A Question of Motuihe

Motuihe closed in 1963 but when did the Communications School close?

Did comms ratings live at Tamaki and travel to North Head prior to 1963?

When did North Head open for business?

Is there anyone out there who joined as a Communicator between 1959 and 1963 and if so where did you do your training?.

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10 Responses to A Question of Motuihe

  1. Christine Commons (nee Mitchell ex LWren (sigs) says:

    Joined WRNZNS 1962…Trained North Head.

  2. Bob McKenzie says:

    Joined RNZN Jan 1962 – 3 months Basic training on the rock, then 9 months comms training North Head and Philomel

  3. John Bullock says:

    Started basic training May 16th 1961 as a JRO at HMNZS Tamaki, Motuihe Island. Upon passing out from basic training Sep 4th 1961, I was then posted to HMNZS Philomel, to start my trade training.

  4. BRIAN ROWE says:

    joined Tamaki Jan 1959 was posted to Philomel June 1959 and did training at North Head

  5. Dave Wistrand says:

    Joined Jan 1963 – 3 Months at Motuihe then 9 at North Head based in Philomel as those above
    CS42 think we were the second to last at Motiuhe but could be wrong.

  6. Neal Catley says:

    Of no historical value – joined HMNZS Tamaki [Motuihe Island] in September 1957 as a Seaman Boy Second Class [SBSC]. [At that time, SBSC was the lowest form of Naval living life]. In February 1958, classified as suitable for morse training and promoted to Comms Boy First Class. Posted to HMNZS Philomel in August 1958 for W/T Specialist Training at the Communications Training School [CTS], North Head. That was the first Combined W/T course held at the CTS. Some of my classmates were: Bob Young [Lobo], Benjamin Hathaway [Benji], Lindsay lawrence [Sunshine], Brian Mills [Beanpole].

  7. Ray Jones says:

    Joined Sept 62, 3 months on the rock, then trade training in Philomel, then off to do dirty deeds on Royalist. Met up with Neal Catley somewhere along the way and between us we were the first to reradiate the broadcast from a ship at sea.

  8. Dennis O'Rourke says:

    I joined in January 1961 and did my basic recruit training on Motuihi. On completion of that training phase I was posted to Philomeĺ and did my basic Radio Operator training at North Head.before posting as an RO3 to HMNZS Taranaki. We travelled back and forth between Philomel and North Head by trick… and on a good day by bus.
    Dennis O’Rourke

  9. Clive Casbolt says:

    Joined May 1960 as S/Boy the changed to R/O at Motuihe.Think that was one year then on
    to Philomel training as R/O for another year. Then the biggy..drafted to Otago..but cancelled
    and off to Rotoiti and the ice. At Northhead with Ken Mckann, Pat Haddock, Neil Lawson etc..

  10. Rex Lucinsky says:

    Joined Jan 1960 as JRO and did basic training at Motuihe, then 9 months at trade training at Northhead with Lou Hocken, Bruce Aranga and Alan Horsefield.

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