Reveille 1970

Recently, I came across a series of the ‘Reveille’ for the year 1970, which for those who cannot remember was the NZ Defence Force monthly newspaper.  A number of articles had a communications or communicator flavour which you can find below.  Double click on image to enlarge.

4 Responses to Reveille 1970

  1. Lindsay Glassey says:

    How unique, FOUR , fine, outstanding and good looking Communicators in the same publication t the same time. It also verifies Arfer’s statement re CVI’s in his oral history

    • Sandy Watson says:

      Was I ever that young?? I had forgotten what I looked like with dark hair! Bryan Crengle received his long service award at the same time. Now the bad part – on the same day as I was presented with the award – I lost a signal – something that Bryan never let me live down.

  2. Jim Dell says:

    Sandy, my little dingbat, you were always that young…..

  3. warren james mason says:

    looking for any service record or pictures for my brother, Kevon Ross Mason who served on HMNZ frigate Canterbury in the early seventies

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