Who is Coming?

The following personnel have registered for Reunion 2015.

Allen Karen
Andersen Mike
Barham David
Bartlett Bill
Berry Rod & Dearne
Berry Chuck
Bibby Richard
Blackburn Jim
Brooker Graham & Helen
Brown Charles & Sue Boyle
Bryant Ron
Buckingham Ian
Bullock John
Burgess Colin
Cadwallader Graham
Campbell Jack
Campbell Peter
Carroll Dave
Cassin Jim
Catlow Mike & Helen
Chambers Brian & Bronwyn
Conroy Charles
Duff Bernie & Beth
Dyke Wayne
Farrow Chris & Joan
Fogden Matt & Shelly Smith
Fowler Wayne
Franklin Mike & Jenny
Frew Mark & Sonya Scrimshaw
Haywood Colin & Millie
Hewson John
Hiini Tom
Hobbs Dale & Helen Proud
Hockley Russell
Jacques Ian
Jones David & David Tonkin
Kaye Danny & Steph
Kennedy Anthony
Kingdon Gary and Dianne
Kingham Murray & Jan
Leggett Dale
Lindqvist Brent & Sandra
Locke Tony & Ann
Long Paddy
Lowish Peter & Helen Bruce
Lucinsky Rex & Lynne
Luttrell Jan
Matthews Phillip
McCann Gus & Colleen
McGregor Evan & Carol
McGregor Ian
McKenzie Bob & Anne
McMurray Don
Mellish Clem & Pimmie
Mihaere Don & Robyn
Miller Bruce & Heather
Mitchell Peter & Karen Cullen
Murray Paul & Lesley Wilson
Napier Donald & Anne
Napier Ian & Janet Montgomery
Nash Murray
Newport Colin & Warren Pettis
Newport Ray & Joy Dowd
Ohlson Bob & Yvonne
Overton Bob & Anne
Patterson Pauline (Hayward)
Peck Alan and Trish
Peters John
Powell Ditz
Precey Chris
Rands Frank & Laurie
Ross Bill
Ryan Bevan
Sanson Des
Sime Ian & Olga
Stokes Chris & Suzy
Sullivan Phillip
Teagle Somerford & Leonie
Titmus John & Gloria
Turner Rei & Carlene
Van Guens Yvonne
Walden Barry & Ros
Wano Tunui & Julie
Watson Sandy
Webby Graham
Wehi Pire
White Ian & Maxine
Wills Jan & Don
Wistrand Dave & Maggie
Worthington Neil & Sandra


Bennett Wiggi Wayne
Berry Ali (nee Margetson)
Bettridge Jim
Blackmore Richard
Bond Chris
Brown Jeffrey
Chase Charlie
Cupples John
Dell Jim
Dell Vicki (nee Womphrey)
Dinwiddie Mike
Edwards Brian
Edwards Iona
Frost Martin
Graham Harvie
Haddock Patrick
Hakaria Tiwha
Hamilton Kerry
Hanson Greg
Harrington Mike
Jackson Christine
Jane Belinda
Johnson Nunky
Jones Ray
Jordan Barry
Lawford Derek
Loza Judith
McNamara Kevin
Neil Casper
Patterson Terry
Randall George
Rodgers Rex (Buck)
Sadler Bob
Tschabold Joyce (nee Koia)
Wilson Alan (Tug)

2 Responses to Who is Coming?

  1. Dodger says:

    Please remove my name from the apologies :-} …. I am not apologising for anything in advance !!!!

  2. Bruce Kenyon says:

    Hi — I regret that I am MRU for the Reunion due to a conflict in booking. Queens Birthday weekend is also the weekend of the International Maori Film Festival here in Wairoa (where I am now living) and I am heavily tied up in that. I wish you all well and I am sure you will all have an enjoyable time.
    Kind regards

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