Operation Grapple

A number of our Communicators were involved in what became known as ‘Operation Grapple’.  These pages are dedicated to provide an insight into the operation and relevant documents are also referenced as future reading into the subject.

4 Responses to Operation Grapple

  1. Frank Elliott says:

    After being confined to Irirangi for best part of three years, got drafted to Pukaki beginning a considerable amount of sea time and of course watchkeeping in underpants? it werent alf hot. Looking back a real experience especially being cast adrift in a dingy to lay recording equipment the only radio contact I could make was on top of the swells which were impressive a tot of neaters was appreciated back on board. I wonder whose still on deck from that Comms Staff? Regards and up spirits. Frank Elliott

  2. DavevNewman says:

    Dave (Jiggs) Newman. I was the LTO on that trip..Fond memories of a great Comms crew,and who could ever forget that 5 days in Tahiti!! Cheers..

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