People who changed the World

This is an article from an publication entitled ‘People who changed the world”.  It has been suggested that this may assist sparkers in remembering their morse code.  Thanks Dickie for the article.





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Jack Passings – September 2015

The following Sailors ‘Crossed the Bar’ during the month of September 2015. Details of funerals etc can be found by clicking HERE.

MACMILLAN, Charles Bruce (Bruce) LTEL
MAY, Richard McKenzie

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Sex Out of Ships

This article was taken from NAVY TODAY June 1981 edition.  Interesting!!

Ngataringa Bay 1981

For more on Covey-Crump click HERE

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Here is an article taken from June 1981 Navy News.  It should be remembered that considerable funds were raised by sailors for this facility but even in 1981 there were questions..  Sailors even made a fortnightly allotment in order that this complex could be completed.

Sex out of ships 1981

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Question posed by a Sparker

I would like to know on what occasions a ship of the RNZN flys the NZ ensign (blue) when underway.

Dave Trigg – On Te Kaha we sailed with the NZ Blue when we had been handed to the NZ Government and prior to commissioning.

Mike Commons – one occasion is when going into battle

Frank Lewis – When the buntings forget to take it down on sailing. And it has happened.

Brad King – Also when sailing on a dress ship day you sail with the jack (current NZ Flag) flying when in sight of land. (Geez, I do remember something bunting wise)

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General Question 030

Q30 – Name and type of ship. Clue – European mathematician


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Hmmmm… Another Flag Question

Q29 What flag is shown to the left on the NZ Coat of Arms?


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