Parliamentary Written Question

The Member for Northcote Dan Bidois continues to ask a question of the Minister of Veterans Affairs

32550 (2019). Dan Bidois to the Veterans (Minister – Ron Mark) (17 Sep 2019): Has the Minister taken the interim report of the Veterans’ Advisory Board he received at the end of June to Cabinet or a cabinet committee, as of 17 September 2019?

Hon Ron Mark (Veterans (Minister – Ron Mark)) replied: No. I plan on taking a paper on that matter through the Cabinet process in the coming weeks.

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1 Response to Parliamentary Written Question

  1. Neal Catley says:

    Seriously, given the track record, I don’t think anybody will be at all surprised to read the Minister of Veterans Affairs answer to Dan Bidois parliamentary question. The standout, when challenged, is the Minister’s spirit and character and endearing ability not to heed/observe the coalition government Mantra of ‘glasnost’ [openness] and ‘perestroika’ [reforming/restructuring]. When the Minister decides to release the recommendations of the Veterans Advisory Board – perhaps that might be an eminent occasion for the Association to consider splicing the mainbrace! However, as the progress rate is presently less than pedestrian, one could be forgiven to thinking that glorious moment may have to be put on the back-burner for quite some time!

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