Communicator of the Year

Every year the Associations recognises excellence and makes an award to the ‘Communicator of the Year.

Below are a list of recipients.

2016 – ACWS Sarah Freeman with her trophy.  Presenter Jim Blackburn and in attendance Frank Rands, Sandy Watson, Wayne Dyke and Danny Kaye.


2015 –  ACWS Josh Taitua with his trophy.  Presenters  John Titmus & Jim Blackburn


2014 – LCWS Shayna Kitchen with her trophy.


2013 –  LCWS Chris Lawson with his trophy


2012 – ACO Candice Fox

2011 – Sandy Watson  presents ACO Bradley McMurtrie with his Award

2010 – ACO Jay Reibel with his award

2009 – Arthur Venus  presents ACO Hayden Bradford with his Award

2008 – Jim Blackburn presents LCO Jemma Ward with her Award

2007 – Frank Rands presents ACO Karen Paisley with her Award

2006 – Jim Blackburn presents ACO Mark Neish with his Award

2005 – Jim Blackburn presents ACO Dallas Kiwikiwi with his Award

2004 – Lieutenant Commander Frank Rands presents LCO Cheryl Wagner with her Award

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