Medallic Recognition – left-hand right-hand

As members, you will be aware that the RNZNCA has been writing letters to Member of Parliaments and Chief of Defence Forces over the past 4 years with differing responses.  The latest correspondence received from the Chief of Defence Force indicates that the investigations and analysis phase will be completed by 30 June 2019 with further correspondence being forwarded to the Minister of the Defence in the 3rd quarter of 2019.

Today, from another quarter (NZDF Heritage, Commemorations and Protocol) information has been received which indicates that the investigation has been completed and analysis will follow with a recommendation to the Minister of Defence by end of 2019.  A copy of this letter to the President, National RSA can be read HERE.

A further RNZNCA letter was sent  (last week) to the Chief of Defence Force requesting advice that the NZDF has, at last, completed their investigation and analysis phase.  We await a response.

The RNZNCA will continue to see this issue to a final conclusion and we appreciate that other organisations are also pressing buttons within other departments of Government.  It is interesting that after all this time and a large amount of correspondence that it remains unclear who or which department has the lead on this issue.



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3 Responses to Medallic Recognition – left-hand right-hand

  1. MOLE says:

    It’s simple up until COMFEF’s pull out all ship’s received a Security Brief from the Brits on Security whilst on Shore Leave I well remember the Major Saying “IF YOU ARE TRAVELING BETWEEN KL AND PENANG BE CAREFUL AS CT’s ARE STILL OPERATING ALONG ISOLATED STRETCHERS OF HIGHWAY, even when you are ashore in Port Sweetenham”.
    Funny what a small stroke did to my memory opened up many corners.

  2. Neal Catley says:


    Re: Ministry of Cultural & Heritage Letter of 17/06/2019 [Posted on Facebook].

    In my humble opinion, the Association over the past four to five years has been constantly and continuously jerked around by various Ministries in the hope that key players will eventually play ‘dead ants.’ The Machiavellian moving of chess pieces around the board has been disingenuous entertainment for those who enjoy playing shonky, bureaucratic ‘hide-the-ball’ games. In all seriousness, it simply beggars belief the disrespect and aggravation this type of ‘pure bilge water’ causes ex service men and women who have faithfully served their country over many years without any ‘bona fide’ tangible recognition. The Association has put up with so much bureaucratic flannel, it’s a wonder the hierarchy haven’t engaged the services of an elephant to thread the medallic recognition needle! Humbug!

  3. Gerry Purcell says:

    Can corroborate Mole’s statement. Either 1970 or 71, whilst serving OTAGO, I was put ashore at Pulau Aur, the RN FEF’s NGFS exercise area. Had a radioman and two Gurkha’s with me. We all went armed (with live rounds) due the CT presence.

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