Well you have just 8 days to register for the RNZN Communicators Reunion at the early bird prices.  Early Bird Registrations will remain open until 30 November 2017  and thereafter the Registration Fee will increase to $30 per person.  So take the opportunity to register now and save some money.

All members who have paid ONLY the Registration Fee will be required to make payment in full by Friday 2 February 2018. 

A challenge to all Communicators who live in Australia – its time to come home and catch up with your shipmates and family.  Take the opportunity to attend the reunion and then catch up with those you have not seen for ages.  Registration for the next Reunion of the RNZN Communicators Association is now OPEN. The reunion is open to all serving and ex serving members of the Communications Branch. Personnel who served or are still serving in the Electronic Warfare and Communications Analyst trades are also eligible to attend the reunion.  So come on and register now.

The Reunion will be held at the Wairakei Resort in TAUPO over the period 16 – 18 March 2018.  So click the button now and ensure you are registered.  Your committee has gone to great lengths to keep the price of this reunion in line with previous reunions.

Check out who is coming to the Reunion by clicking HERE .

Information on the reunion can be viewed on the associations blog at and by selecting REUNION 2018 from the main menu.



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NZ Veteran Wins VA Case

A Royal New Zealand Navy veteran has won a years-long battle for compensation after connecting his Parkinson’s disease with chemical exposure during his military service.

In a potentially-landmark case, Veterans Affairs’ has provided the ex-serviceman, who wishes to remain anonymous, with an entitlement to disability compensation for Parkinson’s, a condition attributed to his operational service on a Royal New Zealand Navy ship during the 1948-1960 Malayan Emergency.

During his naval career, he was exposed to toxic chemical solvents, including trichloroethylene (TCE), while degreasing and cleaning electronics. TCE, which is now classified as a carcinogen, is linked to a number of adverse health effects including the debilitating Parkinson’s.

Now, after living with the debilitating condition for years and fighting Veterans’ Affairs for recognition with support by the Returned and Services’ Association (RSA), the veteran is receiving compensation. “We are very pleased that [the veteran] and his family received this entitlement from Veterans’ Affairs New Zealand.

There are likely to be many more people living with Parkinson’s in [the veteran]’s situation, who are not aware of the link between this solvent TCE and Parkinson’s,” said Parkinson’s New Zealand chief executive Deirdre O’Sullivan. The veteran’s decision was made on appeal to the independent War Pensions Appeal Board – now replaced by the Veterans’ Entitlements Appeal Board – which considered appeals against decisions made under the War Pensions Act 1954.

Since 2014, the Veterans’ Support Act has specified how Veterans’ Affairs makes decisions about whether a veteran’s condition may have been caused by factors associated with their service. It involves the use of Statements of Principles, which are instruments developed by the Repatriation Medical Authority of Australia and state what factors must exist in order to establish a causal connection between particular diseases, injuries or death, and service based on the best current synthesis of research published on the RMA website.

A Veterans Affairs spokesman said there was a range of possible entitlements available based on the level of impairment of any individual veteran. It could include payment of a pension, and also the cost of treatment and support services to assist the veteran to remain independent. “Veterans’ Affairs encouraged all veterans who may qualify for entitlements under the Veterans’ Support Act to get in touch,” he said.

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The Girl who Loved the Sailors

Here is an article from ‘Papers Past’ which shows the lengths that some ladies will go to be with a sailor.  Click HERE for the newspaper article from the NZ TRUTH, ISSUE 1034,    19 SEPTEMBER 1925.    Thanks to Papers Past, National Library of New Zealand.


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Change of Email Addresses

Don’t forget to advise me of your new email address if you currently have a VODAFONE, CLEAR, IHUG or PARADISE email provider.  I will update the database to ensure you are current and that you also continue to receive the Mail Chimp message on Saturdays.  Leave a comment to this post and I will clear it..



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A Signal from 1990

1. In December last year I advised the Minister of Defence that I was my intention to abolish the daily sprit allowance.
2. While recognising the historical significance and service traditions associated with the tot, the rationale for the spirit issue as a compensation for poor food and living conditions no longer applied in today’s [sic] navy and the daily issue of strong spirit is simply not appropriate in a high technology service which places increasing emphasis on individual responsibility. Recent tragic accidents, whilst not in themselves bearing directly on my considerations have nonetheless served to emphasise the need for a sensible approach towards the consumption of alcohol. Accordingly, the daily spirit issue will cease with
effect from 1 March 1990.
3. The tradition of quote splice the mainbrace unquote will be maintained as will the authority of commanding officers to approve a special spirit issue following
exceptionally arduous duty.
4. The Minister of Defence has approved a gratuitous issue to the RNZN 50th
Anniversary Trust sufficient rum for 50,000 one-tot miniatures to be produced
for sale in support of the Trusts [sic] objectives.
5. Cancel this message 31 Mar 1990.

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Northland Sunday Lunch

The next Naval ‘ Get together’ in Northland is open to Naval and Ex-Naval personnel, Partners, Husbands, Wives.  All welcome.   The lunch will be held on Sunday 19th November 2017, 1200 for 1230.

A buffet lunch and desert will be served and the cost of the luncheon is $25 per person.  The venue is the Bay of Islands Yacht Club, Waitangi.

Contact is –  Margaret Mitchell 09 838 2931 or Jill Thompson 09 836 5191

Email: or

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Lost & Found

Max Ryder was a Sparker who served in IRIRANGI in the late 1950’s  It is believed that he lives or lived in Hastings.  Anyone know the whereabouts of Max can they please email me or leave a comment to this post.  Another Communicator of the same era would like to make contact.

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A ‘Snippet’

In February 1945, it was reported from Waiouru W/T Station that the cricket oval, with its newly formed concrete pitch, complete with coir matting, was the scene recently of an interesting cricket match. This was on Thursday, 8th February, when a visiting team from HMNZS Cook, Wellington, arrived to challenge the Waiouru naval team. The game was full of incident and the ashes went to Wellington, who with their superior ability outpointed Waiouru by 221 runs to 112. (Extract taken from the White Ensign Volume 2 Number 2 March 1945.)

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