Newsletter One

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“Ake Ake Kia Kaha”

(Forever and ever be strong.)







Reunion Status

  1. Well, after getting off to a shaky start by getting the year of the reunion wrong in the initial notice (poor proof reading) things have recovered well. There was some doubt as to whether there would be sufficient interest in the proposed reunion, but the response has been overwhelming.  As at 31 Oct 18, 75 expressions of interest (EOI) had been received and there is sure to be more interest once the word about the reunion gets around via other channels.  With that sort of response it was easy to decide that the reunion should go ahead.

Next Steps

  1. The RNZN Communicators Association has kindly offered to host the reunion on their website, to provide a site where notices and other matters relating to the reunion can be posted, in particular to accommodate those not on Facebook.  The location of the website is  On the first page you will see in the black box under the photos the title ‘The ‘ROCK’ Reunion’.  Click on this and you will get a drop-down menu giving you choices of pages associated with the reunion. 
  2. If you are interested in attending, the first thing you need to do is register for the reunion. Click on the Register option in the drop down menu and it will open an automated form for you to fill out and submit. You will subsequently receive an email giving details of your registration, for you to check and retain for your records.
  3. To confirm your registration for the reunion you are requested to pay a registration fee of $NZ25 per person. Details of the bank account to make the payment to will be included in the email you receive.  Once your payment is received you will be added to the list of Who’s Attending.  THOSE WHO HAVE ALREADY SUBMITTED AN AUTOMATED EXPRESSION OF INTEREST FORM DO NOT NEED TO DO A REGISTRATION OF INTEREST FORM.  DETAILS OF PAYMENT WILL BE EMAILED TO YOU.

Reunion Program

  1. The outline program that has been considered for the reunion makes it a 3-day event over the weekend 14-16 February 2020 (Note, got the year right this time!!). The detailed program is yet to be refined and will most probably be adjusted as things develop, but the program outline for the weekend is:


Friday 14 Feb  
Forenoon Registration at Ngataringa Bay Sports Complex.

Te Taua Moana o Aotearoa Marae (RNZN Marae) welcome.

  Lunch at Base
Afternoon Tour of New Entry training facilities.

Tour of other DNB facilities.

Evening Meet & Greet get together.  Venue tba.
Saturday 15 Feb  
Forenoon Trip to Motuihe Island(1)
On arrival Double up The Hill (WO Donnelly OIC and leading.)

Visit old Tamaki site.  Plant tree and erect plaque.

Afternoon To be confirmed – depends on return from Motuihe Is.
Evening Reunion official Dinner.  Venue tba
Sunday 16 Feb  
Forenoon Church Service – Chapel of St Christopher DNB.

Lay wreath at Memorial Wall DNB.

Afternoon Tour of Navy Museum, Torpedo Bay.

Harbour trips on ex-Kuparu.

(Personnel will be split into groups for these activities.)

Evening Final reunion get together. Farewell address and reunion close.  Venue tba.


Note:  (1) Alternative program for those unable to undertake boat trip will be arranged.  Program for ladies may also be arranged. 

If anyone has any ideas or suggestions for other things to put in the program please send them in via email to and

Future Planning/Actions

  1. Once more detailed planning gets underway and the program sorted out, the events to be held and their associated cost will be known. To assist in keeping the cost down for everyone there will be fund raising activities in some form organised.  Similarly, sponsorship for the reunion will be sought from Navy-related organisations or businesses. 


  1. Publicity about the reunion will be through putting notices in RSA and RSL newspapers and the single-Service newspapers/magazines in both NZ and Australia, and sending notices to all RSA and RNZNA Branches in NZ. Mainstream media – local and national newspapers, radio and TV stations – will be contacted closer to the event to raise awareness and also, we hope, provide historical record of the reunion, in particular the visit to Motuihe Island.


  1. The main communication channel to attendees will be via email, backed up by snail mail as or where required, using details from the registration forms. Updates and newsletters will be posted the Reunion page of the RNZN Comms website as in paragraph 3 above.  Notices of these will also be posted on appropriate Facebook groups.

Identification of Historical Place

  1. Investigations have revealed that the site of HMNZS TAMAKI on the island is not included in the list of NZ Historical Places. Given the history of the facilities established on the island and the various uses they were put to prior to becoming the Navy training establishment, it is considered that the site has some historical value and an application will be made for its inclusion in the list.  Inclusion, if successful, is admittedly unlikely to be achieved before the reunion, so in the interim, approval will be sought to plant a tree on the site and erect an appropriate plaque during the visit to The Rock.