Reunion Reminder

Just over TWO months to go for the Communicators Reunion in Wellington.  Eighty Seven members have indicated that they will be attending and I know a number of you are still to register.  Please don’t wait until the last moment to get your registration in.  We need to know you are attending in order that further activities can be arranged for the Saturday.  Your sub committee has and continues to work hard to ensure that this will be a great event.  A full list of who is attending can be viewed on the web by selecting the Reunion 2015 page from the menu. So come on lets get those registration forms in.

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Comms in Western Australia

This photograph taken 22 March 2015 onboard HMNZS Te Kaha when it visited Fremantle Port WA.

These two “White haired & bearded”  retired gentlemen of the newly formed WA ex RNZN
group were invited onboard  for a tour (along with their families).

HMNZS Te Kaha 036

Hopefully you will still be able to recognise them as Neill Dorset (ex Lt
Comms) and Jeff Brown (ex CSG). Unfortunately they both missed the ‘Colours
Ceremony’ but took their old position in front of the Ensign anyway!!!

Neills comments were that they were given a very instructive tour of the ship by the Command Warrant Officer (CWO) John Leybourne who is a credit to the Todays  Navy.  The changes made, certainly since my leaving, have been simply amazing and impressive.  John Leybourne is an excellent example of a Senior Senior rating and to see how highly regarded and respected he is held by the Ships Company was a delight to see.

Thanks Neill D for the image and all the best to the newly formed WA RNZN group.  Good to see Brownie was up in time for sunset!

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Ink’s and Admirals

You will all at sometime in your careers noticed different coloured ink being used by Commodores and Admirals when responding to correspondence or signing their names.  My recollection is that Commodore’s wrote in Green ink and Admiral’s wrote in Red.  Can anyone else add to this or am I colour blind?

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Warrant Officer EW Patton appointed as Command Warrant Officer HMNZS PHILOMEL. See Chief of Navy With All Despatch.  Congratulations Peter ‘General’ Patton.

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Recently the question of ship two and three letter identifiers on correspondence and posting orders was raised.  So thought I would have a crack with your help to build a list. Leave a comment to this post if you can fill in any of the gaps.

Tony Bullock has provided a list to which I have added some others.  Click HERE.  However, there are still a few others which we need to identify.

Ship                                2 Ltr                      
Black Prince

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General Question 008

What is the name of this ship and for the buntings among you where do they fly the Jack?



A.  Yes, it is HMAS Canberra.  However it would appear that the Jack is flown from the centre mast just above the side numbers in lieu of a staff at the bow.



This image is in relation to David Jasper Robertson’s comment.


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Yeo Yeo

Here are two more Chief Yeoman.  What are their names?

Blue Gilmour                                                                                            Trefor (Taff) Jones



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