NGAPONA Newsletter


13 September 19 – Navy Club, Remuera Club at 1200
20 September 19 – Ngapona Assn Lunch at Tauranga RSA
11 October 19 – Navy Club, Remuera Club at 1200
18 October 19 – Ngapona Assn Lunch at Glen Eden RSA
18 October 19 – Trafalgar Day Luncheon at Te Atatu RSA
8 November 19 – Navy Club, Remuera Club at 1200
15 November 19 – Ngapona Assn Lunch at Grey Lynn RSA
13 December 19 – Navy Club, Remuera Club at 1200
20 December 19 – Ngapona Assn Xmas Lunch at Orakei RSA


A warm welcome to our two newest members, CPO Shane Kennedy (Coxn Ngapona) and PO Jeremy Thorburn (Career Manager Reserves). Welcome aboard!!

If you have served at HMNZS Ngapona and would like to join the HMNZS Ngapona Association please reply to this email to request an application form.


The September lunch will be held in the Tauranga RSA at Greerton on Friday, 20th September. So that we can arrange transport we need an indication of numbers.
Please email or phone Richard Maddix 021 369 904 or so we can advise costs.


To all matelots past and present, who have served under any of the white ensigns.
The President and Quarterdeck Division of the Te Atatu Memorial RSA will host a luncheon on Friday 18 October 2019 to celebrate in true naval fashion the 214th Anniversary of the Battle of Trafalgar and you are invited to attend.

See Registration Form for further details. Please note this luncheon is restricted to 100 attendees and applications close Friday, 4th October 2019. Don’t miss out!


HMNZS Achilles was a Leander-class light cruiser which served with the Royal New Zealand Navy in the Second World War, the second of five in the class. Originally constructed by the Royal Navy, she was loaned to New Zealand in 1936 before formally joining the new Royal New Zealand Navy in 1941. She became famous for her part in the Battle of the River Plate, alongside HMS Ajax and HMS Exeter. All ships suffered damage in the engagement and the Graf Spee sought shelter in the neutral port of Montevideo. Captain Langsdorff scuttled the Graf Spee to avoid the loss of life and surrender to the British. Gun Turret Y, a 95-ton turret with twin Mk XXI 6 inch guns is now at the entrance to the naval base. These are the guns that engaged the Graf Spee in a critical naval battle at the start of WW II. She is notable for being the first Royal Navy cruiser to have fire control radar, with the installation of the New Zealand-made SS1 fire-control radar in June 1940.

After Second World War service in the Atlantic and Pacific, she was returned to the Royal Navy. She was sold to the Indian Navy in 1948 and recommissioned as INS Delhi. She was scrapped in 1978.


On the 8 September 1970 the Defence Council approved the introduction of the Warrant Officer rank in the RNZN which was announced in the NZ General Message M180 of 16 November 1970. A formal letter announcing the introduction on 16 December advised that the first substantive promotions would be effective on 1 February 1971, and then at six-monthly intervals. The introduction was completed with Navy Order 144/71 issued on 17 June 1971.

Can you name the first Warrant Officer in the RNZN?

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