All Ships Navy Reunion

An ‘All Ships Navy Reunion’ will be held in New Plymouth over the period Friday, 15th to Monday 18th July 2016.  The reunion has been planned to coincide with –

60th. Anniversary of the commissioning of H.M.N.Z.S.Royalist and the
50th. Anniversary of the commissioning of H.M.N.Z.S.Blackpool.

Please register prior to 31st May 2016 by sending $20.00 together with the registration form which can be accessed by Clicking HERE.

A list of accommodation choices can also be viewed by clicking HERE.

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A Gollie Retires

Mr Brian Burford (Ex Chief Petty Officer Electronic Warfare Supervisor) has spent the last 17 years at the Naval Museum and today, 20th November 2015 was his last day in the service of his country.  Brian hoisted the NZ White Ensign for the last time this morning at the Naval Museum.  Well done Brian and enjoy your retirement at Omokoroa Bay, Bay of Plenty.


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General Question 036

Name of ship. Clue – this ship was the first non-RN carrier to be constructed with all three British innovations.



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Jack Passings – November 2015

The following Sailors ‘Crossed the Bar’ during the month of November 2015. Details of funerals etc can be found by clicking HERE.

CLOTWORTHY, Donald Campbell (Don)   NA2
MACKIE, Bert (Tehinganganui) Johnson Stoker
McKENZIE, Gordon James SIG
CRAIG, Lewis Thorne   S/LT
CONN, Beverly Phyllis (Bev)  WTR
BOND, James Henry Douglas (Doug) ABSEA
O’LEARY Patrick Joseph George  WOGI
HALLIDAY James Lynne (Jiu)  OSIG
CLARK Patrick Stoker 1st Class
SURRIDGE, Frank William (Mick) AB SEA
HEFFER, Harold Noel  PO Stoker – River Plate Veteran
ROBERTSON William Peter (Peter) SIG
BEGG, James William Kenneth Begg (Ken) LTEL
THOMPSON James Charles

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A number of people are looking for ex Naval Members which may or may not have been a communicator.  Here is a list of those requests.  If you can assist please email me at and I will put you in touch with the person searching.  Members responses are in RED

Your Name chuck turnbull
Name of Person you are Searching peter thomas – joined 1961 as a Seaman

Your Name Owen Stuart
Name of Person you are Searching Jim Harper/George Kerr 36th Boys entry Jan 56. Then to 36th VS class at “Tamaki” on the Island.

Your Name Russell G Hockley
Name of Person you are Searching Pauline McGrath – Fort Dorset around 1965-67 Pauline was bridesmaid to friends of mine in Kaitaia ex Army, if anyone can enlighten me as to what may have happened to Paulene would be appreciated.

Your Name sweeney JCK
Name of Person you are Searching Ivan Vincent Long – Do any of you know where he is, Last saw Vince (de Vulch) flogging cars in Rotinrua. He seems to have disappeared of the face of the earth. served with him on Rotoiti under Happy Harry and also at N Office.

Your Name Tony Mills
Name of Person you are Searching Thomas Ellis Mills -My father served in the navy in World War Two. He was born in Morrinsville on 30 September 1921 and died in December 1974. Would love to know where to look for his navy service details etc.

Your Name Kevin HOPKINS
Name of Person you are Searching Peter SOPER – I just read on the RNZN Communicators site in the “roll of honour” segment that Peter SOPER passed away in 2012 – does anybody know what happened to him as we were mates on “Canterbury” and I had not heard of him since leaving the Navy – I thought that he had gone back to South Africa to live with his Dad  –  Sop’s left the Navy after we came home from the Mururoa trip and I saw him from time to time when He was working for Air New Zealand.  He and his partner then bought the Tarawera Fishing Lodge where they were for a number of years and I did not catch up with Him until the Mururoa Re-union in 2003 in Tauranga. Just to add – Pete, Shane Veld Huizen and Pog Cookson were still alive at the time with Rupert Anderson having passed away. Of that Mururoa trip, Myself, Barry Jordan, Neil Cameron and Pete Mitchell are the only ones left from the Buntings I last saw Pete in the Rotorua RSA in 2004 as he had sold the Lodge and was selling Real Estate. I conversed with him by email a few times up until his passing away from a heart attack.  Pete crossed the bar 25 Jul 2012.

Your Name christina laing
Name of Person you are Searching cyril james laing – 1939-1945

Your Name Dave Wistrand
Name of Person you are Searching Able Seaman F M Fox RNZN 7849 – I have a Manual of Seamanship Vol 1 1937 Edition that has those details noted on it – so if any descendant is interested or turns up they are welcome to have it. 09 4320227  Dave

Your Name Nicole O’Hara
Name of Person you are Searching Mervyn Brian O’Hara – Hi there, I’m just wondering if you have any photos of stories about my pop. Kind Regards Nicole

Your Name Dearne Berry
Name of Person you are Searching Karen Marshall née Good – Joined April 1977 as a Communicator

Your Name Dale Hobbs
Name of Person you are Searching Max Watt – Worked with you at Irirangi /Communications. Originally from Motueka .Had heard Max was in Brisbane. Would be marvellous to catch up..  Max Watt lives in Nerang on the Gold Coast…

Your Name Ray Hewitt
Name of Person you are Searching Max Henderson – Black Prince 1954 Communications branch

Your Name Peter Broom(nz11652)
Name of Person you are Searching Any 13 th boy sigs still around or 12th boy tels – 12th boys joined Nov 1947,13th boys March 1948 with 8 12th boys back classing to 13th to become sigs

Your Name Linda Lainchbury
Name of Person you are Searching Alick Edward MacKay – RNZN Black Prince around 1950. This is my Dad and he was a radio operator. Thanks and I hope you can find something as Dad just passed away and we are trying to find info on his time in the Navy. Kindest regards Linda

Your Name John Bullock
Name of Person you are Searching Lieut. Dennis P Milton – SCO Waikato 1966, BCO (Comauck’s Staff)

Your Name Robert Thompson
Name of Person you are Searching 9th O/tels (1949-55) – Tamaki. Irirangi, Pukaki, Nowra, Bellona, Philomel  It would appear that LTEL Rob Bud Thompson crossed the bar 26 May 2015.

Your Name Barry Walden
Name of Person you are Searching Brian (BD) Neale – Sparker on Waikato Gov Gen Pacific Islands and FE trip 72/73. Anyone out there know where Brian nows lives would be greatly appreciated.

Your Name Gus McCann
Name of Person you are Searching (Huck) Porter – Served on OTAGO and Navradsta. Last seen at a Sunday Session at Ron Kinghorn’s place before we flew out on a posting with GCSB (every one must know by now what GCSB stands for). As far as i remember he was driving busses.

Your Name Harold Morris (NOT HOWARD)
Name of Person you are Searching Shiner (Gooba) Wright – Bunting 1970 – Last long cruise (Otago 1971)  Shiner was in my class. He used to live over the back of my place when I resided in Pukekohe(1994 – 1996). He worked for a drilling company doing bores and wells. He used to rock up with a bottle of rum….drink it all go home and leave me in the shit with the Mrs. He is still around in Pukekohe as I was putting in a water pump system in Drury back in 2008 and the guy who was sinking the bore knew Shiner and his reputation. My last ship was Otago with Shiner who drafted on pissed from Waiouru….Nick Nicolson was the Yeoman and I was the Killick…You could never forget Shiner Wright he was a real character.  (Terry Patterson)

Your Name Dave Synnott
Name of Person you are Searching Suzanne Hewitt WREN around 63/4

Your Name Harold Morris
Name of Person you are Searching Jim Wills – Bunting – January 1969

Your Name Harold Morris
Name of Person you are Searching John Thorn – Bunting – January 1969.  – I last had contact with John Thorn when he was working for Weddell – Crown in Wellington. He had been working for them since he left the Navy. Weddell- Crown got sold but believe he still living in Wellington somewhere. He got into marathon running and was coached by a guy I knew (Kevin Ross) who still coaches  (Terry Patterson)

Your Name Harold Morris
Name of Person you are Searching Kerry Alan Bent Bunting – Joined January 1969
August 28, 2012 at 11:29 am

Your Name Claudia Rogers
Name of Person you are Searching Jenny Barnes 1965 -1972

Your Name Graham A Cadwallader
Name of Person you are Searching Roland T Bazely – Class of “15th TELS, EM’s & REM’s”. Late ’53 to ’54 O/D course in HMAS Cerberus. Class also included HIGGINS. MARTIN (Tels) CURRY (em)   Martin Welsh NZ14661 TEL  crossed the bar 6 Jun 1976.

Your Name Chris Precey
Name of Person you are Searching Ivan Long – Sparker in 50s – At NCC Wellington 1959.

Your Name Chris Precey
Name of Person you are Searching Roy O’Donnell – Sparker in the 50s and 60s.

Your Name Bill Bartlett
Name of Person you are Searching Sidney George Graham – Served on HMNZS Bellona/HMNZS Royalist 1955-1956-57? Sid was a Signalman nicknamed “Blue”. Was a pom from Manchester. Last saw Blue when drafted off Royalist 1n 1957 to Navy Office, Wellington. Possible he may have finished his time and went back to the UK.

Your Name Charles Conroy( Horse)
Name of Person you are Searching Lillian Scott – She was in the Stores Branch years 66/68 Her nick name was bouncer , she was also a member of the Navy Judo club that time . Was a P.O. in 1968.

Your Name Sandy Watson
Name of Person you are Searching Marilyn Bramley – Signals Wren HMNZS Wakefield DTRC 1969/1970 She went to University to complete a law degree after her 3 years in the Wrens.

Your Name Albie Cross
Name of Person you are Searching Colin Hector SPENCE – a.k.a. “Tex”. Tamaki 12th Boy Tels (1947-49) and Bellona (49-50) Last sighting ZLO (Irirangi) late 1955 believed to be heading towards Hastings. Caucasian , 1.8 metres , fair complexion, temperate in nature, a ruddy good hockey player and golf ball putter. Any QSO  – Colin Spence (aka Tex) is residing in Mount Maunganui about five minutes walk from the Golf Course..  (Albie Cross)  — Peter Broome – Albie Cross is living in Mount Roskill Auckland. Are you still living in Gisborne. Ebe Craven, Barry Swan, Doug Friis, Bill Martin, and H.D.Smith have all crossed the Bar. Dinger Rhodes was in Waihi last thing I knew, Mas Miller is in Auckland I think, Alec McKenzie was in Thames, Reg Hayward up in North Auckland, Stokes died 18 Dec 1981, Lindsay Weavers still lives in Whakatane and that’s about all I can remember at present – Regards to you – Tex.

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A number of the RNZN Communicators Committee got together and enjoyed a meal and a jovial night spinning dits and drinking far too many dark and dirties.  To those absent members of the committee you missed a great night.


L-R – Rod Berry, Laurie Rands, Barry Jordan, Roy Archer, Sandy Watson, Dale Leggett, Jim Blackburn and Frank Rands  – Dearne Berry took the photo.

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A Quilters Work

Click HERE to  view the work of quilters who displayed their work at the Australiasian Quilt Convention 2015.  The display of small challenge quilts, commemorating one of Australia and New Zealand’s most defining times and a tribute to all those affected by conflict over the years.


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