Passing of Henare Rama Hawe

Regret to advise the Henare Rama Hawe crossed the bar last night. Our thoughts go out to Michelle and her family.  Henara joined the RNZN on 6 September 1966 and discharged as a Chief Petty  Officer Electronic Warfare Supervisor on 30 April 1979.  On joining the Navy he was a Junior Recruit Radio Operator and changed over the Electronic Warfare trade at Leading Rate.  He served in TAMAKI, OTAGO, PHILOMEL IRIRANGI KAHAWAI, WAKEFIELD, CANTERBURY and TASMAN.  Details of Tangi will be posted when known.

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2 Responses to Passing of Henare Rama Hawe

  1. Dave Wistrand says:

    Good man our “Henry” sad news Gollies were always in short supply especially us good ones.

  2. Dave Wistrand says:

    And you have to be alert. In reading Henare’s funeral details I noticed the name Skipwith in relationship to his mother. Looked back in the old family tree as it rang a bell and five generations back was the link. On my side Henry Morshead Symons sister Emily married Francis Robert Estotville Skipwith. Francis was the son of Sir Grey Skipwith a English MP and had emigrated to NZ and in 1845 married Hinenui Te Po Matia at Rangitiki and had four children which follow the Skipwith name through the generations. His marriage to Emily produced no children and he died age 32 in Sep 21 1855.
    So Henare and I were related a long way back. Henry Morshead Symons “married” into the Ngati Huri at Te Waotu (Pikitu Marae) outside Putururu had children (my line) then later went back to England and married a english women (as they did). Did a DNA myself and turned up 2% Maori which fits with the lineage pattern

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