Here is an image of IRIRANGI Ships Company on parade.  The parade was for Commodore J F McKenzie who was COMAUCK at the time.  What year guys?

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  1. James D says:


  2. James D says:

    Have had a rethink. Gary Johnston is in the pic and he posted in to Irirangi in 1974. That was at the Frigate Block, Waiouru. The EO was Platoon Commander – can’t remember his name. Also recognize TC Topine (RIP) and Mike Hodson. Both of them are left hand side of platoon. Mike, front left and TC 3rd from front. Gary is in the middle.

  3. Tony Magon says:

    This photo would have been taken after the end of May 1975 – I went outside at the end of May 75 – Gary Johnson was not at Irirangi while I was there between 73 and 31 May 75

  4. James D says:

    I posted on to Otago mid 1975 and Gary wasn’t there when I left. I served at ZLO between 1972 and 1975 (the first time) and Gary was definitely there then.

  5. James D says:

    I’ll stick to my original answer – 1973. At some stage during my first posting to ZLO, Gary Johnson was sent to oversee HF trials on HMNZS Tui. Tui sailed around the whole of NZ and the sparkers would transmit on 3, 8, 12 and 16 Mhz on SSB voice every hour. Back at Receivers, we had a microphone and receiver set up in the SCO’s office with a landline connection to key a transmitter and respond to Tui. Both stations had to keep a full log so that DSE could work out the most suitable day and night frequencies for use on Coastal Common. 3192 and the 8 Mhz frequencies were found to be the best. This didn’t come into effect until the new Transmitter building and aerials were built in the 80s. Unfortunately these trials didn’t really take into account the diurnal, seasonal and sunspot effects. Still it was probably better than nothing.

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