Notice of Amendment to Fourteen Statements of Principles Under the Veterans’ Support Act 2014

1. Pursuant to section 24 of the Veterans’ Support Act 2014, the Minister of Veterans’ Affairs gives notice of the amendment of fourteen Statements of Principles under the Veterans’ Support Regulations 2014.

2. The amendments take effect on the date of publication of this notice.

3. The amendments are as follows:

diabetes mellitus Nos. 89/2011 and 90/2011 are amended by Nos. 27/2016 and 28/2016;

depressive disorder Nos. 83/2015 and 84/2015 are amended by Nos. 29/2016 and 30/2016;

aplastic anaemia Nos. 50/2012 and 51/2012 are amended by Nos. 31/2016 and 32/2016;

acute myeloid leukaemia Nos. 71/2015 and 72/2015 are amended by Nos. 33/2016 and 34/2016;

myelodysplastic syndrome Nos. 73/2015 and 74/2015 are amended by Nos. 35/2016 and 36/2016;

acute lymphoblastic leukaemia No. 75/2012 is amended by No. 37/2016;

chronic lymphocytic leukaemia/small lymphocytic lymphoma No. 84/2014 is amended by No. 38/2016;

myeloma No. 69/2012 is amended by No. 39/2016; and

non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma No. 28/2010 is amended by No. 40/2016.

4. The principal Statements of Principles are not revoked but should be read and applied together with the Amendment Statements of Principles.

5. The amendments reflect the insertion into the Statements of Principles of new and replacement definitions and factors which link a veteran’s injury, illness or death to his/her military service.

6. Copies of the Amendment Statements of Principles are available on the website of the Australian Repatriation Medical Authority

Dated at Wellington this 7th day of July 2016.

Hon CRAIG FOSS, Minister of Veterans’ Affairs.

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Jack Passings – July 2016

The following Sailors ‘Crossed the Bar’ during the month of July 2016. Details of funerals etc can be found by clicking HERE.

THORPE, James Richard (Jim) PO Stoker
NUTSFORD, Keith Alexander
BRYANT, Christopher Frank  Ben CDR Communicator
WERNHAM, Antony John (Tony) Seaman
JOHNSTON, Frederick Alexander Ross (Fred)  Seaman
COPPELL, Winifred Doris (nee Capper) WRNZNS  #325 WTR
PECK, Todd McDaniel (Billy)  AME
BROWNE, Evan Ferris (Brownie)
WALL, Dave
TAYLOR, Robert Patrick Stoker
PAYNE, Jack Ernest ME
CARSON Ronald James  ABS

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Gerry Wright is in the process on compiling the histories of HMNZS Bellona, Black Prince, Royalist and Lachlan with the aim of producing four separate books.


If anyone has any personal stories with either a date or Commanding Officer’s name to enable him to include your story in its correct place in the manuscript please email Gerry at or call him on Tel 09 624 3969.

When he completes this project he will be working on HMNZS Tui and Endeavour (I) and (II).


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Click HERE to read a copy of the Veterans Newsletter #5 .  Bookings are now being taken for the William C Daldy.  Details for the International Navy Review are also provided.


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TIMEWATCH – Myths of Nelson’s Navy 2000

Here is a great utube timewatch documentary on the ‘Myths of Nelson’s Navy’

Click HERE to view the utube video


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Here is a video of TV One report on Mururoa Veterans.  Click HERE



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Here is an image of a couple of communicators who served in Singapore during 198o at the NZFORSEA base which I think was adjacent to the stores basin.


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