Maggie Barry MP not standing in 2020

Maggie Barry National MP for Devonport and the OPPOSITION SPOKESPERSON ON VETERANS AFFAIRS has announced her retirement from politics and will not be standing at the next election.  Not sure how effective she has been on looking out for veterans or keeping the Minister of Veterans Affairs feet to the fire.  Obviously not a highlight of her political career.

The former Morning Report and Maggie’s Garden Show presenter has held the North Shore seat for three terms.

Ms Barry said it was an honour to have served the region and to be part of the National Party but it wasn’t easy to make the decision to leave.

“After an extraordinary 10 years in politics, the time is now right for my husband Grant Kerr and I to spend more time overseas with our London-based family and share some adventures – we have a bucket list as long as your arm,” Ms Barry said in a statement.

She reaffirmed her confidence in Simon Bridge’s leadership of the National Party, and his bid to become prime minister in the upcoming elections.

“I will be campaigning hard alongside my colleagues to ensure that happens. National is the best team in politics and it has been my privilege to be part of that team since 2011.”

Mr Bridges in a statement said Ms Barry had been a valuable colleague and was a passionate Minister for Conservation.

In 2014, Ms Barry became a Cabinet minister with the conservation, seniors, and arts, culture and heritage portfolios under then-prime minister John Key.

In her statement, she remarked on her efforts to raise awareness of elderly abuse as well as helping save threatened plant and bird species through conservation initiatives.

“I came into Parliament with the ambition of being a voice for the most vulnerable,” Ms Barry said.

“I was able to raise awareness with the wider public about conservation solutions because at heart I believe that saving the world starts in your own backyard.”

She said one of her highlights was being responsible for the World War I commemorations.

“It truly was an honour unveiling the New Zealand plaques at many of the French and Belgium Western Front battlefields and reading the ode at the Menin Gate.”



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4 Responses to Maggie Barry MP not standing in 2020

  1. gunther says:

    yep can imagine she will be keen to travel overseas and meet family etc etc, especially as she will qualify for overseas travel a couple of times a year at our expense

  2. Neal Catley says:

    With respect, it is considered of no great moment to learn the Hon Maggie Barry, ONZM has decided to retire from politics at the end of the parliamentary term in 2020. It is believed by many that the Opposition Member in the capacity as Veterans Affairs Spokesperson has not as yet provided the level of support together with the expected Opposition Party fire-power to challenge Veterans Affairs Minister Ron Mark on any of his questionable decision making. This is regrettable.

    For example, one of the vexed questions yet to be rigorously challenged by the Opposition spokesperson is why the VA Minister hasn’t had the basic decency demanded of his office to release some or all the recommendations of his Veterans Advisory Board [VAB] report that was completed nearly five [5] months ago! Fortunately, to fill the void, other Opposition MPs with lesser portfolios picked up the Baton and questioned the Minister about the timely release of his VAB report. The Minister’s stock standard default repetitive answer dated 20 August 2019 is:

    I plan on taking a paper to my Cabinet colleagues in the coming weeks that will consider potential policy and legislative changes as a result of recommendations from the Paterson report. Until Cabinet has considered this paper, it is not in the public interest to provide further detail on the Government response to the recommendations of the report.

    The above will be of no surprise to most Veterans as a bunch of FAIRIES live at the end of their gardens too! Two words, SIGH and YAWN readily spring to mind.

    Here’s hoping the next Opposition spokesperson will have the character, people management skills and the enthusiasm to be able to pump the NZ Veteran’s tyres when needed.

  3. Chook says:

    I worked with her husband, although he was someone else’s husband then, in New Plymouth back in the early 90s. He would have fitted in well as a politicians partner.

  4. jo Sweeney says:

    seems to me that most, if not nearly all, politicians resign after the golden ‘3 terms in office’. im sure this has something to do with qualifying for tax funded fat pension and considerable perks available after this time, ie, nine years = although it could well be still seven and a halft after the quick passage of legislation through the house after Muldoon called the snap election. still, tis us to blame as we vote the bludgers in!!!

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