REUNION 2015 – Bus Transport

We have received a quotation for a touring coach to transport reunion attendees from Auckland to Petone and return.  The itinerary would be as follows:

Depart Auckland (departure point and time to be advised) –  Friday 29 May 2015
Coach will be available for local transfers – Saturday 30 May 2015
Depart Petone Working Mens’ Club (time to be advised) – Sunday 31 May 2015

The price will be dependent on the number of passengers but below is an estimation per person:

max 49 passengers $120 per person
40 passengers $145 per person
30 passengers $195 per person
25 passengers $230 per person

It is possible that pickup/drop offs could be arranged at specific points along the route. However it is not envisaged that the cost will reduce.

Can you please advise any intention to utilise this mode of transport to

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Click HERE to download the latest copy of the RNZN Bands in-house magazine ‘Off The Wharf.’ Included are articles and photos from a range of exciting things that the Band have been up to over the past year, as well as information about our upcoming concerts. The band has also recorded a CD which is available for you to purchase for just $20! If you would like a copy then email the band at for more information.

Feel free to forward this on to anyone who you think may enjoy it.

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Now is the time to register for the Trafalgar Day Lunch to be held at the Te Atatu RSA on 17 October 14 at 1200. Pre lunch drinks at will be served from 1100. CDR Steve Lenik, Commander Leadership Development is the guest speaker. Don’t leave your registration to the last minute. Click HERE for Registration Form.
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FESR Malaya/Singapore

Just a reminder for those who served FESR Malaya/Singapore about the upcoming commemoration.

Malaya Veterans Day
3rd Commemorative Service
1100 hours 16 September 2014
Great Hall Massey University
Buckle Street Wellington

All Malaya/Malaysia Veterans are urged to attend and you don’t have to be a member of Malaya Veterans Association (MVA) to attend the service.
Thanks Mike C

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Beware Scam

Hoax messages have been circulating on Facebook, exploiting the recent tragic death of Robin Williams.

The posts urge you to click a link to watch a video by Robin Williams saying goodbye.

Clicking the link instead takes you to a website which insists that you first share the post on your own Facebook wall, and ‘verify your age’ by completing a short survey.

This is a scam. No such video exists and the scammers earn money for each person they can trick into completing the survey.

This is one of many scams targeting disasters and tragedies as scammers prey on events of global concern. The scams are easily interchanged to suit new events.

To help prevent the spread of these scams, do not Share or Like anything on Facebook unless you have already seen it and are confident it is safe.

You should be suspicious of any post that requires you to blindly Share posts or provide personal information.

Linked websites may also host and download malicious software to your system, while others may seek your financial or identity details.

Unless you are confident about a post, the safest option is to avoid clicking on it.

You should be suspicious of posts which seem unbelievable. If you are unsure and are still curious, you should seek the information from a source you trust.

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Incredible WWI Tribute In London Looks Like A River Of Blood… But Look Closer!

World War I, known at the time as the Great War, was thought to be the war that would end all future wars. All sides suffered an incredibly high number of needless deaths and the war devastated an entire generation. In fact, the sheer amount of destruction and death has only been eclipsed by World War II.

Since it ended, all countries involved have held memorials to remember their fallen dead who sacrificed their lives for the good of their country. This fact is all the more so in England, where nearly a million people lost their lives. What they’ve done to commemorate their fallen soldiers is truly beautiful, while also helping us understand the true scope of these soldiers’ sacrifice. Even a hundred years later, we should not forget their incredible acts of heroism.

The moat that surrounds the Tower of London has long stood empty and dry. But now, what may look like gushing blood from it’s very walls, is actually something beautiful. This summer, the moat has been filled with 888,246 red ceramic poppies, one for each British and Colonial soldier who perished during World War I. For the past few weeks, a team of 150 volunteers has been placing red ceramic poppies one by one around the Tower. The last poppy will be symbolically planted on the last day of the installation: November 11, Armistice Day. Each evening, the Last Post will be sounded and a selection of names of the dead read out loud. It’s stunning and sobering commemoration that befits the Great War.

Regardless of why their countries went to war, we should never forget the selfless acts of these brave men. Please share their story, and help remember their lives.  Click on images to enlarge.



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Naval ‘Get together’ Northland

Details of a Navy Get Together in Northland on 13 September 2014 can be accessed by Clicking HERE.

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