communicators.  Can you name them and what year?


L – R    Holland, William (Rupert) Anderson, Stephen Prentice, Peter Clash (kneeling) 1975/76 on Canterbury


L – R  Denis (Bounce) Spring, Greg Hanson, Dave Carroll, Trevor Stevens. 1974


Trevor Stevens and Peter Clash  1975/76 on Canterbury

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