Birdseye View of HMNZS Gambia

Lieutenant Commander Jeken Allen Elwin DSC, was the Navigating Officer on HMNZS Gambia from 1943 to 1946. He had an 8mm cine camera with him and his son, James, has very kindly sent a copy of the video he took. You can view the video by clicking HERE.

The film is not the best quality, but it is the only amateur film of the ship that we know of.

The film shows naval cutter races. RN officers in summer uniform dress on deck, with female guests. Transfer from HMS Capetown to destroyer by breeches buoy. Striped cat (ship’s cat?). Aircraft carrier. Chinese women and children ashore. Sydney Harbour Bridge (Australia).

Our many thanks to James Elwin for releasing this film and making it public.  There is more information with reference to Lieutenant Commander Elwin by clicking HERE

There is also a video which can be viewed by clicking HERE of Jack Harker receiving his Queens Service Medal in 2002.  Jack was a sailor and author of many naval related books.

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1 Response to Birdseye View of HMNZS Gambia

  1. Ray Thomas says:

    A comment about the video was posted earlier today.

    “Thank you for posting the film. I have just shown it to my Father who was a stoker on the Gambia during this time. He is 94 years old and lives with me in Diamond Harbour NZ. He was very interested in seeing it and was able to recognise many of the scenes.”

    Amazing, the last surviving member of the crew from WWII that I knew of passed away in 2014.

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