Old Salts Celebrate

A recent 50th Wedding Anniversary saw three old salts reuniting,  The anniversary for Neill and Lynn Dorset was attended by members of their wedding party Richard and Heather Blackmore and Chris and Julie Sonntag.

The story as told by Neill, – Chris was waiting to go into hospital for a Double Hip replacement and travelling, sitting etc was pretty hard on him so our eldest daughter (a nurse) arranged with the local hospital for a loan of the ‘equipment’ in the photo for his use whilst here in Narrogin.

Of course, when sailors or ex sailors get together there is always a bit
of fun and games happening and this was no exception. The photo was
taken out in front of the Narrogin Hospital and our daughter tells us that
it has now made it into the WA Country health news indicating what
equipment is available for anyone suffering from certain problems – in
the photo is Blackie Blackmoore ( ex Bunting), myself ( ex
Bunting/Lieutenant) and Chris Sonntag (ex Chef and later ex CPTI).
Thankfully they did not get hold of some of the other ‘funny photos’-
they got deleted pretty quickly!!!!!

Oh, the joy of growing old, the need for hip replacements, knee
replacements, forgetting who or where we are and so many other problems, but meeting old friends and enjoying those moments is always priceless.

Neill and Lynne wish all their friends and fellow communicators all the very best for 2020 and on this side of the Tasman, we hope that Neill is not in one of the chairs at the next Comms reunion in 2021.  Keep well guys.

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