Papers Past

A SIGNALMAN PUNISHED (Grey River Argus 6 September 1906) LONDON, Sept 4, Robert Charles Taylor, signalman on the cruiser Vindictive was sentenced to two years imprisonment for throwing the flotilla signal book overboard.

A MISSING SIGNAL BOOK ARREST OF A” SIGNALMAN. United Press Association — By Electric Telegraph — Copyright. – (Received December 7, 8.16 a.m.) LONDON, December 6 James Abbott, a naval signalman at Chatham, was caught trying to sell a missing signal book.

CAUGHT IT HOT (By Electric Telegraph — Copywright • (Per Press Association.) (Received December 21, 10.14 a.m.) ” London, Thursday. James Abbott, a naval signalman, stationed at Chatham, has been sentenced to five years’ imprisonment for trying to sell a missing signal book.

SIGNALMAN’S FATAL FALL.  (Thames Star 23 August 1906) AUCKLAND, August 23. Newton Gray, a reserve signalman, who fell from the gangway of the warship Pioneer in dock on Tuesday, died at the hospital today.

ACCIDENTS AND FATALITIES. Death of a Naval Reservist. (Wanganui Herald 23 August 1906) (Per United Press Association.) AUCKLAND, August 23. Newton Gray, a reserve signalman who fell from the gangway of the warship Pioneer in the Calliope Dock on Tuesday, died in the Hospital today.

NAVAL CASUALTIES (Evening Post 18 March 1942) The following casualties to Naval personnel was announced last night

MERRITT, Alexander L., Lieutenant, RN Papatoetoe Auckland, missing.
MUNDIE, Andrew H., Telegraphist, Blenheim missing.
ROBJOHNS. Henry p., Temp. Sub-Lieutenant R.N.Z.N.V.R., Bluff, missing.
WILSON, Leslie R., Stoker, Ist Class, Auckland, missing.
WILLIAMS Francis H., Stoker, 2nd Class. missing presumed killed.
ADAMS, David W. Temp. Sub-Lieutenant (A), missing presumed killed.
BOSWARD, Harry, Able Seaman, Devonport. Auckland, lost overboard. DOBSON, John, Ordinary Signalman, Korokoro, Petone, missing. FORTUNE. Ivan L., Ordinary Signalman. Southland, missing.
GINDERS, Bruce, Ordinary Signalman, Wellington, missing.
JAFFE. Naphtali, Signalman, Auckland, missing.
MORRIS Jeffrey M. G., Ordinary Signalman, Wellington, missing.
McEWAN, Charles Ordinary Signalman, Lower Hutt, missing.
SHIPMAN, lan F. G., Ordinary Signalman, Tlmaru, missing.
VAGNER, Richard J., Ordinary Signalman Auckland, missing.

NAVAL CASUALTIES (Evening Post 10 October 1944)
The following reclassification of naval casualties on active service were reported last evening:— PREVIOUSLY REPORTED MISSING—NOW REPORTED PRISONERS OF WAR.
JAFFE, Naphtali, Signalman. Auckland.
MORTIMER, Robert, Ordinary Signalman Auckland.
WAGNER, Richard J., Ordinary Signalman Auckland.

ROLL OF HONOUR (Evening Post 15 May 1944)
NAVAL CASUALTIES The following naval casualties were announced today:—
MARTIN, Alastalr E., Ty. Sub-Lieut (A), R.N.Z.N.V.R., died as result of aircraft accident. Mr. R J. Martin, Seafield K.D., Ashburton (f.).
LUDLOW. Owen E. J., Ord. Signalman, previously reported missing, now reported prisoner of war. Mrs E. Ludlow, 50 Sydney. Street, Spreydon, Christchurch (m.).
KENNY. Aubrey B. H., Ord. Seaman, previously reported missing, now. reported prisoner of war. Mrs. H. I. Mark, 54 South Street, Blenheim (in.).
FORTUNE, Ivan L., Ord. Signalman, previously reported missing, now reported prisoner of war. Mr. V. D. Fortune, 18 Hensley Street, Invercargill (f.).
GINDERS, Bruce, Ord. Signalman, previously reported missing, now reported prisoner of war. Mr. O A. Ginders, 135 Hataital Road, Wellington (f.).

A Traitor Caught. (Bay Of Plenty Times 10 Dec 1906)
LONDON, Dec. 6 James Abbott, a naval signalman at Chatham, was caught in the act of trying to sell a missing signal book.

ROLL OF HONOUR (Evening Post 4 October 1945)
HAYWARD, Jack T., Able Seaman. Mrs. S. B. Hayward, 88 Copeland Street East, Lower Hutt
RIX, John A., Telegraphist. Mrs. R. J. Rix, 101 Boundary Road, Claudelands, Hamilton.
LYNXEBERG, Ross, Telegraphist. Mr. E. R. Lynncberg, 11 Armitnge Street, Wellington.
KENNY, Aubrey H. 11., Able Seaman. Mrs. H. I. -Mark, 51 South Street, Blenheim (m.).
JAFFE, Naphtali, Signalman. Mrs. E. Jaffe, 5 Bella Vista Road, Herne Bay, Auckland (m).
WAGNER, Richard .1., Signalman. Mrs. A. Wagner, 388 Queen Street, Onehunga, Auckland (m.).
DOBSON, John, Signalman. Mrs. M. Dobson, Singers Road, Korokoro, Petone (m.).
MORTIMER, Robert, Signalman. Mr. R. J. R. Mortimer, 133 Lake Road, Takapuna, Auckland (f.).
MURPHY, John F., Able Seaman. Mrs. I. Murphy, 9 Elphinstone Avenue, Miramar, Wellington (m.).
FORTUNE, Ivan L., Signalman. Mr. F. D. Fortune, 60 Windsor Street, North Invercargill (f.).
GINDERS, Bruce, Signalman. Mr. C. A. Cinders, “Dolly Varden,” Paremata (f.).
LUDLOW, Owen E. J., Signalman. Mrs. E. Ludlow, 56 Sydney Street, Spreydon, Christchurch (m.).
McEWEX, Charles, Signalman. Mrs. E. C. McKweri, 66 Bell Road, Lower Hutt (m.).

POSTHUMOUS AWARD (Evening Post 19 May 1944)
NEW ZEALAND SIGNALMAN WASHINGTON, May 17. President Roosevelt presented the New Zealand Minister to Washington (Mr. Nash) with a citation awarding the Navy Cross posthumously to Signalman C. Buchanan, R.N.Z.N.V.R., who on the night of January 29-30 aided in the sinking of an enemy submarine by keeping a light focused on it though mortally wounded.

Naval Court Martial. Nelson Evening Mail 8 May 1895
[United Press Association.] Sydney, May 7. Before a Court Martial, John Gillespie, leading signalman on H.M.S.Wallaroo, was charged with striking a petty officer, and sentenced to twelve months imprisonment.

NAVAL CASUALTY (Evening Post 16 May 1941)
The Minister of Defence (Mr. Jones) announced today that Signalman Clarence Singleton, R.N.V.R., a New Zealand rating in the Royal Navy, was wounded during action with enemy aircraft. His father is Mr. John Singleton, 35 Mortimer Terrace, Wellington.

Evening Post 8 November 1937
“Naval Reserve whaler which capsized, in the gusty winds on the Harbour yesterday afternoon, one naval reservist, Signalman J. W. Jarvis, being drowned, and four others having narrow escapes. The whaler came ashore near Point Halswell.

BUCHANAN, Leading Signalman, R.N.Z.N. —In loving memory of my dear brother, Campbell Howard, killed in action, January 30, 1943, “His duty, nobly done.” June.

MISSING SIGNAL BOOKS. (Ashburton Guardian 25 May 1914)
LONDON, May 24
A signalman named Herbert Hulton was sentenced to four years’ imprisonment by a court martial at Sheerness in connection with missing signal books from the battleship Queen.

NAVAL CASUALTIES (Evening Post 4 May 1942)
The following naval casualties were announced today:—
McMILLAN, Rex, Temp. Sub-Lieut. (A). R.N.Z.N.V.R., killed in flying accident: Auckland.
THOMSON Alexander Neilson, Act. Sub- Lieut (A), R.N.Z.N.V.R., killed in flying accident; Hamilton.
PETER, William James, Stoker, missing, presumed killed: North Balclutha.
BANBURY, Albert Stephen, Ord. Signalman, previously reported missing, now safe: Auckland.
EMMERSON, Ronald James, Ord. Signalman, previously reported missing, now safe: Dunedin.
COVENEY, Stanley Edward, A.8., previously reported missing, now safe: Auckland.

BODY ON ROCKS Evening Post 6 may 1940
YACHTING TRAGEDY VICTIM (By Telegraph—Press Association.)
The body of one of the three naval ratings who disappeared when their 14ft yacht capsized in a channel between Tiritiri and the Whangaparaoa Peninsula on April 17, has been found on the rocks at the eastern end of the peninsula. It was identified as that of Signalman James William Dallow, Wellington.

Dallow and the other two ratings, Ordinary Signalman William Ryan, Ellerslie, and Ordinary Signalman Desmond Waite, One Tree Hill, were stationed at Tiritiri Island, and took out the yacht during a leave period. The overturned boat was discovered the same night by the auxiliary ketch Endeavour which brought it back to Auckland.

A Signalman Drowned. (Thames Star 1 July 1898)
(Per Press Association.) Wellington, June 30.
H.M.S. Torch arrived from Lyttelton at noon. Just as she was entering the Heads, George Brooks, signalman, fell overboard and was drowned. He was cleaning the muzzle of one of the after guns and leaning against a stay when he missed his balance somehow. | A buoy was thrown to him and a whaler quickly got into the water; but just as the boat reached him, Brooks sank apparently exhausted. It is stated that the cause of signalman Brooks death was that he was sitting on a rail which gave was as the pin as not being properly fastened. An enquiry will be held.

SECRET CODE SIGNALS STOLEN (Evening Post 25 May 1914) NAVAL SIGNALMAN* SENTENCED. (Telegraph.— Press Association.— Copyright.) LONDON, 24th May. A naval signalman named Herbert Hulton has been sentenced to four years’ imprisonment after a trial by court-martial at Sheerness, in connection with the theft of the secret code signals from the battleship Queen in March last. [On 12th March a cable message stated that a sensation had been caused at Sheerness. A code- book, enabling the possessor to decipher the most confidential ‘signals, had been abstrated from a battleship safe, and a clever imitation of the volume substituted. The only clue to the perpetrator was the discovery of certain finger-prints.]

ROLL OF HONOUR (Evening Post 18 September 1945)
MC.NIELL, Robert, signalman : reported died while prisoner of war. Mrs. M. McNeill, Rotorangi, RD, Cambridge (m.).
BENGE, John R., Temporary Sub-Lieutenant, R.N.Z.N.V.R., previously missing, now reported prisoner of war. Mrs. M. Benge. 85 Nottingham St, Koarori, Wellington (m.)

The Deputy Prime Minister (Mr. Nash) announced today that advice had been received from the New Zealand Charge d’Affaires, Washington, that two signalmen of the R.N.Z.N.V.R. had been awarded mention in dispatches in connection with operations while on loan for duty with “the United States Navy. These ratings had been lent for duty in two ships of the Royal New Zealand Navy which were operating in the South Pacific. The citations were ar follows: —

Arthur Henry Hansen, first-class signalman, H.M.N.Z.S. Kiwi.—”For coolness and steadiness under fire while mounting – the 10-inch projector when the vessel in which he was serving was engaged with a Japanese submarine which was sunk as a result of the action.”

Floyd Verden Beaver, first-class signalman, H.M.N.Z.S. Moa.—”For coolness and steadiness under fire while serving as a signalman when the vessel in which he was serving was engaged with a Japanese submarine which was sunk as a result of the action, and again when the vessel in which he was serving was engaged with four Japanese barges. Two of the barges were sunk as a result of this action.”

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