Remembering our Past – Jim Dell

I recently spoke with Jim Dell about writing his memoirs and sure enough he is starting to put pen to paper.  I will develop a page shortly and collate all Communicators historys as they come to hand.  We have at least three communicators busy as bees at this time.  So come on we all have a story to tell so lets document our history now.

Chapter 1 – Before the Andrew

Chapter 2 – Training

Chapter 3 – The Cherry Boys

Chapter 3 part 2  – The Cherry Boys

Chapter 3 part 3  – The Cherry Boys

Chapter 3 part 4  – The Cherry Boys

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Jack Passings – April 2018

The following Sailors ‘Crossed the Bar’ during the month of April 2018. Details of funerals etc can be found by clicking HERE.

McNeill Allan Crawford SEAMAN
DONOVAN, A Trevor Articifer
McNEILL, Allan Crawford Seaman
ROWE, John Henry (Mick)  WOREM

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Declaration of Operational Service for the Purposes of the Veterans’ Support Act 2014
In accordance with section 9 of the Veterans’ Support Act 2014 (“Act”), I hereby give the following notice.

I declare service:
at the New Zealand Embassy, Moscow, in the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR), later known as the Russian Federation, between 1 August 1978 and 31 July 1992, to be operational service for the purposes of the Act.
This declaration covers:
New Zealand Armed Forces and New Zealand Defence Force personnel seconded to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, or the Ministry of External Relations and Trade at the New Zealand Embassy in Moscow between 1 August 1978 and 31 July 1992.
The persons covered by this declaration shall have access to the entitlements and services specified in the Act and the Veterans’ Support Regulations 2014.
I am satisfied, as required by the Act, that there was a significant risk of harm to those who undertook this service.
Dated this 25th day of March 2018.
Hon RON MARK, Minister for Veterans.

What does this mean for the SE Asian medal and Antarctic Medallic recognition teams?

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ID & Gold Card

As we all get older the issue of photographic ID can become a problem. For some of our shipmates they stop driving and others may have a passport which can only be used as photographic ID for up to 2 years after expiry.

The answer to photographic ID could be the 18+ card which is obtainable from the NZ Post Shop.  However, there is a $50 charge attached to this method.

The other is to take a form of photographic ID/Driving licence before they expire along with two letters showing your physical mailing address. i.e a utility account or bank statement and your Super Gold Card to a local AA Office. The AA will conduct some checks and take your photo which will be sent to the Gold Card Centre overnight. You will then need to ring the Gold Card Centre the following day on 0800 25 45 65. The centre will match your photo with your card and you should receive a replacement Super Gold Card in the mail 14 – 21 days later. The charge is zero for this service and you do not have to be a member of the AA.

So the steps are:

Step 1 – Take photographic ID (passport, Driving Licence) to your local AA Office together with two form of letters which have been sent to your postal address (utility account or rates account) and your Super Gold Card.
Step 2 – The AA Office will carry out some checks and take your image and send it automatically to the Super Gold Card Centre within 24 hours.
Step 3 – Recover all papers and cards from the AA Office
Step 4 – After 24 hours call 0800 25 45 65 and advise them that your image has been taken at the AA Office and that you wish to have the image placed on your Super Gold Card.
Step 5 – The Super Gold Card Centre will arrange for the image to be put on a new card and this will be mailed out to you within 14 – 21 days.
Step 6 – On receipt of your new Super Gold Card check the image is you and if all well with the card destroy your old Super Gold Card by cutting it in half.

So come on, do this before you lose your photographic ID and ensure you will be able to operate those bank accounts well into the future.

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Where is Dan W?

This advert appeared in the local Coastal News of 5 April 2018 and sure enough Chief Petty Officer Yeoman of Signals Daniel Warrington appeared.   For the younger communicators, Dan served in the RNZN 1965 – 1987.

If you would like to catch up with Dan, stop and visit him in Katikati or drop him an email at

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RNZN Communicators Assn Polo Shirts

We have recently had a request for a number of RNZN Communicators Shirts so we are about to put an order in.  If you would like a shirt please complete the attached form by clicking HERE.

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Rembering Our Past

Recording our history in oral or written form is not only good for the soul but it also provides others who follow us in life the enjoyment in reading of what life was really like in the past.  For some it was not easy and for others it was a breeze.  For some who joined the Navy it was not a good experience, for others it was the making of them.  We all have a story to tell.  Don’t put it off.

To all Communicators, please consider starting to record your history.  If you do not want it published on the blog that is fine, but do record it for your family and especially your grand children because after you are gone it is too late..

John ‘Dickie’ Dallow has started to record his navy history and we will publish on the blog as he goes about this task.

Chapter 1
Chapter 2

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