Guess Who Bunts!

Here is an image taken on Royal Yacht Britannia.  Can you identify these sailors?
Click on image to enlarge.


L-R  – Fred Wilson – Ted Thorne  – LSIG John Titmus – LPTI Gary Pettis  – ABS Trevor Tilyard  – LME Dave Llewellen

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Retirement Hmmmm!!

So, what can we do once we finally decide to retire and receive our pension.  Take it from me, it will take some time to adjust – especially for you, your wife or partner and anyone else living in the household.


So how do you spend all this time you now find you have on your hands? Well, you can join one of the many clubs or organisations in your locality.  You may like to volunteer in the community.

So what have you done in your retirement? How do you spend your time? Help us build a list so that others may take the plunge and ensure their retirement years are worthwhile and rewarding. We will provide links to their parent bodies of any organisations that are provided.  Leave a comment to this post explaining the organisations you have joined. Here are a couple to start it off and click on  the name to be taken to the parent body.

Grandparents Raising Grandchildren
Justice of the Peace
Men’s Shed
Community Patrols New Zealand
Coastguard NZ
Citzens Advice Bureau
Join a Walking Group
Try to learn another language
Learn Yoga or Meditation
Volunteer for School Committees, Body Corp or other committees

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Jack Passings – January 2017

The following Sailors ‘Crossed the Bar’ during the month of January 2017. Details of funerals etc can be found by clicking HERE

GODDARD, Roy Seaman
BENSLEY, Athol George Allen Seaman
FLEET, Rex Stoker
JOHNSON, Lance Douglas (Jonno) Stoker/Diver
MILLER Harold Roy { Dusty}
SIVEWRIGHT, Mark Philip Seaman
STEWART, Patrick Ramon (Pat) Signalman
NELSON, Alexander David (David) CAPTAIN
McAULEY, Dulcia Edith (nee Newsham -West). Service No WRNZNS 822

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Service Women Reunion 2017

This Reunion will celebrate 75 years and is open to all women who have served in the Royal New Zealand Navy, the Royal New Zealand Naval Volunteer Reserve and Commonwealth Naval Forces.  The reunion will be held 13th – 15th October 2017 at the Netball North Harbour Clubrooms, 44 Northcote Road, Northcote, Auckland.  Please note this is not Labour Weekend.  Please contact Donna Russell or Carrie Hodson for Registration Forms and further information on the Reunion.



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HMNZS OTAGO Reunion 2017


HMNZS OTAGO will hold its Annual Reunion in Wellington 17 – 19 March 2017.  Attached is the Registration Form and Information Pack which provides all the details you require. So come on get those Registrations in to ensure a great time at the Reunion.  Further details will be published as they come to hand.  Click on Links below.



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Navy welcomes first sailor with moko


It’s bold, it’s beautiful and now it’s part of his uniform.  Click HERE to hear News Reader.

After 20 years of service, Rawiri Barriball became the first person to get clearance from the Navy to wear a full facial Māori tattoo.

“I’ve always felt I was gonna get it, I just wanted to achieve a few things first and one of them was doing 20 years’ [service].”

The decision wasn’t just his to be made, Mr Barriball had to apply under navy law to gain approval, it was granted last month.

“I guess with my job being a seaman combat specialist… We’re face to face with people that we’re trying to help different parts of the world, if they see something as in moko they might be a bit intimidated I guess.”

Even after his ten hour ink session with his brother to complete his facial tattoo, the navy combat specialist was already confronted with the stigma around facial tattoos.

“When I left my brother’s house, straight away you can see the reaction of people. Even body language, which I was prepared for, but the way people talk to you, it changes.”

Rawiri is hoping that his own decision to wear a facial tattoo will help normalise these types of body art.

“I know there’s a bad rap with people having moko… the more people that get it the more it will be accepted.

“It’s not something you should be scared of – I’m just like any other human being.”

On January 20, Rawiri will return to duty and reveal his new badge of honour.

Have you, or someone you know, ever been discriminated against in the workplace because of moko? Email


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What is this Organisation

Here is a ring which obviously comes from the USA.  The initials USOC have been identified as the United States Olympic Committee but I don’t think so in this case.  Do you know which Organisation this ring belongs to?


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