Gaining Momentum

Matt King, MP for Northland is asking some very pertinent questions of the Minister of Veteran Affairs.  We look forward to the Minister’s response.

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4 Responses to Gaining Momentum

  1. Robert Anderson says:

    The questions are straightforward and should be simple to answer. There should be an obligation that all questions are acknowledged and answered with in a sensible period of time. Oh, I forgot the parliament will need to have a committee meeting before they even start to consider the question. This is a typical example of how inefficient the parliament procedure and process is, there is no urgency, if in doubt, delay.

  2. Neal Catley says:


    It is acknowledged that the Veterans Advisory Board [VAB] completed their Report [conclusions and recommendations] and forwarded it to MOVA prior to 30 June 2019. It is understood the Minister has read the report; but, it is presently embargoed until a Ministerial paper is prepared for Cabinet consideration and discussion. It is further understood that this paper will be completed in the coming weeks. In other words, in due course.

    To Remind. Recommendation No.63 of the Ron Paterson Report.
    “What is a Veteran and how is New Zealand going to recognise that Veteran.”

    Parking the above to one side, recent news on the military ‘tinkerbell’ grid [Signal Strength 3/4] is that the Minister, for reasons yet to be confirmed, may soon reconvene his Veterans’ Advisory Board [VAB]. Looking in the rear vision mirror, following the establishment of the VAB, it is overwhelming surprising and equally concerning, in tandem with multitudes of sailors who have ‘swallowed the anchor,’ at the lack of foresight and vision NOT to appoint permanent RNZN representatives to the Board. What is of paramount importance to the wellness and after care of all New Zealand Veterans is that the VAB Board members have unrestricted diversity of thought. This surely can only be achieved by appointing permanent representatives to the VAB from ALL of the three services not just two!

    It will be interesting, should the VAB be convened, to see if permanent Naval representatives [serving or retired] receive an invitation to join the VAB. As a precaution, it may be wise to check your life jacket is in good working order.

  3. John Bullock says:

    Ditto Neal…. I have a “Man-Cave” at home where I have my framed “Certificate of Appreciation” is displayed, signed by the then Prime Minister Helen Clark and Minister of Veteran Affairs Rick Barker. Since this debacle first kicked off, I have not seen any follow-up comments from the then Chief of Navy or others as to why there are no Navy representative on the Veterans’ Advisory Board, or from the Minister of Defence! There has to be a reason? I “smell a political cost saving rat” with ACC in it somewhere, maybe!

  4. gunther says:

    when i emailed the minister about no navy on the VAB and asked what would happen when something came up re a navy matter, the reply was that they would contact the appropriate naval person..I am still waiting for an answer to a question re why no navy persons on the VAB

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