General Question for Buntings

If you had to fly Nelsons signal on Trafalgar Day and you had a mast with an upper yard rigged with 2 sets of halyards and lower yardarm with 4 sets of halyards.  What flags would you fly and where?

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Jack Passings – October 2015

The following Sailors ‘Crossed the Bar’ during the month of October 2015. Details of funerals etc can be found by clicking HERE.


WEBSTER, Richard Samuel

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Out of the Arhives

Jim D was doing a little sort out at TOROA in his position as curator. I will leave him to tell the story. Whilst doing research I came across a couple of photos of Radio Operators practising morse code in an office. One of the pics clearly showed two B40s. It obviously wasn’t the W/T Office on an ML so I asked Lt Cdr David Humphrey RNZNVR, Retired, who I knew was initially a telegraphist in the RNZNVR, did Toroa have a W/T Office.

David. Yes, it was just behind the Qms lobby. I was Com’s O for some time and I set a schedule with the other Reserve Divisions, as we all had small CW transmitters at home. We also communicated with Harman (Canberra) and Coonawarra (Darwin) in Aus. and tried to get Portishead in the UK, but that was unsuccessful. Our first set in an ML was an old, 4125, followed by a 618 and also a 691 VHF in the wheelhouse for manoeuvres etc.

Jim. What was Toroa’s callsign?

David. Will let you know Toroa’s c/s as soon as I find it.

Toroa ……..HAVE FORGOTTEN BUT WILL TRY TO FIND. ML’s – our last one was HMNZS Koura, ZMTB – Taiaroa Head was ZLES – TOROA – ZLYD. We had our outstations, ZLYD1, ZLYD2 and so on.

Jim. What type of aerial did you use at Toroa – sloping wire, whip or horizontal dipole?

Were the other RNZNVR callsigns as follows: ZLYA – Ngapona, ZLYW – Olphert, ZLYC – Pegasus.

Finally, what type of aerial did you use at home and what was the small transmitter and receiver? I can find no information on the 4125.

David. Rooftop single wire end fed, running from pole at front of bldg. to pole at end of main bldg..Freq used was 3172 Kc/s and I think length of wire was half wave.
Cant remember c/s of other Divisions. Had same type of end fed aerial at home, from window in house to flag pole at end of section. Cant recall make of xmtter, but I think they were made in the dockyard, no modulator, so only send cw. Had to use a B28 for receiver. The 4125 was also made in the dockyard, and fitted to VR ML’s before the 618 sets, that had to have own power generator in engine room. The original transmitter in Toroa was an old 89M. Had big valves etc. but pumped out plenty of power. I also had an ex army ZC1 at home and sometimes put it in my car. It worked well.

(Jim. Not sure if any of the above was legal, but what the heck).

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Crossed the Bar – Barrie Chivers

Hello all members, I am saddened to have to report to you that our shipmate and member Barry Chivers of Morrinsville crossed the bar this morning at about 6 o’clock.
His funeral will be held at the Morrinsville RSA at a date to be advised, family to return from overseas. Will let you know when I find out the date. As a group I have extended our
heart felt sympathy to Mrs Anne Chivers on you behalf.

Barrie’s funeral will be held at the Morrinsville RSA on 9th October 2015 at 1100.

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Where is Snow White

Here are three lost dwarves.  One of them looks familiar!


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We are about to place another order for RNZN Communicators Assn shirts.

These shirts will be at the same price as the ones at the reunion which was $42.00 plus $5.00 postage.

A complete range of sizes for both men (S through 3XL) and women (10 – 20) are available. If you would like to order a shirt please leave a comment to this post with your name and size and deposit funds by internet banking into the assn account, don’t forget to put your name in the reference section. Orders will close 31 Oct 2015.

P1040026 P1040028

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As you will all be aware the AGM for the RNZN Communicators’ Association was held at the Birkenhead RSA at 1130, 26 September 2015.  The committee is aware that a number of you were unable to attend so here is a short synopsis of the meeting.

The meeting opened sharply at 1130 with President Dave welcoming all attendees to the meeting.  The minutes of the previous AGM were ratified pending a couple of typographical errors (have to give John T a typing test).

The meeting heard from the Treasurer that we have had a very successful year with a small profit from the Reunion and sale of memorabilia.  It was great to turn some of these assets back into funds.  The upshot is that we are in the black giving us a total of around $23,000 in the kitty which includes 109 foundation memberships.  The issue of whether or not we as an association might be liable to tender a return via Inland Revenue was raised and this will be investigated in the near future by the Treasurer.

The president then provided a roundup of the year’s activities and thanked members of the outgoing committee for their contribution.  He also indicated that he intended to resign as President having completed 6 years in the position.  On completion of the report, the members attending the AGM thanked the president by the normal applause afforded to such an occasion.

An election of  officers was held with the result as follows:


President – Rod Berry
Secretary – John Titmus
Treasurer – Sandy Watson
Web Master – Frank Rands
Members – Dave Carroll, Barry Jordan, Jim Blackburn, Brian Henman, Dale Leggett and Jim Cassin
Serving Members Danny Kaye, Wayne Dyke, Greg Hanson  –  (all absent from photo)

Membership of the Association was raised as an AGM agenda item as this was previously discussed at the informal gathering on the Sunday of the reunion weekend.  It was clear from the members present that the Committee should pay particular attention to this issue as it is paramount that new members be drawn into the association to ensure its future. With this in mind the incoming Committee has undertaken to review the current membership by encouraging those members who are benefiting from the association to join but also to look at initiatives to encourage serving members to also consider joining. Watch this space.

The status of a letter written to the Minister of Defence on behalf of the association with regard to the non award or recognition of personnel who served in South East Asia.  The meeting was briefed that an Official Information Application (OIA) was requested on the meetings and decisions of the NZDF Medals Working Group and this documentation has turned up a number of unanswered questions.  A letter with a number of annexes has been forwarded to the Minister of Defence and an acknowledgement has been received from his office.  A 20 working day limit for consideration will expire on Monday, 28th September 2015 when it is expected that further clarification may be sought.  This issue is not going to go away and will be followed up to ensure the issue is given the due consideration it deserves.


A constitution amendment around Honorary Membership was discussed and it was agreed that the award of Honorary Membership to Serving Members should be withdrawn. However, it was also agreed that Honorary Membership be retained and awarded by the committee to deserving persons who are not and have never served in the RNZN.  These persons would have contributed to the Aims of the Association in other ways.  The amended Constitution will be available on the website in due course.

The Communicator of the Year Trophy was awarded for 2014, however the committee is still to be advised of the nominee for 2015.  It is anticipated that his will occur in the near future.

The president provided some items for consideration in the Social Calendar and it is anticipated that members may be involved in activities surrounding the Navy’s 75th Birthday in 2016.  These have been promulgated on the website and it is up to individuals to make contact with Warrant Officer Trevor Smith who is our POC for Operation Neptune.  Operation Neptune is the name assigned to the 75th celebrations.  The president went on to advise members that 2017 will be the 50th Anniversary of the association and that it should be celebrated possibly by a 50th Anniversary Dinner, and of course 2018, will see the next Reunion, and work will commence shortly in order that dates are established and members can make arrangements to attend.

Sadly our guest speaker from Veterans Affairs had to withdraw at short notice however, questions will be forwarded to her for a staff answer shortly so again watch this space for answers.  It was reported that some members are very happy with their dealings with VA however there are others who do not seem to enjoy the same in their dealings.

The meeting closed and all members adjourned to the bar for the President’s Shout however some are still waiting and throats are parched….    Any questions to the above should be advised by leaving a comment to this post and they will be answered in due course.



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