182 Years Old and 52 Years Service Between Them!

Two old matelots tell lies and enjoy each others company 12 February 2019

Well done Jim Blackburn and Peter Smith – you are both an inspiration!

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Jack Passings – February 2019

The following Sailors ‘Crossed the Bar’ during the month of February 2019. Details of funerals etc can be found by clicking HERE.

CHARLES Lauren Gerard Stoker
HAYWARD, Reginald John (Reg) ABSEA
POINTON, Albert James AB
McONIE David John  POMEA
WASTNEY George Seaman

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As many as 8000 ‘‘.nz’’ websites may be knocked offline tomorrow as a result of a software change.

Open-source software behind the Domain Name System – which is the addressing system for the internet – is being updated to make websites load faster and to help protect websites against ‘‘denial of service’’ attacks.

New Zealand’s domain name commissioner, Brent Carey, said tests indicated about 1 per cent of ‘‘.nz’’ websites used software that was not compatible with the update and would fail on Saturday unless changes were made.

The number of websites around the world that could fail on what has been dubbed ‘‘DNS Flag Day’’ might run into the millions, he believed.

However, technology experts have forecast few internet users will notice, given that the vast majority of websites that will fail will be poorly maintained sites that have few visitors.

People can test websites’ readiness at dnsflagday.net .

The Domain Name Commission (DNC) has been contacting website owners who appeared unprepared for the change.

But in doing so it had discovered about 1500 ‘‘.nz’’ sites that had been registered with false contacts details, Carey said. It had requested registrars take down those websites.

Carey said the DNC had been stepping up its crackdown on scam ‘‘.nz’’ websites that were registered with false details.

Concerns surfaced in 2017 that consumers had become too trusting of ‘‘.nz’’ internet shopping sites because they wrongly assumed they needed to be run from New Zealand or have some association with the country.

A survey by InternetNZ yesterday showed Kiwis’ trust in ‘‘.nz’’ websites was still far higher than in ‘‘.com’’ sites, but was declining at a significant rate.  Thanks John B for the heads up.

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Veterans Advisory Board – TOR

You will all be aware that the Minister for Vetrans Affairs, The Hon Ron Mark established a Veterans Advisory Board (VAB) last year.  Below is a copy of the Terms of Reference for the Board which makes interesting reading.  The Board is only looking at Professor Ron Patterson’s recommendation No 63 which is What is a Veteran and how is New Zealand going to recognise that Veteran.


Purpose of this work
1. The purpose of this work is to provide the Minister for Veterans with advice on who should be considered a veteran and how their service in the armed forces should be recognised by New Zealand.
2. The Veterans’ Support Act 2014 contains a provision requiring that its operation be reviewed after it had been in operation for two years. That review, conducted by Professor Ron Paterson, has now been completed and his report has been presented . One of the recommendations arising from it (recommendation 63) was that:
The Government undertakes further work on who is a veteran and how New Zealand wants to recognise their service.
3. The Minister for Veterans has accepted this recommendation and tasked the Veterans’ Advisory Board with providing advice to him on the matter.
4. The Board is expected to develop and recommend a definition of veteran to the Minister, and also to provide advice on how those who are considered to be veterans should be recognised.
5. In developing this advice, the Board should consider the options canvassed by Professor Paterson in the chapter in his review report entitled Rethinking eligibility; but, in developing a solution to recommend to the Government, they should not be limited by those options.
6. They should consider:
a. whether there should be only one definition of veteran;
b. whether all those who meet the recommended definition of veteran should be recognised in the same way; and
c. whether all those defined as veterans should be covered by the Veterans’ Support Act 2014; or whether there may be other ways that their status should be recognised and their needs could be met.
7. As part of its deliberations, the Board should also consider:
a. the intent of the current Act to modernise support to veterans who have been injured or become ill and to focus on supporting veterans to lead full lives;
b. the systems of health, compensation and income support available to all New Zealanders, and how veterans’ needs are addressed in those systems;
c. the resourcing implications of any changes to current arrangements for recognising those considered to be veterans for the purpose of legislation;
d. non-legislative ways in which veterans are, or may be, recognised; and
e. any other matters that the Board believes are important.
8. The Board should provide recommendations to the Minister regarding:
a. who should be considered a veteran of the New Zealand armed forces;
b. whether the legal definition of veteran, for the purpose of entitlements under the Veterans’ Support Act 2014, should be amended;
c. whether any additional legislative change is required to enable additional recognition of service; and
d. whether additional non-legislative initiatives are required to recognise service.
9. The following matters are out of scope:
a. matters which are being addressed elsewhere in response to the Paterson review;
b. matters which will be addressed through the current reviews of New Zealand Superannuation or the public health system or through other Government review or working parties in operation during the period of this piece of work; and
c. the medallic recognition process within the New Zealand Defence Force.
10. It is expected that the Board will consult with:
a. the Royal New Zealand Returned and Services’ Association and the No Duff Charitable Trust;
b. senior officials who comprise a Senior Officials Group established for this purpose including representatives of the Ministries of Heath, Social Development, and Business, Innovation and Employment, the ACC, and Veterans’ Affairs; and
c. other individuals or groups where this is deemed necessary.
Timing and Deliverable
11. The first meeting of the Board to consider this issue must be held by Friday 31 August 2018.
12. The Veterans’ Advisory Board will deliver its final advice to the Minister, in the form of a written report, by 30 June 2019.
Support for the Board
13. The Board will be advised for the duration of this work by a group of senior officials representing the Ministries of Health, and Social Development, the ACC, Veterans’ Affairs and the Ministry of Defence.
14. Veterans’ Affairs will provide secretariat support for the Board.
15. Remuneration of Board members will be set by the Minister in accordance with the Cabinet Fees Framework. New Zealand Defence Force members are remunerated by the New Zealand Defence Force and will not receive daily fees.
16. Each member of the Board is entitled, in accordance with the Fees Framework, to be reimbursed for actual and reasonable travelling and other expenses incurred in carrying out his or her office as a member.

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FORUM 2019

The following was posted on facebook by Jack Steer, CEO RSA National on 30 January 2019.

The Mururoa Nuclear Veterans Group Inc, the RNZRSA and Veterans’ Affairs are conducting a further series of forums in 2019. These are a follow on from those conducted last year.

The purpose of the forums is to inform and enlighten Mururoa test Veterans of the progress towards research and entitlements available, and to discuss possible genetic defects and likely resolution to this possible outcome. Outlined at each forum will be veterans’ entitlements, the difference between the two acts and how transferring from the old act to the new act, should not financially disadvantage anyone and in most cases is to the veterans benefit. There will be a discussion regarding claims declined under the old act can be resubmitted as a new claim.

They are also interested in information on exposure to toxins: common sense stuff about what veterans were exposed to in daily life at sea; paint, solvents, asbestos, fumes, cigarette smoke and alcohol, all of which can lead to medical complications in later life.

An RNZRSA Advisor/Advocate, Mururoa Nuclear Veterans Group Inc Officers, a Veterans Affairs Senior Case manager and RSA District Presidents and Support Advisors will be in attendance at each location.

The meetings are open to all serving and ex serving Navy personnel. The program is as follows:

Monday 25th February Motueka RSA 13.00
Wednesday 27th Westport RSA 13.00
Thursday 28th Greymouth RSA 13.00

Friday 1st March Hokitika RSA 13.00
Monday 11th March Invercargill RSA 13.00
Tuesday 12th Mosgiel RSA 13.00
Wednesday 13th Timaru RSA 13.00
Thursday 14th Papanui RSA 13.00
Friday 15th March Blenhiem RSA 13.00

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6 February 19 – Waitangi Day
8 February 19 – Navy Club Lunch, Remuera Club
15 February 19 – Ngapona Assn Lunch at Titirangi RSA
8 March 19 – Navy Club Lunch, Remuera Club
15 March 19 – Ngapona Assn Lunch at Waiheke RSA
23 March 19 – Kumeu Militaria Show
6 April 19 – HMNZS OTAGO and ALL Ships Reunion – Birkenhead RSA
18 April 19 – Ngapona Assn Lunch at Henderson RSA (Thursday)
19 – 22 April 19 – Easter Weekend


After her summer cruise to Great Barrier. Bay of Islands and around the Hauraki Gulf, her owner, Scott Perry, has secured a permanent berth in Whangarei. Kuparu can now be viewed in the Town Basin, adjacent to the Whangarei Art Museum and Claphams Clock Museum.

 Kuparu berthed at Whangarei


On 1st February 2005, Gubb Naval Tailors ceased trading at the Devonport Naval Base. Cliff Gubb joined the Navy in 1935 and served in several ships including LEANDER and GAMBIA. He commenced a tailoring apprenticeship after the war and then set up as the Base Tailor in 1947 until his death in 1990. His nephew, Trevor McKeown, then an Instructor Officer in the RNZN, took over the business until its closure 15 years later, after 57 years association with the RNZN.

A hand-cranked blind stitch sewing machine mounted on a wooden plinth.

This was used for many years by Cliff Gubb, ex RNZN tailor, for making and repairing uniforms.

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Does anyone know the whereabouts of Norris Senior who served in HMNZS BELLONA?

Two further questions

Did BELLONAever  call at New Plymouth in 1951?  and

What was Norris Senior Job onboard BELLONA?

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