Life Member turns 93

This is to advise that James Frank BLACKBURN, Life Member of the Association turned 93 years old on Friday, 26 July 2019.  Jim is very active in the Association and is also the President of the HMNZS OTAGO Association a position he has held for many years.  Place a comment to this blog and wish ‘Jimmie’ a happy birthday.

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7 Responses to Life Member turns 93

  1. James D says:

    Well done Jim. Perhaps there is truth to the rumour “A Tot a Day keeps the Sick Bay Tiff Away”

  2. Jerry Payne says:

    Congratulations Jim.

  3. jim blackburn says:

    A big ” Thank You” to all who sent birthday greeting, (I am most appreciative, and I was blessed with the greatest gift a man could wish for…a new baby Great Grandson was born on my birthday

  4. Bill Bartlett says:

    “Appy big ones from me in Sulphur City Jimmy mate. Corr Blimey ninety-bleedin three not out”
    Kindest regards. Billy Bartlett

  5. Butts says:

    Congratulations Jim. I know the secret is spinach.

  6. Mike Catlow says:

    Many Happies – doesn’t time fly Hope you had some TLC from family. Congrats on Great Grandson

  7. Chris Precey says:

    Congrats on reaching such a fine age – also on having a new great grandson on yr birthday – and also on your naval great grandson. all the very best.

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