Navy Gender-Neutral Guidelines

New gender-neutral guidelines will allow male Navy personnel to wear make-up, false eyelashes

New changes will reflect greater diversity and inclusion in the RNZN. New changes will reflect greater diversity and inclusion in the RNZN.

The New Zealand Defence Force will be updating its grooming and appearance guidelines to reflect a more gender-neutral attitude for the Royal New Zealand Navy (RNZN), meaning male personnel can wear makeup, nail varnish and false eyelashes.

Newshub received information from a Navy insider last week that the RNZN will implement a more inclusive set of appearance and grooming regulations.

Chief of Navy Rear Admiral David Proctor confirmed the changes in a statement to Newshub on Friday.

“The NZDF can confirm that as of November 1, 2019, guidelines around grooming and appearance for Royal New Zealand Navy personnel will be updated,” said Proctor. “These updates are to reflect that the RNZN make no distinction between male and female members in terms of their personal grooming and appearance.

“These changes reflect that diversity and inclusion are critical to our success as an organisation, as are the unique traditions and characteristics of the RNZN.”

Proctor said the RNZN’s grooming standards are based on neatness, cleanliness, safety and military image.

The updated regulations mean as of November 1, all Navy personnel are permitted to wear discreet make-up, clear or pale nail varnish when in uniform, “trimmed, neat and natural” false eyelashes, one pair of “natural coloured” stud or sleeper earrings and perfume or cologne in moderation. Rings may be worn on a maximum of two fingers.

Navy personnel are also allowed to use natural-coloured hair dye or have their hair “lightly tipped”, as long as it’s clean and neatly groomed. Long hair is also permitted in a bun or single plait to ensure safety and tidiness.

The appearance guidelines still prohibit body piercings, “exaggerated hairstyles” (partially shaved heads, mohawks, undercuts and “zigzagging of hair” included) and hair accessories.

“These standards are designed to present an inclusive, professional military image,” said Proctor.

“The RNZN is a modern and professional organisation that embraces individuality and personality.

“However, we are a military organisation and with that comes certain expectations on our personnel in terms of dress and appearance.”


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20 Responses to Navy Gender-Neutral Guidelines

  1. Jim D says:

    “Hi Jack!”

  2. Jim Blackburn says:

    When I was a Boy Tel a wee while back, the saying was that the Pusser could do anything to you
    ….could even put you in the family way….BUT…they couldn’t make you love the Bastard……
    with this latest edict….even if I had my time over again They could NEVER MAKE ME KISS A WREN WITH A MOUSTACHE…

  3. gunther says:

    How the wheel turns..that great song fm the 60’s “Lola” comes to mind …and as a then young sparker, took me a couple of times hearing it to figure what it was all about…true…

  4. Lindsay Roberts says:

    As with all these PC agendas they tend to get a life of their own and bit by bit the boundaries will be pushed, until the outrageous becomes the norm.
    The Admiral says in part, “Safety and military image” Tell me what the hell has makeup to do with military image? unless it has to do with Army camo creme.
    Health and safety and I note the the Navy now has a H&S department.
    The Admiral says rings may be worn on two fingers. Thats plural I wonder how many rings one may get onto two fingers. In my day if memory is correct, if married you could wear a plain gold band on the wedding finger. I know of a nomber of sailors especially seaman who as a safety precaution at sea removed their rings. I am aware of at least one case where a man going down a hatch in a hurry caught his ring on the coaming and tore much of the flesh off his finger, lucky he didn’t loose his whole finger.
    There is a piece on the net and I used to get a good laugh, it is entitled “The Battle of Trafalgar if it were to be fought now”
    It concludes:
    Nelson- Don”t tell me Health and Safety. What happened to rum ,sodomy and the lash?
    Hardy- As I explained Sir.Rum is off the menu, and there is a ban on corporal punishment,
    N- What about sodomy?
    H- I believe that is to be encouraged Sir.
    N- Thank God for that- In that case- Kiss me Hardy.
    Now aint that the Truth !!!!!!

    • John Bullock says:

      Brings back memories from when I attended two separate Court Martial’s overseas for charges of homosexuality. In each case the individuals were found guilty, and dishonorably discharged via Ardmore. One of the individuals was well thought of professionally and destined to be a SD officer. How things have changed!

  5. Jim D says:

    Back in the 70’s, a stoker went on long leave and came back with his hair in a pigtail (plait). When told by the MAA to get his haircut, said stoker quoted dress regulations dating back to the olden days, which allowed men to grow their hair as long as it was in a pigtail. Quick as a flash, the MAA replied that he was correct. However, the pigtail must be tarred. The stoker had his hair cut..
    I wonder if that old regulation is still in force?

  6. Ian Jacques says:

    Love it James

  7. JimD says:

    I wonder what Battery Sergeant Major Williams would have thought about all this…

  8. Neal Catley says:

    I was going to start my tuppence worth by saying, “my first read of the of the RNZN Gender-Neutral Guidelines I found it hard to get my head around” – but then I thought that remark may be taken out of context. I regrouped, and thought about men and their attitudes generally. I believe that most ex-servicemen after not seeing their pal[s] for a while will exchange a short hug and/or a Hongi and also extend their hand to whomever they casually meet and greet. This to my thinking is normal.
    However, it seems in the 21st Century the Gender-Neutral ‘attitude, at large, appears to be running riot by the hordes as the preferred ‘attitude’. Really though, looking back in history, it is a repeat of antiquity, in that we have come the full circle, for back in Roman times it was Gender-Neutral activity that ruled the roost as it was the preferred relationship modus operandi! I respect the Chief of Navy Gender-Neutral Guidelines but, on the other hand, I have much difficulty in understanding the need for it!

  9. sweeney jck says:

    hells bells – rating tinkerbells!!! well remember when ashore having a wet youd get the old nudge nudge, wink wink, he’s a brown hatter mate!! now seems the civvies will be turning the tables on us. how bloody ridiculous, sorry late for muster sir, had to put my makeup on and the rough weather made it quite a mission. why don’t they go fully PC, do away with segregated facilities for male and female ships crew, bunk , shower and mess together, . this is probably why the powers that be made pussers ‘dry’ to avoid gender problems. dont know about the “upper deck”, wonder if they still, because of their ranks, have liquor in the wardroom???

  10. Bill B says:

    Oh My Bleedin GAWD!!

  11. Brian Moyse NZ15837 says:

    Welcome to the Gayvy. Will sailors be allowed to choose a new uniform, cowboy, red indian, cop, just like the Village People?. “Rear” Admiral David Proctor how much did the LGBTQ lobby pay you to turn a once-respected and proud service into a laughing stock?. “Sorry ‘Swain, can’t do anchor party this morning, I broke a nail”

    • John Bullock says:

      I would really like to know what sort of person drafted the “Gender Guidelines” for CN as to what side of the gender bench they come from? Have they ever been on active service or just a long-term civilian bureaucrat in Wellington? There is phrase out there known as “a line in the sand”, or something Navy like the transmission Red Circle around the foremast flag deck ….. “Keep out do not Cross!”

  12. Brian Edwards says:

    Hi. This Poofy Gender thing. Am I right in reading that the RNZN is the only Service this applies to?

  13. Dave Wistgrand says:

    I think they should move the Wellingtonians (cannot spell beuracrats) out of the city environment and meet the real people of NZ out in the rural districts. Feel these may be the real Kiwis not the poncy minority they are trying to cater for. Also it does not matter really what you all carry on like it is what happens when the shit hits the fan (and it will one day). That is what the training etc should be all about. How much time and effort and money was put into this event? Who knows and the real money by all accounts should be put into Anti PTSD/I training (do they do that?) With the recognised problems we have with the associated mental problems we should be training people up to be able to withstand your mate getting blown to shite and yourself never to be the same again after action which you hopefully were prepared for (and hoped never eventuate). Probably not because if we were told what it would be like if the BWO/MSO/EWO were decimated and your sitting there aware of the shit that has come true after training for it – who would go? We talk about mateship and crews but how would you cope with someones head (or whatever) all over your AWD’s – mateship makes it worse and you have to cope – how? No training for that – but as long as you feel your makeup is okay and the ponytail is still bobbying up and down it will be okay. Mind you once you are home Veterans Affairs will look after you but if the first part of the problems was being training right it all might be easier. As an ex Womble on all the Job Descriptions – Flow Charts whatever it was never mentioned not once that training should be given on how to cope with real crap.

  14. John Bullock says:

    I can just see a undercover policeman, or a member of the SAS and others of the NZDF with make-up and ponytails, etc. In a frigate 3-tier bunk layout who is going to be safest from wandering hands?

  15. Chook says:

    Hello honky tonk how are you?? ooooooo you are awful……

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