Question 037

A matter of war.  Good question click on play to listen.

morse key

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A Musical Interlude

Here is something a number of you will be able to relate to.  Press Play  to Listen.

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Well the budgets have been set and we are off, and now running down to the next Communications Reunion.  The Reunion will be held over the period 28 – 30 May 2015 in Wellington and the Petone Workingman’s Club is the venue.

Your committee and sub-committee has worked hard to keep the costs down and you will be pleased to see there has been no increase since the 2012 Reunion. Registration Forms and Programme can be selected from the Reunion 2015 tab on the Main Menu.  An early bird registration is in place so register as soon as you can.  This reunion is open to ex and serving communicators, their wives, partners and significant others.

So, if you see any ex communicators in your travels tell them about the reunion and we look forward to catching up.

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Cap Tallys

I now have a source for getting cap tally’s reproduced in the UK.  If anyone wants a cap tally from a bygone era then drop me a comment to this post advising the name(s) of the ships required.  I have just purchased HMNZS ROYALIST and HMNZS BLACK PRINCE for one of our members and it took just on two weeks for delivery to NZ.  The cost is $20.00 per cap tally and you name it we can get it.

I will be placing an order on the 31st October so you still have time.


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Jack Passings – October 2014

The following Sailors ‘Crossed the Bar’ during the month of October 2014. Details of funerals etc can be found by clicking HERE.

McROBIE, Bruce Marshall
WAKEMAN, Ian Charles (Wakey)
DUNNING Gordon Myles (Myles)
BAMFORD Frederick Augustus
HOPKINS, Edward Ray (Eddie, Hoppy)
WHITELEY, Frederick (Fred)  WOMEA
THODE, Connell Percy (Con)
BOYLE, Larry Maxwell
CHAPMAN, Ernest Charles
BARNES, Marion Laura
BREITMEYER Ronald William (Bill)
HARRIS, Winstone
REYBURN, Douglas Rathbone

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Reunion Registrations

You will all remember that about 6 years ago we did a survey on how often we should run reunions and the results of the survey were clear that you wished for them to be run on a 3 yearly basis.  Taking your response into account, a reunion was run in 2012 and again we are scheduled to run the next in May 2015.

I know it appears to be someway off, but come on guys and gals, lets get behind the association and the sub committee, who are working hard to ensure that 2015 is a great reunion.  At the very least get your registration in.  Here is the link for the Registration Form.  Details are on the website and can be found here.  You should also be thinking about booking your accommodation.  Again details are all on the web site.

A list of who is coming will be updated as registrations come in.

So come on lets be having ya!


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Access to the Naval Base

The NZDF has increased its security alert level from Ringfence White to Ringfence Grey.  The key is that the level of direct threat, while increased, remains non-specific.  The responses to that threat level are therefore generally appropriate to Business as Usual (BAU) with a heightened level of awareness and deterrence.

For non-members of the NZDF you will not be able to enter the Naval Base unless the Main Gate has been advised of your proposed visit.  I am not sure how this will effect visitors attending funerals but watch this space.

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