Communications Branch Photo

Below is an image of the Communications Branch of HMNZS ROTOITI 1960-61 commission.  Click on Image to enlarge.  Thanks, Roy Sefton for image

Back Row: Sig Jake Huka, Sig Herbert Anscombe, Tel Don McMurray, Sig Stewart Boyes, Tel Miles Dalrymple, Tel Laurie Leef, Tel David Synott, Sig Charles Conroy, Sig Bryan Baker,

Front row. Tel Roy Sefton, L/Sig William Bartlett, PO Tel Geoge Rolton, Lt Beauchamp. Ch Yeoman of Sigs Leslie Thorpe, L/Tel Carl Edwards, Sig Ian Buckingham.

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3 Responses to Communications Branch Photo

  1. JamesD says:

    Served with some of these fine gentlemen as follows:
    Herb Anscombe Class Instructor at Tamaki 1964.
    Carl Edwards A/T Instructor CTS Philomel 1964.
    Pash Baker and Roy Sefton Royalist 1965.
    Jake Huka NCC Wellington 1966
    Lt Cdr Beauchamp XO Endeavour 1968.
    Bill Barlett and Don McMurray Waikato 1971
    Carl Edwards SCO Irirangi 1974/75?

  2. Mervyn Grewar says:

    As a Rocky I served with Jake, Miles and I think Roy on Kaniere down to the roaring 60S. Jake got a shower when a plate was stove in right beside his mic and he finished up grasping a stanchion on the upper deck in his nicks. The 4 inch gun armour was also stove in and we suddenly left for Dunedin. The next trip Miles was PRD

  3. frank elliott says:


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