Operation Grapple – Missing Mess Mates

Gerry Wright is trying to bring the Operation Grapple Roll (Xmas Island H-Bomb tests) up to date.

Gerry is asking members whether they know of any of those listed are alive or deceased.

Those marked with an * served in both ships.

Gerry can be contacted at gerrywright@xtra.co.nz or
8 Rowan Road
Auckland 1023
Tel (09)624.3969

HMNZS PUKAKI (1957-58)

Alker                   William G            Stwd
Apatu                  Nepe                     AB
Arbon                  Owen J                 JME
Barrington        George A              ME1
Bassett                Ronald  G             CRE
Blake                   Turi                      ME1
Bloom                 David A               ERA3
Boakes                John C                 CK
Button                Lloyd H               AB*
Christie               Robin D              ME1
Clendining          Frank W            Ck(O)
Clewitt                Malcolm J          Ck(O)*
Cunningham      Robert               LME
Davis                   John R                AB
Eade                    Gordon D           ME2
Fearn                  Joseph T             Ck
Fenton                Bruce H              SHPT
Friel                     Peter C                AB
Golds                  George                Stwd
Greenwood       Roger W             Ord
Harper                Graham P           AB
Harper                Robert A             REM1
Home                  William H           EM
Jaggard               Newton L            AB
Joe                       Edward R           ME1
Lane                    Kerry G               Ord
Lee                       Ian K                    Tel
Leef                     Lawrence W      Tel
Lundy                  Eric D                  AB
McDonald          Morris J               Ck
Marino               Puckey T             Ord
McBrearty          Brian D               ME
Montgomery     Rex                      AB
Moon                  Jack E                  AB
Murray               Raymond           ME1
O’Donnell          Peter F                Wtr
Ponagia              Te Mauri A         Ord
Rutherford         B  Andrew          Lt
Smith                  Geoffrey J          LSea
Smythe               John R                 AB
Swindale            Colin E                LEM
Taylor                 Frederick E         LStwd
Thomas               John C                 SA
Tomlin                Harold E             ME1
Tuhou                 Ngaro                  JSea

3 Responses to Operation Grapple – Missing Mess Mates

  1. fiona clarke says:

    Hi my father was John Boakes
    He passed away 6 years ago.
    If you would like any more information please email me.

  2. Caryn Taylor says:

    Hi my father was Frederick E Taylor. He passed away on the 31 August 2004. If you need any further information please let me know.

  3. Malcolm clewett says:

    I MJ Clewett, (cook “o”),served on both Rotoiti and Pukaki, almost 80 yrs, and still doing well.

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