RNZN Comms Assn 50th Anniversary

The Royal New Zealand Navy Communicators Association will celebrate its 50th Anniversary on the 6th October 2017.  Yes, it will be 50 years to the day since the association began and we still have a member who was at the inaugural meeting.


Your committee is planning to celebrate this huge milestone in style.  So start checking out those ‘Grab a Seat’ deals if you are out of Auckland and join other communicators in celebrating this occasion.  Further details will be uploaded to the Communicators Blog and can be viewed by clicking HERE or by selecting the ’50th Anniversary’ tab from the main menu.

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Jack Passings – December 2016

The following Sailors ‘Crossed the Bar’ during the month of December 2016. Details of funerals etc can be found by clicking HERE

MacNAB, Maureen (Olga) (nee Warring)  First Officer

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Communicators in the Trees

Here is an image of Communicators in Action during a Christmas Social Run.  Can anyone put names to these faces L – R?


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The reposting of two chapters of Jack Harker QSM book ‘ALMOST HMS NEPTUNE’ is in honour of Captain Rory Chambers O’Connor RN, his officers and his men of HMS Neptune who 75 years ago on 19th December 1941 made the supreme sacrifice.


These two chapters are pertinent to read at this time noting the significance of the upcoming loss of Neptune and the 150 New Zealanders who also lost their lives when she was sunk by mines.

Click on the Chapters below which you can save on your PC, Tablet or phone and read them at your leisure.  Thanks David Jasper for the links.

Chapter 16 The Prelude.

Chapter 17 The Sinking

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“Police appealing for information on stolen service medals”

Auckland City Police are appealing for help to reunite a military veteran with his service medals after they were stolen during a burglary at his home in Onehunga.

The selection of medals were among a large amount of property taken from an address on Church Street, Onehunga, at about 10.45am on Sunday 23 October 2016.

The victim is a British military veteran, who served 24 years in the British military, 14 of which were under the British SAS.

The medals that were taken (see photos) are of extreme sentimental and historic value, and of great importance to the victim and his family.

Police would like to hear from anyone who may recognise the medals, or who knows where they may be, so officers can return them to their rightful owner.

Other distinctive items stolen during the burglary include a sapphire ring and necklace, a Breitling watch with a rubber wrist band, and a gold-coloured pocket watch that was given to the victim during his military career.

This watch has the victim’s name, rank and service number engraved on it.

Have you seen any of these items?

Anyone with information on their whereabouts, or who has any information about the burglary, is asked to contact Constable Daniel Ross of the Glen Innes Tactical Crime Unit on 04 212 3534 or email daniel.ross@police.govt.nz.

Alternatively, information can be provided anonymously through Crime Stoppers on 0800 555 111.

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Wed Dec 7 – Good news guys, those tot’s of rum or other drinks that you prefer are having a positive effect and working for Dad.

Went to see Dad today after he was shifted to the Aranui Hospice in Palmerston North, He looks much much better.  They have taken him off 2 drugs which he was prescribed in Wanganui Hospital.  One was giving him ulcers in his mouth and throat which is why he wasn’t eating or drinking and the second wasn’t doing him any good as well.  He is still on morphine, but only enough to dull the pain.  He is now eating and having a cup of tea.
He is also sitting up after 2 weeks of laying flat and wide awake.  The Doctor is taking more scans as there may be another  cancer mass in his pelvis area.  If there is they will give him more radiation therapy.  He has physio now to get him up and mobile again. While being transferred from Wanganui Hospital to the hospice he pulled a shoulder muscle but that will come right with physio.  Things are looking a lot brighter for Dad.



Thu Dec 1 – Following from Dusty’s daughter Nicole – Well I’ll start off with thank you to John & Ester, Marion & Patricia, Larry, Colin Brett & Harry, Thank you so much it cheered Dad up so much.

Mum has been in today after the Dr’s & Specialist’s had another POW WOW. It is bad news today, Dad has cancer in the urinary tract, It is not operable, and they said that chemo or radiation is too harsh on him now and it will only give him another few months. He is in a fighting spirit and hopefully we will have him for another year or two. Hope to have him in a hospice soon to ready him to come home for a while. Sorry to be the bearer of this bad news.

Sun 27 Nov – Dusty is just getting over a chest infection he was a bit down yesterday but much better today.  He thinks he will be going to the hospice either tomorrow or Tuesday.

Dusty found out that he had a trapped nerve in his lower back and because he is sitting in a lazy boy chair so my sister Tania said would be better in a bed so he is in a motorized bed that he can press a button to go up and down.

He is in good spirits and fighting to beat this pain of osteoarthritis {old age disease} pity Dad can’t have Rum or a dram of Whisky.

Wed 23 Nov – Dusty has now been moved to in Wanganui Hospital again.  He is back on the Medical Ward.  Wanganui Hospital phone number is 06 348 1234 and remember ask for Harold Miller

Message from Dusty 22 Nov – G’day All  Thanks for all the lovely emails, phone calls and surprise visits – a real boost to the moral.  My current situation is that I have had Radiation treatment for “C” upper spine and inner skull, Chest biopsy 11.00am. Search for pain relief of hips and spine, poss osteoarthritis. Apart from that, fighting fit. Thanks, you wonderful, wonderful people

Move back to Wanganui today (time?)

I know, I can hear you all saying which Dusty is this.. Just to advise that Harold ‘Dusty’ Roy Miller of Marton is unwell. He was rushed to hospital last Wednesday morning at 7.00am NZ time with chest pains. To date it is not his heart & it is not his pacemaker but they still don’t know what is wrong as yet and they are doing more tests. Dusty has a CT scan on Thursday and the Dr thinks he has Pleurisy. This will not be confirmed up the CT Scan results are back. Still in a lot of pain and still having Morphine.

His wife visited him yesterday, Saturday and he is no better but no worse either. He is still having Morphine 3 times a day as it is still painful without. His lungs have been drained once but need to be drained again. So that is the update on our shipmate.

Today Monday, They tried to wean Dusty off the morphine and try a different type of pain medication but this was not successful. It would appear that the pain experienced last Wednesday has returned and he feels like he has been kicked in the chest by a horse. He has been given a chair to sleep in so maybe that will make it a little easier for him. Thanks Nicole (daughter) for the update.

Tuesday 15 Nov
Dusty’s daughter visited him today and reports I went in to visit Dad for the first time since he left home in the ambulance and he feels and looks better than when he left from my take on it.
Dad said the Doctors and Specialist are having a POW WOW about his pain and headaches to see what they can do to help.  Dad said he still can’t eat much and he has help going to the toilet because it is still painful to move and he sometimes gets to the TV to watch the news.  He has had another CT scans so the specialist can look over them.

Friday 18 Nov
Dad’s bone scan shows it hasn’t got into the bone. He is having radiation instead of chemo. Mum said that he look much brighter and happier today then he has in the last three weeks. He has had his 2nd of 5 radiation treatments this morning.

Sunday 20 Nov.
Dad is still in good spirits today. He is to have a biopsy tomorrow, & has only 2 more radiation treatment. His only complaint is having a numb bum!!!!

If you would like to call Dusty at the Palmerston North Hospital dial +6463569169 if calling international or if calling within New Zealand 06 356 9169 and ask for Harold Miller as they don’t have him under Dusty. You can also email him on email patient@midcentraldhb.govt.nz. He is in Ward 23 and he will be there until Tuesday or Wednesday next week.

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Did you serve in HDML KUPARU.  Click HERE and see if you can help in the restoration of this old and faithful ship.  She has been up on the hard for 15 years rotting away.  Scott Perry has just taken her over and doing what he can to get her sea worthy again…big project. Follow on Facebook under HDML Kuparu.




This image is of the last  Commission Crew of HMNZS KUPARU in mid 80’s when boat was transferred back to HMNZS PHILOMEL and HMNZS WAKAKURA was assigned as the new boat to HMNZS OLPHERT.
Rear L-R  OSEA Foster, LSEA Jaegers,  LSEA Warren, unknown
Front L-R   ADEF McVittie, CPODEF Frank McClelland, LTCDR Bill Martin, POSEA Ian Jacques


Just north of East Cape in mid 80’s
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