Can You Help Kevin?

I am the eldest son of William Thomas Bowden (Bill) he was from Liverpool and served on H.M.N.Z.S. Gambia, he served in Radar I believe and served from 1943-45ish.

I am trying to find out all I can about his Navy Days, I only wish I had asked Dad more questions when I could. He was very fond of the New Zealanders and would sing to us four boys a Maori song that we can all still remember. (he was a bit of a -Crooner-) Have you any information or can offer any other places I could look. Dad joined the Navy in 1939ish he was 15 at the time born 20th March 1925.

Hope you can help

Kind Regards

Kevin Bowden

Leave a comment to this post if you can assist Kevin.

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1 Response to Can You Help Kevin?

  1. Ray Thomas says:

    Hello Kevin,

    There are some places you can try to find something about your dad’s service.

    Forces Reunited – – this is mostly for old shipmates to get back in contact
    Forces War Records – – 23 service million records
    Royal Navy Research Archive –

    The Imperial War Museums has some useful links –

    There’s always the National Archives – – but most of their records are restricted to not less than 100 years ago, so you an also try the government records site –

    I write the site at and have always found WWII records of the crew very hard to come by. It wasn’t like later days when the entire crew lists were published. What I’ve done is add your dad to the crew list –

    It would be great if you could let me know whatever you find.


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