If you happen to be serving in HMNZS VENTURE, Christmas 1943 when it was in Fiji, this is what would have been served up to you for dinner.  A copy of Daily Orders is also included.  Click on images to enlarge.  Thanks Neill D for the contribution.  Anyone got an image of VENTURE?


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Click on this LINK to see how ships are recycled.  Here is another LINK which provides oversight of the actual Alang Dismantling yard.


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The Timeliness of Correspondence

A number of you have taken the opportunity to write to your local Member of Parliament with reference to a number of issues which might have included the forming of the latest Veterans Advisory Board and/or the Right to be buried in the Service Section of your local Cemetery.

It is ‘good manners’ that correspondence be acknowledged and answered in a timely fashion.

Having served in both the Defence Headquarters and Naval Staff, it was expected that all corresponsdence would be answered within 14 days or if not an answer was forthcoming than at the very least an acknowledgement of the correspondence would be sent.  Request for Official Information were dealt with and expedited and responded to normally with 48 hours of receipt.

It is clearly apparent that Parliament does not work this way!!  and I encourage you all  to send hasteners to your local Member of Parliament for correspondence which has not at the very least been acknowledged.  Furthermore when a receipt has been received and advice to the effect that your correspondence has been forwarded on to another Minister then an acknowledgement should be expected from that Minister’s office at the very least.

We all understand that our Members of Parliament of busy people however this does not excuse the lack of acknowledgement of correspondence and nor does it remove the responsibility of providing an adequate response in good time.

You have taken the time to send a letter then it is only right that you receive a response!  



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Defence Assessment on Climate Change and Security Released

Minister of Defence Ron Mark and Minister for Climate Change James Shaw have today released a Defence Assessment on the security implications of climate change.

The Climate Crisis: Defence Readiness and Responsibilities explores the implications of climate change for New Zealand Defence Force operations.

It identifies climate change as one of the most significant security threats of our time, and one that is already having adverse impacts both at home and in New Zealand’s neighbourhood.

“This Government is committed to ensuring New Zealand does its part to address climate change,” says Ron Mark. “This means both contributing to mitigating climate change itself, and working with our international partners to respond to the intensifying impacts climate change will bring.

“Earlier this year the Government’s Strategic Defence Policy Statement recognised climate change will have a big impact on Defence operations, particularly in the Pacific.

“It proceeded to highlight that disruptive weather patterns are causing an increased frequency and intensity of weather extremes such as cyclones, rainfall events, droughts, and flooding from sea level rise. In addition, the state of the Southern Ocean is changing, meaning our current vessels are getting close to the limits of being able to operate safely.

“Therefore it stands to reason that we needed to look deeper in order to better understand the social and security implications of climate change, and what our Defence Force will face when it responds to these weather events.

“The assessment released today identifies the particular security impacts which may arise, including vulnerable populations losing their economic livelihoods, increased food and water scarcity, malnutrition, climate migration, health related crises, competition for resources, land disputes and the potential for increased violence from mismanaged adaptation or migration.

“This assessment is a necessary first step. It makes it clear that Defence will have to adapt to meet the challenges posed by this emerging threat to our security. We are now using this assessment to inform our review of the Defence Capability Plan, which I expect to release early next year,” says Ron Mark.

“The Coalition Government already has a work programme underway to help alleviate the effects of climate change. This includes re-energised Pacific policy settings, the development of a new climate change law, and the commitment to make 100 per cent of New Zealand’s electricity renewable by 2035,” says James Shaw.

“This assessment is an important addition to the work the Government is doing, and it really hammers home why it’s important we act now to combat climate change in our region. If we don’t, communities will suffer, and this Government will not stand by doing nothing.

“At the 2018 Pacific Islands Forum, leaders affirmed that climate change presents the single greatest threat to the livelihood, security and wellbeing of Pacific people. Defence has stepped up and is thinking very seriously about how this will impact us here in New Zealand and our region as a whole, and how we will need to respond,” says James Shaw

It has been produced by the Ministry of Defence in consultation with the New Zealand Defence Force, other New Zealand agencies, Pacific partners and academics. Here is the LINK to the MOD Assessment

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The Nonagenarians – Update

Apologies, Apologies to our Nonagenarian!!  Isn’t that the way we now have TEN…  Are there any more out there!!

There are actually ten communicators who have attained this huge milestone in the Association unless I am again to be proved wrong.

They are Jim Blackburn, Peter Smith, Ron Burton, Jock Howell, Bluey Findlay, Alec Crighton, Arthur (Jonah) Whale, Ralph Woodward, Bill McLauchlan and Louis Wain. So congratulations to the ten of you.  I wonder who else is knocking on the door??



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Jack Passings – December 2018

The following Sailors ‘Crossed the Bar’ during the month of December 2018. Details of funerals etc can be found by clicking HERE.

HARGREAVES, Maraea Rahiri. Ex -Wren WRNZNS service No. 955 Cook
SMITH, William James Lanyon: DSO, OBE, Commander

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Why military suicides are so common: the answer isn’t combat

Here is a LINK  from Australian and US Research on suicide by ex Military Persons.

An interesting article however, none of its points affect former NZDF personnel!

Why you may ask? and that is because the article follows the accepted international definition of a veteran. That is someone who served whether in operations or not.

However the NZDF and Veterans Affairs do not adhere to that definition.  Must be missing something here when we are so far out of step with our Allies and Friends

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