Comms Websites

A number of communicators have their own website.  Here is a list for you to explore and utilise as necessary.  If you have a web page that you wish to advertise then please forward details to me.

Rod and Dearne Berry – Accommodation Whangamata

Anne Hine (Ashby) – Books Fiction

Elaine Belben (Dunlop) – Accommodation Kerikeri

Paul Craggs –  HR Recruitment

Murray Kingham – Timber Import/Export

Dave Wistrand – Accommodation Waipu Cove

Sandy Watson – High Quality Jewellery Boxes

1 Response to Comms Websites

  1. Ian Napier says:

    We have a web site for the asbestos industry. As you may be aware the Navy used asbestos throughout its ships prior to the 80s and this is likely to include the Leanders and Whitbys. Asbestos was used as pipe lagging and other fire retardent materials such as fire fighting uniforms. If you were below decks during refits whilst AFUs were functioning or assisted in lagging removal and you suffer any respiratory illnesses or cancers which could be related to your being on naval ships then you may be entitled to ACC for your care. Please also don’t forget the PA10 or admar was a lead based paint which may or may not have been used by the Navy during refits.
    I always wandered if our anti flash had any asbestos in the materials as a fire retardant. I would be happy to do a column on asbestos for your readers if your like.

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