Activity One

Forgotten Highway and Whangamomona Hotel Visit and Lunch

Saturday 27 March 2021

Bus departs 1000 from the Novotel

Named by Lonely Planet as a key highlight on the Forgotten World Highway, Whangamomona is a quaint town 45 minutes east of Stratford. Whangamomona is famous for its rich frontier history. Frustrated with local councils, residents declared it ‘The Republic of Whangamomona’ in 1989, and held their own presidential elections.. The famous Republic Day is held biennially in January and is enjoyed by thousands of visitors.

The Whangamomana Hotel is the centrepiece of the town and is a focal point for adventurers on the Forgotten World Highway. As the township identifies itself as a Republic, if you bring your passport, the hotel will stamp it with the official Republican stamp.

You will have plenty of time to explore Whangamomona.

The bus trip is approximately 90 minutes from New Plymouth, lunch will be served between 1200 and 1230 with the bus returning to New Plymouth no later than 1400.

The cost of the Whangamomona adventure is $10 per person which includes transport and lunch.

To make a reservation to attend the Reunion and to visit Whangamomona on the Forgotten Highway please click HERE