The RNZN Communicators Reunion will be held at the Wairakei Resort in TAUPO over the period 16 – 18 March 2018.  So click the button now and ensure you are registered.  Your committee has gone to great lengths to keep the price of this reunion in line with previous reunions.

All members who have paid ONLY the Registration Fee will be required to make payment in full by Friday 2 February 2018. 

Check out who is coming to the Reunion by clicking HERE .

Information on the reunion can be viewed on the associations blog at and by selecting REUNION 2018 from the main menu.



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Who is Dr Doug King?  Doug King was a retired RNZN medic and on leaving the RNZN he completed training to become a Registered Nurse.  He then went on to do a Masters Degree and completed a PhD specialising in concussion.  He has now completed a second PhD.  He has known for a long time that ex Navy personnel have been turned down far more than their Air or Army counterparts by Veterans Affairs.   He recently released a survey and by 14 December had already received over 80 responses. The target is 250 responses to the survey.  He has ongoing funding from Auckland University and once the survey is completed the results will be reported to the International and NZ Medical Journals.  No private individuals names will be published and Veterans Affairs will not know who has completed the survey.  If you have any questions you may contact Dr Doug King on 027 632 5570.

Dr Doug King is carrying out research into the health and wellbeing of retired RNZN personnel. He has sought approvalfrom the Health and Disability Ethics Committee and has approval to continue on with the survey. As such He has set up an online questionnaire that retired RNZN personnel can go to and complete a questionnaire. He apologies if is a bit long winded but the information gained will be invaluable for all retired and future personnel in the RNZN.

If you wish to participate please click HERE

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Here are some images of the Bell off HMS Blackpool. The bell was mounted in the Gisborne District Council’s main foyer until the council building was demolished earlier this year. The bell will be reinstated in the new council building which is due to be opened/occupied Dec 17/Jan 18. The connection between Blackpool and Gisborne city goes back to about 1969 at the time of the Cook Bi-centenary when Blackpool/Gisborne City adopted each other and the Blackpool Scholarship was set up for application by students going on to University.

The names engraved inside the bell are:

Jonathon Patrick Welch, Wayne Burgess, Mark Burgess, Warren Burgess, Paul John Stables, Adam Ward Cheney 28.3.71, Michael G.P. Robertshaw Oct 67,
Sophie Wilson, Anthony Michael Ricket 4.4.71, Nicol L’Estrange Lloyd, Phillipa Mary Wright, Christina Maria Pate and Rachael Jane Arthurs.

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A Recruiting Poster from the Past

Self Explanatory.  Courtesy of the Navy Museum.

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What is this?

This item was worn on the lapel and is 20mm long and 4mm wide.  What club issued this item and what did you have to do to receive one?  Courtesy of the Navy Museum.

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An Interesting Approach

Is this sailor a TIFF!!

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Crossing the Line

Here are some images of a bygone era when Crossing the Line for the uninitiated could be a little intimidating.   Thanks to Navy Museum for the images.

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These images provide a different view of Waitangi.  Still lots of Navy around and some would say not much has changed.  Thanks to the Navy Museum for the images.

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