Which One is ‘EIGHTY’?

One of these buntings climbed the rung recently and had his 80th Birthday.

Congratulations Russ Hockley on achieving this milestone.  When we first looked that the image we thought it was the guy on the left of the picture.  Looking, good guys.

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4 Responses to Which One is ‘EIGHTY’?

  1. Barry Walden says:

    Well done Russ. Remember North Head 1968 you were one of our instructors. Many happy memories. Cheers mate.👍

  2. Owen Stuart says:

    Russ, you are certainly a bit more rotund then when you were buying IKI snapper on the Houhora wharf, maybe some of the time at the Houhora pub contributed a little, and certainly more rotund then in 55/56 at HMNZS Tamaki

  3. Chris Precey says:

    What a fine looking bunch they are – to think that they used to help guard New Zealand’s shores. Congratulations, Russ, you are still a fine specimen of manhood. You have more hair than the other 3 combined.

  4. Ian Jacques (Jakesy) says:

    Great group of buntings there. Gentlemen all. Congratulations Russ.

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