RNZN Comms 50th Anniversary Polo Shirts

A number of communicators have indicated that they are unable to attend the 50th Anniversary celebrations, but would like to order a polo shirt.  A new online form has been generated which will allow you to do this.  Please click HERE to enter your details.  This option is only open to financial members of the Association.  An on-line form to apply for membership can be accessed HERE.

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RNZN Communicators – Upcoming Events



Venue the Navy Museum
When  1800 – 2000 6 October 2017
Further Information
Whose Coming


Venue Wairakei Resort Taupo
When 16- 18 March 2018
Further Information
Whose Coming

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Jack Passings – July 2017

The following Sailors ‘Crossed the Bar’ during the month of July 2017. Details of funerals etc can be found by clicking HERE.

NEWSON, David Henry. Able Seaman.
COZENS, Frederick (Fred). CPO Writer
HILL, George Darvel JP, RD, VRD RNZNR Captain
DANDO Bryan Stoker
WINSOR, Malcolm Lee. Marine Engineer
HUNTER Allan Douglas SLT
TOWLER, Frederick James (Fred) WTR
CUNNINGHAM Robert William (Guts) MAA
GEARY Robert Andrew (Bob)
RICKARDS, Graham William Able Seaman
DAVIDSON, George Spence Stoker
LEE, William Clayton (Bill)  Telegraphist

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Buntings move into Texting

Here is an article where the US Navy are experimenting with signal lamp – based ship to ship texting…   Click HERE to read article and don’t forget to click on the Utube at the end of the article which provides a great explanation.   Buntings are gone…

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Recommendations for Accommodation

A member of the Assn is considering visiting Rotovegas post the Reunion in 2018 for a couple of days. He hasn’t been there for donkeys and is seeking recommendations on accommodation from shipmates with greater knowledge than him.  Drop a comment to this post with any recommendations.  He has his wife with him so that may change your recommendation.

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EW Class

Here is an image of an Electronic Warfare Class of 1985 taken on the helicopter pad, North Head. The Class Instructor was CPOEW Lionel Tuiwhai. Who were the students?

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The War Office

This is an image of the Masonic Hotel which I am sure a few of you have drawn a pint.  The whole complex is unrecognisable with new apartments to the left in the car park and the Masonic restored to a previous time. Never looked better.


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RNZN Management and Divisional Course 1985

Here is an image of Petty Officers completing the RNZN Management & Divisional Course required for Promotion to Chief Petty Officer. Are there any Communicators in the image?

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