Jack Passings – March 2017

The following Sailors ‘Crossed the Bar’ during the month of March 2017. Details of funerals etc can be found by clicking HERE

STARR, William Michael  SEA
LOFT, Madeline Therese PO STWD
MAXWELL, Michael John ME1
HILL Frank Edward
NEWMAN Richard John Artificer
HUDDLESTON, Maxwell Everard Frederick (Max) Seaman
CARMINE, James Louis Nealis (Jim) ABSEA
WALKER, Noel Lindsay WOSA
AVEY, Patrick John (Pat) ABSEA
SADLER Robert Laurence LT Comms

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Few Rum-Rats Here

This is part of our past and it is good to see that an upstanding Petty Officer Yeoman of Signals is carrying out his duty to the letter and watchful eye.  What’s your number Jack?

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Northland Luncheon

Going to be in the Bay of Islands on 30th April 17 ??

The next Northland Luncheon will be held at the Bay of Islands Yacht Club in Waitangi on Sunday 30th April 2017, 1200 for 1230. Full buffet meal with dessert. Cost $25.00 per head. Cash bar available. RSVP 26 April 2017. For further information contact Jill Thompson 09 8385191 or Margaret Mitchell 09 838 2931, or email Jill at jillt.nz49@gmail.co.nz or Margaret at margaretmitchell@xtra.co.nz

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Spot the Communicator

Here is an image of a number of sailors whose hometown was Wellington.  The sailors who were serving in HMNZS ROTOITI were talking to the Navy Secretary – Mr D Wraight (right).  The image was taken whilst serving on the Far East Station.  To make it easier, the sailor to the left of the Navy Secretary was a Communicator,  Can you name him?

Yes it is Radio Operator Don McMurray.  The occasion was an informal visit to HMNZS ROTOITI in Singapore.  From Left to Right Captain of ROTOITI Lieutenant Commander R.L. Harding, Ordinary Seaman T.A. Dawkins, E. Dore, P.W. Smith and Radio Operation D.L. McMurray.  ROTOITI was in Singapore after taking part in SEATO exercise Sealion which was held in the Gulf of Thailand and the South China Sea.

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Welcome – Foundation Membership

Welcome to our newest member of the RNZN Communicators Assn who has recently taken out not only full membership but also Foundation Membership of our association. His contribution will ensure the association will continue to be supported into the future.

Leading Communications Warfare Specialist Matty O’Neill currently serving in HMNZS OTAGO.  Thanks Matty for your contribution and membership.


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Here is a challenge for you to translate.  The phrase was taken from the All Hands – The Lower Deck of the Royal Navy 1939 and published in Jack Speak 1943.  Thanks Gordon C for the contribution.


“I heard the SKY PILOT talking TO JIMMY THE ONE and THE CUSTARD BOS’UN the other day and they all agreed that it was too bad of the SLOSHY to unhook the CRUSHER’S CAULKER from THE COOLER to get his head down.   THE CHIEF BUFFER has GOT A HOWL on now because he got a BLAST from TORPS, as so many of the part of ship hands were DOINING A NEVER ON the messdecks instead of working on the main derrick”.

The translation will be posted in due course.

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Gollie Passes

Regret to advise that Graham Cadwallader (ex EW) crossed the bar this afternoon 14 March 2017.  Details will be posted when advised

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