Jack Passings – October 2019

The following Sailors ‘Crossed the Bar’ during the month of October 2019. Details of funerals etc can be found by clicking HERE.

HENDERSON James Scott (Jim) Leading Seaman
ANDERSON, Jason Bryan Able Seaman
EVANS, David Owen Petty Officer
HALL, Jeremy Peter Dryden LTCDR
MILLS, Robert James (Joe). LT  CDR RNZNVR
BENNETT, Wayne (Wiggy) CPOYS
MITA, Robert Lee
ROFF, Paul Philip.
HAY, Colin Francis Reverend
VENNELL, John Adrian (Adrian) Cdr
MATTHEWS, John Kenneth (Jack) AB
SAGE, Anthony David (Tony) Sub Lt.

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5 Responses to Jack Passings – October 2019

  1. Alan (tug) Wilson says:

    RIP Wiggy, a good shipmate and fun to go ashore with.

  2. LJ Coats says:

    I see an entry for Graham Hughes has disappeared. He was a killick sparker ex Irirangi etc.What happened?


  3. Bob Kilpatrick says:

    What a fantastic website. For a non comm. it is great to catch up with all the latest news. Your Jack Passing column for an oldie like me is of significant interest. Looking forward to the Rock reunion.
    Bob Kilpatrick ex WO Wtr

  4. Chookkll says:

    I was on Lachlan with Wiggy for a while, or I should say he was on Lachlan with me, he wasn’t sighted much, except when we teamed up to play euchre, we cleaned up the whole tournament more than once, but I have to add that we had a system which strangely enough no one picked up, even Rocky Cribb the chef, another gun card player who taught me a trick or two and who would never play for fun, money always involved. RIP Wiggy.

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