Our Ladies

Here is a photo from the Leading Wren Signals Course 1964.  The photo was taken in the grounds of Elizabeth House.  Can you name them?



L – R

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Reunion Reminder

Only 4 months to go for the Communicators Reunion in Wellington.  Please don’t wait until the last moment to get your registration in.  We need to know you are attending in order that further activities can be arranged for the Saturday.  Further details will be published shortly on what is planned. Your sub committee has and continues to work hard to ensure that this will be a great event.  A list of who is attending can be viewed on the web by selecting the Reunion 2015 page from the menu.

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Jack Passings – February 2015

The following Sailors ‘Crossed the Bar’ during the month of February 2015. Details of funerals etc can be found by clicking HERE.

DUNNING James Ruskin  SIG crossed the bar 6 Oct 14
BRAXTON Arthur Neville cross the bar 26 Nov 2014

WILKES, Alan John Chef
BURROWS, Anthony Lionel
STEPHENS David Alexander
CHAPMAN, Gordon Huia
GOLDS Michael John
ANDERTON, Andrew Howard (Andy)
FELTON, Grahame Elsbert  SIG
MURRAY, Reginald Bruce (Reg)
QUEENIN, James William (Jim)
COMP, William Hugh John (Bill)
SUMNER, Ralph Cyril
MELLSOP, Wallace Maxwell (Max)
HALLIDAY, Christopher John
LEMBERG Frederick John Eastwood

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Morse Question 006

Here is this weeks question.  Press Play to Listen.

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General Question 006

Okay what is the name of this ship?


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Asbestos Register Follow-Up

The following was received from one of our old and bold communicators..

I read with interest the piece in the latest Comms info about the Asbestos Registery.
Last year I was diagnosed with mesothelioma (pleural ) which is caused by asbestos in the lining of the lung.Without knowing, I had apparently picked this up on the Rotoiti in 1957,
some 57 years ago. It can take up to 70 years to appear. It is a terminal cancer unfortunately. ACC were very good and gave me a six figure payout for my troubles and funded a chemotherapy course at a cost to them of around $35,000, this no doubt prolonging my life a bit longer. The money is very nice but how long I will get to enjoy it I do not know but no doubt my kids will have a right merry old party on the proceeds.

The Veterans affairs for their troubles were very kind and gave me a $10 addition to my Veterans pension per week with the proviso that I would get more when I cannot leave the house or am confined to my pit.

The oncologist I deal with stated that it is a rare type of cancer and he only gets two or three cases a year down this way. Perhaps up in the more densely populated Auckland area where perhaps more old salts retire to there may be more cases

If anyone is unlucky enough to get this cancer I would stress that they get their oncologist to send in a claim to ACC regardless of whether they get a Veterans Pension or not.

I can still mow my lawn and go shopping but again for how long I do not know. So now a week by week outlook on the future.

And Another

Many thanks for the article on asbestosis.

MOD have acknowledged the fact that I suffer from Sleep apnoea and emphysema and have afforded me a 20% disability pension, But will not acknowledge the latent asbestosis with which my lung specialist has diagnosed.  I will follow the steps you have outline and complete the registration form.

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Looking for Ken Beattie

Does anyone know the whereabouts of Ken Beattie who was last thought to be in the Dargaville area?

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