What is a Veteran?

The Government have released the Veterans Advisory Board (VAB) Report on What is a Veteran and how will New Zealand acknowledge a Veteran.  Click HERE to read the full report which was provided to Government on 28 June 2019.

The Minister of Veterans Affairs also released a media report which can be read HERE.

So What is a Veteran?  We still do not know. However, we will need to be prepared to engage the VAB when they spend the next six or so months talking to New Zealanders.  So take the time to read the report.

Call me a cynic, but I cannot understand why this step in the process has been initiated.  It would appear that this Government cannot make a decision based on what is fair and implemented by all our Commonwealth friends and allies.  Are we in New Zealand so different from those Service and Ex-Servicemen and women of other nations? or have our Commonwealth brother and sisters got it all wrong. I think not.  If it comes down to money then this Government has had no compunction about spending and if a Serviceman or woman needs support for the Service they have provided to their country then the country will need to dig deeper into their pockets and provide that support.

Please be ready when the VAB call and let’s all provide them with the endorsement that is required to put this subject of WHAT IS A VETERAN to bed.

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9 Responses to What is a Veteran?

  1. Butts says:

    Here is an article about the US armed forces and recognition of service. Makes for interesting reading. https://www.alternet.org/2019/12/the-u-s-military-on-a-planet-from-hell/

  2. Phillip Matthews says:

    I would strongly advise everyone to have a read of the VAB report, it seems as if the board is finally heading in the right direction, yep I know it’s 60 odd pages but it maybe a productive use of your time and it appears to be a positive report and no doubt we will be asked for our input within the next few months, so we need to be prepared to offer our opinion, it’s the old story it’s no use bleating about it if you aren’t prepared to have some input.
    I notice that any action may be forthcoming later next year funny that it’s Election Year !! (Our am I just being a bit of Joy Germ?)

    Red M

  3. Neal Catley says:

    Following the VABs extended timeline to 31 July 2020, to enhance the realpolitik instincts of the nation, one of SANTA’s machiavellian ELVES had a ‘LIGHT BULB MOMENT’ and recognised such an extension may not garner as many 2020 Electoral/Party Votes as first thought!

    So, the ELF recommended to his BOSS that the ‘Wonky Donkey’ ship STOP sailing around NZ in social cruise control – as it could save the floating citadel from collapsing under the weight of its own absurdity. Time, as always, will tell.

  4. JIM MCQUINLAN says:

    Given the costs involved in following the recommendations of the report it would not surprise me see if they finally say everyone with Service is a veteran but only those with Operational Service will get support from V.A I would be relaxed with that

  5. Frank Rands says:


    I think 99% or Ex-Servicemen and women would be happy just to be recognised as a Veteran. I personally believe the money thing is a smokescreen. If you are going to request assistance then you will still have to qualify and meet the rules and regs as set out by Veteran Affairs and if you do then they should certainly support those that are in need of their assistance. We just need to make sure we are not ‘blinded’ by all this talk of extra money. I hope to be recognised as a veteran and never require VA support and live into my 90s. Thanks for your comments.

  6. Neal Catley says:

    I’d be most surprised if most of Jim’s assessment is wrong, Should MOVA support the majority of the VAB outcomes then it seems all ex service personnel, with some ‘length of service’ limitations, will more than likely be certified to NZ Veteran status. The cost of that simple exercise would cost no more than a sack of beans. [Certificate and Badge/Pin]. I would be pleased to see that outcome. The guiding principles of attaining Veteran Operational Qualifying Service is also under review and it’ll be interesting to learn of MOVA’s recommendation to Cabinet to that contentious and well rehearsed issue.

  7. Jim Hastie. says:

    I am too old to leave you a reply. my Navy number is 14757.

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