Newsletter Two

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“Ake Ake Kia Kaha”

(Forever and ever be strong.)








  1. GENTLEMEN, we are only 365 days out from a reunion that has been 78 years in the making and we don’t want anyone to ‘miss the boat’ on this one. However, before we can be fallen in, to be marched back into our history, we need those who served on ‘The Rock’ in any capacity to register for the reunion. When the idea of holding such a reunion was first put out on various Face Book pages there were close to 100 personnel who responded that they were interested in or would attend the reunion.  But to date there has been only 32 who have completed a Registration for it.  We need the registrations to determine numbers attending and how many to cater for in various events being arranged for the reunion.  So if you are interested in attending we need you to officially register for the reunion.
  1. Guidance on how to register for the reunion has been put out before on various FB pages and Internet sites, but in case anyone has missed it they are repeated here:
  • On the Internet go to the RNZN Communicators Association website at On the opening page there is a black banner under the photographs.  In this banner on the bottom row right hand end there are the words The ‘Rock’ Reunion.  Click on this title.
  • In the subsequent drop-down list there is included the title Registration Form. Again, click on this title.  (The other titles give you access to other sources of information about the reunion if you are interested.  The outline program for the reunion is included in Newsletter #1.)
  • Following the selection of the Registration Form you will be taken to an automated electronic form, which will ask for such details as name, number, contact details etc. Responses to most of the questions are mandatory; that is, you will not be able to submit the form unless you have answered them.
  • Once you have answered all required questions click on the ‘Submit’ button. You will then get a message on the screen saying that submission of your registration is acknowledged.
  • A confirmation email will then automatically be sent to the email address you gave in the Registration Form, so make sure that you give the right details. If you don’t get the email within a few hours, check your Junk or Spam mailbox.  If still nothing, try re-registering.
  • The confirmation email you receive will give all the details that you entered on registering for you to double check. It will also give you the bank account number for you to pay the Registration Fee of $25 per person into.  This email also serves as your receipt to retain for your records.
  1. There will soon be a list of Who Is Attending available under the drop down menu of the Communicators Association website, showing who has registered for the reunion and who has paid. 
  1. An outline program for the reunion was given in Newsletter #1. The final program for the reunion is still being worked on, but to complete this it essential that registration numbers are known.  People can pick and choose which events or activities they will attend once the program is promulgated.
  1. Concerns have been expressed about the intended visit to The Rock and the unveiling of a plaque on the old Tamaki site. Some people have said that they would not be able to walk up ‘The Hill’ now and questioned the viability of the visit.  FEAR NOT.  That some ‘survivors’ would not be able to get up the hill under their own steam is acknowledged and the provision of some form of transportation is being investigated.  The committee is negotiating with DoC for the use of their tractor and a trailer with seats in, for us to use on the day to get people up from the wharf.  Further details on this issue will be notified when known.  However, for those who do not feel they could undertake the visit to the island, there will be alternative activity/ies arranged for them to participate in.
  1. Currently, your Committee members are:
Gary ‘Kips’ Houghton Acting Local Class Leader & Communications Officer
Charlie Armstrong The “Pay Bob” & Treasurer
John Mills The Island Man & Tour Guide
Jack Donnelly Aussie Rep & “Dits” spinning Bosun.
NOTE:  The team is made up of a former Comms Officer with GUNNERY types to guide and ensure things are run as per and iaw…….

(Response by the former Comms Officer:  Someone has to maintain the standards and help out the GUNNERY types when the count has to go beyond Four.)

  1. If anyone else is willing to help out with the reunion in any way please let Gary Houghton know via email to or on phone 022 313-4634.
  1. We were thinking of getting someone to be Rum Bosun, but reckoned we would be overwhelmed with volunteers for the role, so this responsibility will be shared between the committee.
  1. Don’t forget, this is your reunion too. If you have any suggestions on what to include in the program let us know.
  1. Spread the word. If you know of any ex-Navy man who is eligible to attend the reunion make sure that they are aware of it.  Not everyone has Internet access or, even if they do, is on Face Book, so personal contact and word-of-mouth notification is still required.

 The countdown is on.

Gary ‘Kips’ Houghton
Acting Local Class Leader