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  1. John Bullock says:

    It has been suggested we have a “RNZN Communicators Honours List”, e.g. BEM, OBE, etc, on the RNZNCA website. The proposed list will not include “campaign medals”. To help compile a true and accurate information on ex-RNZN or serving personnel that have been honoured by the Queen/or King, etc, can email me with the following information (1) Year Awarded (2) Name (3) Rank/Rating (4) Honour awarded (5) Occasion, e.g. New Year, Queen’s Birthday, etc. and (6) Strange as it may seem, the reason for your award if known.

    • laurie Coggins (coggs) says:

      hey john, does n.a.f.a.i. count, cause i was awarded that on almost all ships i served !

      • Henri Bull says:

        a very late input but i remember doing this when i had left pussers and joined Civil Aviation NZ… and it was NAAFI….. no ambition and f…k all interest… hmmmmmm

  2. Brian Edwards says:

    My records show I got a VG* on HMNZS KANIERE, does that qualify?

  3. Neill Dorset says:

    Finally! After all these years success has finally arrived. It has been very annoying over the years writing to prime Ministers and Min of Def’s to be fobbed off with replies that showed a clear lack of understanding about a NZ Defence medal meant for ALL servicemen and women. To quote an old signal saying “Bravo Zulu” to those who have been behind the scenes driving this one.

  4. Dave Neil says:

    Love your comment Frank – I have no idea what you have no idea about. Guess it must be Pilz Post. He gets confused you know – refer NZDF Medal page!
    Quite agree Neill. Now we must just strive to stay alive long enough to see it. I do hope that they don’t cock it up with a silly ribbon or anything.

  5. Jim Dell says:

    Medal ribbons are becoming as colourful as Licorice Allsorts. I’m picking the ribbon for the new medal will be the old British WWII Defence Medal one with black stripes separating the main colours!

  6. Dave Neil says:

    Could be Jim – I can’t see what would be wrong with the three service colours Navy & Air Force blue Army brown. No doubt finer brains than ours will work on it for many weeks to come, rather than the many weeks that have passed.

  7. Ken Beattie says:

    Good to see something has come to light..
    Done the time…now let’s see the shine.

  8. dave neil says:

    Ken Beattie!
    It’s amazing who turns up = glad to hear that you are still with us.
    I am awaiting a reply from Wayne Mapp as to why the delays etc for the medal. Got to be too much for my local mp so she referred my whinges to him. Will share if its worth while – though being politicians I would doubt it.

  9. Terry Patterson says:

    I think you got it part right. I believe the ribbon colours are those of the 1939-1945 bronze star with another couple of colours added. Medal is bronze like the GSM with NZ Coat of Arms one side and on the other side of medal, combined Navy, Army, Air force emblem. For us who volunteered to serve our Queen and Country a clasp denoting “REGULAR”. I was always regular when in pussers.

    Terry Patterson

  10. Faye Green says:

    I have been trying to find more information on my grandfather and came across your website regarding compiling a list for your RNZN Communicators Honours List. Maybe my grandfather’s BEM may be of interest. Unfortunately the letter from Captain M L Hardie, Naval Officer in Charge only stated “for your service in HMNZS Dockyard, Auckland.”, however I believe Jack,(as he was known) had something to do with the refuelling/bunkering during the 2nd World War and until his retirement.
    He was possibly on the ‘Nucula’ in the late 1920’s??

    Details are:
    Charles Stanley YATES – retired from HMNZ Dockyard Auckland in 1953
    Awarded British Empire Medal (Civil Division), New Year’s Honours List 1954 Presented by Her Majesty The Queen at an Investiture in Wellington 12 January, 1954.

  11. Faye Green says:

    Please excuse my misunderstanding of RNZN Communicators!!! Assoc.
    I should have read further as obviously the BEM recipient I described was not in a communication area!

  12. Jim Dell says:

    Hi Faye – not to worry. Everyone is welcome on here. I have compiled a history of tankers that served NZ, including the Nucula. Anything that you may have on that ship including your Grandfather, I would be interested in. Please email me
    Jim Dell

  13. Albie Cross says:

    On 27 April 1956 I received a Lab.MT.13 (enlistment notice under the Military Training Act 1949. ) The question I raise is that when I apply for the NZDF medal , which clasp am I entitled to – REGULAR – CMT , or both ?. …

  14. Frank Rands says:

    Albie, The short answer is that you could be eligible for both. Certainly if you served in the RNZNVR and then the Regular Force then you will get both bars as long as you did the requisite time in each arm of the service.

  15. Albie Cross says:

    Thanks Frank. I am not alone in this situation as all 35 members of my intake ( 12th Boys ,Nov. 1947) would have received the same notice. We were all under 18 as at 1 January, 1949 and it was appreciated that although we had served for approximately 8 years , we were still required to register under the Act. I thought at the time it was a bit farcical but who are we to question the workings of those who are elected to draft the legislation.

  16. Goodness me, has February slipped past already without an update???? Perhaps NZDF “breaking news”: page is, in fact, broken…..or is someone extracting the proverbial?

  17. Dave Neil says:

    Dear me, has February slipped past without me noticing an update on NZDF breaking news???
    Perhaps “breaking news” is broken??

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