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If you are looking for someone or something leave a message on our ‘Lost and Found’ Link and we will post it for you.  If you can provide any answers or information, leave it as a comment, and I will pass it along.  Thanks


Chuck Turnbull is looking for Peter Thomas who joined as a Seaman in 1961.

Cara Stuart if looking for Peter Jackson (Jacko) who was serving in WAIKATO in 1978.

Fiona Dayberg is looking for Warren Richards.

Judith Collie is looking for Kevin E Smith – lost contact details when computer crashed.

Owen Stuart is looking for Jim Harper or George Kerr  they were both 36th Boys intake .Jan 56 and part of the 36th Visual Comms class.

Russell Hockley is looking for Pauline McGrath – Fort Dorset around 1965-67 Pauline was bridsemaid to friends of mine in Kaitaia ex Army, if anyone can enlighten me as to what may have happened to Pauline it would be appreciated.

JCK Sweeney is looking for Ivan Vincent Long – Last saw Vince (de Vulch) flogging cars in Rotorua. Served with him in ROTOITI under Happy Harry and also at Navy Office.

Kevin Hopkins is looking for Peter Soper – I just read on the RNZN Communicators site in the “roll of honour” segment that Peter SOPER passed away in 2012 – does anybody know what happened to him as we were mates on “Canterbury” and I had not heard of him since leaving the Navy – I thought that he had gone back to South Africa to live with his Dad.

Christina Laing is looking for Cyril James Laing – 1939 – 1945.

Dave Wistrand is looking for Able Seaman F M Fox RNZN 7849 – I have a Manual of Seamanship Vol 1 1937 Edition that has those details noted on it – so if any descendant is interested or turns up they are welcome to have it.

Nicole O’Hara is looking for any photos of stories about my pop Mervyn Brian O’Hara.

Dearne Berry is looking for Karen Marshall (nee Good).

Dale Hobbs is looking for Max Watt – Worked with him at IRIRANGI. Originally from Motueka. Had heard Max was in Brisbane. Would be marvellous to catch up.

Ray Hewitt is looking for Max Henderson Black Prince 1954 Communications Branch.

Peter Broom is looking for any 12th boys who  joined Nov 1947, 13th boys March 1948 with 8 12th boys back classing to 13th to become Signals.

Linda Lainchbury is looking of Alick Edward McKay – BLACK PRINCE around 1950. This is my Dad and he was a radio operator. Thanks and I hope you can find something as Dad has passed away and we are trying to find info on his time in the Navy.



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Searching for John Ross White

Hi, My name is Beth Tahere and I am an expat kiwi living in Brisbane Queensland, Australia.  I am trying to contact John Ross White who was a Sonar Operator.  In 1979 he was serving in HMNZS MONOWAI and based at Devonport, Auckland.  John was born in Gisborne on the East Coast.  I met John in Rotorua during 1978 and we stayed in contact up to 1983 but then lost contact.  I would love to re-connect to catch up.  John would be in his late 50’s or early 60’s now. kia ora koutou, kei te pai.  If you know the whereabout of John leave me a comment to this post and I will provide contact details off-line.


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All,  lets keep in mind our shipmates, friends and family in the Christchurch area as once again they are under siege, but this time it is fire which is causing grief and hardship.   Click on the image to see the spread of fire and the damage.  Our thoughts are with you all.


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A HEGG Presentation

Here is an image of a young Communicator being presented with the Davis Goff Cup which was the best all-round non seaman award.  Can you identify the HEGG and also the young Communicator?  Thanks Fred W for the image.  The source of the image is from a short-lived joint service newspaper called Action which was the pre-cursor to Reveille.


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The Cap is too Small

Here is an image taken at the TAMAKI Kit-up Store.  Can you name these two Communicators?  Click on image to enlarge.  The source of the image is from a short-lived joint service newspaper called Action which was the pre-cursor to Reveille.  Thanks Fred W for the image.


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Hot Diggity Dog

These two likely lads with the Hickleberry Hound.  The sailor on the left is AB Maurice McCallum and the other was a sparker.  The sparker pictured rescued the pup when it went overboard.  Can you name the sparker?   The source of the image is from a short-lived joint service newspaper called Action which was the pre-cursor to Reveille.  Thanks Fred W for the image. Click on image to enlarge.



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How many have we Ordered?

“This is certainly the fastest ship in the world,” said Incat Managing Director Kim Clifford. “Of course there’s a few speed boats that could surpass 58 knots, but nothing that could carry 1,000 passengers and 150 cars, and with an enormous duty-free shop on board.”


Click HERE to view the ship

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