Northern Luncheon

The Bay of Islands Yacht Club is the venue but we have had to move to Saturdays due to the local children having a very busy sailing programme on Sundays.  So can you make, Saturday the 23 June for our next luncheon.

Click HERE for further details.

Important – We require attendance numbers by Wednesday 20th June.

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The Designator 11th Frigate Flotilla was assigned to the Loch-class Frigates when they were commissioned into the RNZN.  A number of questions have arisen

  1. Did the Loch’s ever go under the designation 11th Frigate Squadron?
  2. If so when did this occur? In August 1948 the six Loch frigates were designated the 11th Frigate Flotilla with the Senior Officer in HMNZS Taupo. Leaving Britain on 15 October 1948 four of the six ships arrived in Auckland 5 January 1949.   On arrival the four frigates the NZ squadron was reconstituted and the Senior Officer was on HMNZS Bellona.
  3. When did OTAGO, TARANAKI, WAIKATO and CANTERBURY become designated as  the 11th Frigate Squadron and when was it dis-established)
  4. When was Captain F11 was assigned did they used to paint a broad black stripe on the funnell to indicate who was the Captain?


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Veterans Travel Concessions

If you’re a New Zealand veteran with severe disability, you may be able to get help with travel costs through a Travel Concession. Travel must be personal travel within New Zealand (North, South, Stewart or Chatham Islands).

Click HERE to read if you qualify as a Veteran for partial or full reimbursement of travel costs.

To read more on Travel Concessions for Veterans click this LINK


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Jack Passings – May 2018

The following Sailors ‘Crossed the Bar’ during the month of May 2018. Details of funerals etc can be found by clicking HERE.

BOYD, Ainslie Altona (Pipi): Reg.
WITIKA Maia (Trakka) CPOMT(P)
NORTON-TAYLOR, Mary Jane Leading Comcen Operator
HUNTER Peter Colin (Bones) Telelgraphist
McCALL, William James (Bill)  LSEA
MITCHELL Maurice David  REM
SMITH, Emil Wallace Stoker

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Briefing to Ron Marks – Minister for Veterans

Click Here to read the complete briefing package provided to Ron Marks MP on him assuming the role as Minister for Veterans in Oct 2017.

On page 8 of the briefing package the following is very interesting and obviously money is behind the statement.  However service personnel who joined prior to 1 April 1974 would now appear be classed as veterans.

See also page 9 which highlights that the ‘Veterans Support Act and the Burial and Cremations Act define OPERATIONAL SERVICE differently, and this has tended to confuse veterans about their eligibility’.  Surely if the Government cannot get the Definition aligned than it is not the veterans who are confused but the Departments who implement the rules under these Acts.

Quote Strategic challenges and opportunities
The term “veteran” has broad meaning in the general community and in the NZDF. It can mean those who have served in any deployment overseas. Sometimes it is applied to anyone who served in any uniformed capacity in New Zealand’s Armed Forces. Some current service personnel, who are covered by the Veterans’ Support Act, do not associate with the term.

The Veterans’ Support Act uses a narrow definition. It refers to, those with any service before 1 April 1974, or those with “qualifying operational service” on or after that date.

We understand that, as part of public consultation on the review of the operation of the Veterans’ Support Act, there has been a call to review who is covered under this legislation. Any change could have financial implications for the Government and resource implications for Veterans’ Affairs. Unquote

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Qualifying Operational Service

Click HERE to read the latest list of those deployments and qualifying dates for the Veterans Support Act 2014 as at 9 April 2018.

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The Veterans Independence Program

Here is a notice with regard the Veterans Independence Program.  This programme is for Veterans with qualifying operational service, or service before 1 April 1974.  Is this a fraudulent slip or are personnel who served prior to 1974 now classed as Veterans?

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