Barrie Chivers

Just to let you all know, Barrie Chivers ex Chief Yeoman, has recently been diagnosed with lung cancer.  He wishes to thank and acknowledge all communicators he has come in touch with over the years for the great memories.  To the younger communicators who do not know Barrie, he would like to wish you all the very best for your careers and hope that your careers are as fulfilling as his.   If you would like to drop Barrie a note, then please provide them as a comment to this post and I will collate them all and ensure he gets your response.  Comments will not be released to the blog.  If you would prefer then please email your comments to me direct  Thanks Frank

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General Question 022

Name of ship and country – clue: still in commission and home port is in the Bay of Bengal.


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Model Ship Display

Five of Graham Beeson’s intricate model warships will be on display and he will be on hand to talk about his new pictorial book on the Admiral Graf Spee.

Graham is a well known NZ warship modeller and author.  From plans he has built four warships which were at the Battle of the River Plate.  HMS New Zealand, HMNZS Gambia, HMNZS Leander, HMS Exeter and HMS Ajax will all be on display.

The display will be available at the Orewa Library 10 – 14 August 2015 0930 – 1600 daily.


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Whangamata – Bed and Breakfast

If you are travelling through Whangamata or visiting the surrounding district then give this Bed and Breakfast accommodation a shot.  Your hosts are Dearne and Rod Berry.

Click HERE to view property.


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Jack Passings – July 2015

The following Sailors ‘Crossed the Bar’ during the month of July 2015. Details of funerals etc can be found by clicking HERE.

SHORTER, Raymond Sidney Edward LSTWD
TINGLE Alan William  Seaman
ELLISON, Eric Robinson Cdre, RNZR
LINTON Gerald William BC Canada RO2
CORRY, Peter John (Kermit)
REES Philip
WAYMOUTH, John Hugh Newcome
GAMBLE Desmond (Chic)
HARPER Gordon John (Blue)
BRADLEY IanUpdated notice on funeral arrangements
HALE, Richard Thomas Cdre
HARRIS, Rodney Charles Rev
MURPHY Michael Myles Gunner

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Australia’s Bletchley Park – Update

Veterans of Central Bureau, Australia’s Bletchley Park, recognised for top secret service. Click HERE to read more.  Further information can be read by clicking HERE.

Maybe there should be some recognition for our girls who worked at Ruapara during the war.  Read their story by clicking HERE.

In addition, There is an online PhD about New Zealand intelligence during the Second World War.  There is also a bit on the role of the Navy.  Click HERE.  Thanks Mark M for the suggested link.

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General Question 021

Name of ship and country. Clue – a nation in the Indian Ocean

Answer – MCGS Barracuda. Mauritius


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