Unofficial Luncheon – Whangamata

A number of ex-naval personnel gathered at the Whangamata RSA, 324 Port Road, Whangamata on the 7th January 2020.  Some words of welcome were provided by Rod Berry on behalf of the Communicators Assn. The President of the Whangamata RSA, Geoff March made a presentation of Whangamata RSA shirts to the two oldest matelots present Peter Smith and Jim Blackburn. However, it should also be noted that these two sparkers were first in the lunch line once again.

Here is the image of the attendees L – R Lindsay Roberts, Leigh Staples, Cliff Hayward, Neal Catley, Wayne Jenkins, Rod Berry, Frank Saunders, Dan Warrington, Jan Luttrell, Pete Smith, Tony Smith, Frank Rands, Jimmy Blackburn, Barry Jordan, John Titmus, Barry King, Nev Lockley, Dearne Berry, Barney Henderson.
Absent without leave: Noel & Sherryl Kinninmont

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2 Responses to Unofficial Luncheon – Whangamata

  1. Lindsay Roberts says:

    Great afternoon at the Whangamata RSA thanks to all who made it happen.
    Q. What’s happened to the Frigates. I thought TeKaha should be ho.e by now?

  2. Ned K says:

    Maybe they’re waiting for the new mirrors Lindsay, to go with the upgrades, so the chaps can check their hairstyles and makeup !

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