Communicators Meet

Twelve Communicators met today at Palmerston North Navalmens Association and together with another group of trades boosted the number to a total of 58.  Well Done Des Sanson for taking the initiative and pulling the group together.  Here is an image of the happy group.


Front: Chris Precey, Des Sanson, Charlie Matenga
Middle Row: Chris Farrow, Mike Catlow, Joe Sweeney, Ernie Koch
Back Row: Mark Sanson, Trevor Appleton, Ray Newport Matt Stock,
Absent from Photo; Bob Paul


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2 Responses to Communicators Meet

  1. Mike Catlow says:

    Thanks Des, that was a good Sunday lunch out and good to catch up with everyone. Thanks to Trevor and Ernie for offering me a lift to the occasion. Glad to find all well with Joe as long time no see, Will catch up more with those i don’t know so well next time.

  2. James F Blackburn. says:

    Magic Photo….had to think back a long time with this, but once i could put the names to the faces
    it brought back a lot of memories…Thank You All.

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