More Questions for the Minister of Veteran Affairs

A further written question has been put to Ron Mark, Minister for Veteran Affairs by Dan Bidois MP for Northcote.  Thank you, Dan, for taking the initiative.

Has the Minister taken the interim report he received from the Veterans Advisory Board in June to Cabinet as of 27 August 2019?

It is interesting the Opposition Spokesperson for Veteran Affairs, Maggie Barry MP appears to be missing in action with respect to these important veteran issues.

It would appear that there is some further traction happening as Matt King MP for Northland has also asked the Minister of Veteran Affairs the written questions listed below.

Are Royal New Zealand Navy personnel who were stationed with the British Commonwealth Far East Strategic Reserve deemed to have served in a war or emergency for the purposes of the War Pensions Act?

Does the Minister believe that Royal New Zealand Navy personnel who served with the Far East Strategic Reserve have been appropriately recognised by the New Zealand Defence Force?

The answers to these questions will be very interesting.  Remember the answers should be on the web by the 30 August 19.

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4 Responses to More Questions for the Minister of Veteran Affairs

  1. Neal Catley says:

    It is indeed encouraging and gratifying to read that NATIONAL, Electorate MPs Matt King and Dan Bidois together with MP Alfred Ngaro, in support of ex Royal New Zealand Navy personnel, are seeking parliamentary answers from the Office of MOD to the long suffering FESR/ANZUK questions that the Association and its members have rigorously pursued over the past four years.

    Also, equally as important are NATIONAL MP Dan Bidois questions on the release of Professor Paterson’s Review of the Veterans Support Act 2014 entitled: ‘Warrant of Fitness’ that he completed in March 2018. Note that, the Veterans Advisory Board finished their deliberations on the Paterson Review and forwarded their recommendations to MOD well before the end of June 2019. No satisfactory [meat-on-the-bones] answers as yet promulgated by MOD. Interesting times ahead, especially, as 2020 is election year.

  2. Brian Edwards says:

    Hi. In answer to MP Matt King first question which I have posted a couple of times. Extract only:-
    War Pensions issued a directive stating that all Royal New Zealand Navy personnel
    stationed with the British Commonwealth Far East Strategic Reserve are to be
    deemed to have emergency service for the purposes of the War Pensions Act.
    (Social Security Appeal Authority (18 June 2007) HC WN CIV 2007 / 485 / 330)
    Cheers Pilz

  3. JT says:

    Pilz and Neal, These are the questions RNZNCA, SEAVA and others have been focusing on for well over a half a decade and the answers to date have been very economical with the facts. Let’s keep the pressure on and as you say Neal next year is election year. However, having said that recognition should stand on its merits and not rely on lobbying. FESR/ANZUK meets the requirements just a reluctance of the bureaucrats to recommend, so what is the sixty million dollar question

  4. Neal Catley says:

    Good one, Pilz. As you know, John all of the Association submissions over the past four to five years are based 100 percent on factual historical documentation. To rely on anything else outside accuracy and the truth would be just Super-Charged FOLLY! However, remembering those MPs who should’ve willingly helped the Association but, chose not to do so is a different matter altogether. One may wish to think about that in election year 2020.

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