The Silence is Deafening!

Well, the Veterans Advisory Board have had 12 months to work out What is a Veteran and how is New Zealand going to recognise a Veteran.  They were tasked with providing a report to the Minister of Veterans Affairs by 30 June 2019.  Now the announcement of their findings and recommendations.   The silence is deafening!

What is the status of the Veterans Advisory Board?  Will another Board be established and if so will it have cross-service representation?  The silence is deafening!

The Ron Patterson Report was completed in 2017 which had 64 recommendations.  Where is the update on which recommendations are accepted and which will be implemented?  The silence is deafening!

A review is or was being undertaken on the Certificate of Appreciation and Lapel Badge.  The silence is deafening!


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5 Responses to The Silence is Deafening!

  1. gunther says:

    we had the RSA and Vet affairs rep’s up here in Warkworth last friday, and to be fair very interesting and very helpful to those who attended..The report was fm what i understand supposed to be out last month..when asked about it they could’nt give and i quess it’s “watch this space”

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  3. Bill Bartlett says:

    I do NOT believe in all sincereity that the onus in determining the eligibility /status criteria for a man/woman of the NZDF for VETERAN Status should be given to this “Veterans Affairs Support”group/team . They are not qualified for this task I reckon. Ron Mark as VA Minister has no teeth!.He should be pushing this under his NZ MOD portfolio.. .
    fURTHERMORE, What the hell are our single – service heads doing. Surely Its they who should be banging their skulls together and coming up with the answer. ..

  4. Neal Catley says:

    It would be fair to assume that most of the NZ Veterans who attended the VA Case Management Clinics in Australia and around New Zealand found them both beneficial and helpful.

    Re: The Silence is Deafening!
    I understand the Veterans Advisory Board conclusions and recommendations were forwarded to the Minister of Veterans Affairs for consideration and approval well before the end of June 2019. Should this advice be correct, then it seems inconceivable that the Minister has not been able to formally announce; “What is a Veteran and how is NZ going to recognise a Veteran.”

    Also, the review being undertaken on the Certificate of Appreciation and Lapel badge is yet another ‘Irish Pennant’ that needs to be finalised PDQ.

    All of this seems an incredible test of faith! In short. This. Is. Not. Normal.

  5. Neal Catley says:

    In support of Bill Bartlett’s Blog, surely if the US could land a man on the moon 50 years ago we should by now have managed to find someone who is effective and authoritative who knows the Veterans state of play and is able to formally declare: “What is a Veteran and how is NZ going to recognise a Veteran!” I’m sure most will be fed-up with all of this long suffering Huffty McGuffty! To be blunt. NZ needs someone who is widely respected, scrupulously fair, shows sound judgment, and actually abides by the rules of good governance.

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