Rear Admiral Carr

Here is an image of Rear Admiral LG Carr who was the Chief of Naval Staff at the time. Possibly the opening of the new HMNZS IRIRANGI when it relocated from the old camp to facilities inside the Waiouru Army Camp.   Can anyone confirm? RA Carr was also a Long ‘C’ Communicator having completed his course in 1947 at HMS MERCURY.


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Here are a pair of likely lads working in the Wireless Office at HMNZS TOROA in approx 1961.  Maybe some of our sprightly older members can name the radio set in the far right.  The operators were L/Tel David Neale Humphrey and RO1 William Edward McDonald, RO1, 8043.   Thanks Jim D for the image.


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Communicators from Toroa

Here is an image of communicators from HMNZS TOROA.  Thanks Jim D for the image.


Rear rank – L to R Geeson, Kenneth Russell, RO, 106190. Duff, Stuart Martin, RO, 106234. Kitto, Lawrence Richard, RO1, 106145.
Front rank – L to R Aitchinson, Angus Lochiel, CPORS, 106163. Humphrey, David Neale, Lt, 927129. Wilson, Arthur Allan, Yeo, 106125.
David Humphrey was a L/Tel –and he retired as a Lt Cdr.
Tug Wilson retired as a C/Yeo – He was on Royalist in 1965.
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Remember OPSEC?

Here are some images of ‘Operations Security’ posters which you may remember from the past.  The posters are from the USN, but the message I am sure will be something we all recall.  Click on images to enlarge.  Thanks John B for the images.

opsec1 opsec2 opsec3 opsec4

The following is an email template guide for US Navy personnel to reduce risks to Operations Securityopsec5

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Can you Identify this Telelgraphist

Here is an image of a Leading Telegraphist who possibly could be from the Otago Reserve Division. The image was taken onboard HMS WAKAKURA pre WWII.


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Jack Passings – October 2016

The following Sailors ‘Crossed the Bar’ during the month of October 2016. Details of funerals etc can be found by clicking HERE

WILLIAMS, Richard Robert Arthur (Bill) RNZN 17149  LS RP2
POMARE Te Rauoriwa Daphne WRNS 1077 WREN WRITER S/H
PRESTNEY, May Isabella Wilson (nee Johnstone) WRNS 411 WREN COOK
COVENEY, Richard Henry
SOPER, Robert Leonard (Bob) Seaman

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Do I Qualify?

There are currently discussions going on about those who served prior to 1 April 1974 not qualifying for Veterans Support and the Veterans Independence Program. To set set the record straight, anyone who was enlisted pre-1 April 1974, even if they didn’t deploy, can qualify for Veterans Support and the VIP Service. 

Capture20They do not have to have taken part in an eligible war / emergency to qualify; this is a requirement for those that were in service POST-1 April 1974. This means that if you have physical disabilities (knees, back, hearing, etc) or any medical problems covered by the Australian Statements of Principles as recognised by Veterans Affairs New Zealand then, you may qualify. you need to read these principles carefully to see if you qualify.

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