ANZAC Day 2019 in Oz

Two ex Yeomen jumped the ditch to parade at a 2019 ANZAC Day service in Murwillumbah NSW. It must have been early as they are still standing.  Well done guys.

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7 Responses to ANZAC Day 2019 in Oz

  1. Alan (Tug) Wilson says:

    Brian (Pilz) Edwards and ??. Looking good Pilz, hope you had a great day and many Tks for the article on your dad made for good reading

    • Brian Edwards says:

      Hi Tug. Great to hear from you. Yeah the outsides not too bad but the inside is Kaputska. The other good looking dude is my good mate John (Chook) Fowler an ex Bunting from Gold Coast. Re the article on my father. It was a shortened version prompted by a previous post pertaining to MTB,s. They happened to have served in the same squadron.
      Hope all well up North. Rest easy.
      Cheers Pilz

  2. Dodger Long says:

    Looking good Pilz and Chook – looks like you had a good time :-}

  3. Brian Edwards says:

    Hi Dodger, long time no hear! Yes, I think Chook enjoyed our service in my little hick town of Murwillumbah NSW – a bit different to the bigger outfits. Been here 20 yrs and would never go back to live. Hope all good with you.

  4. Chook says:

    To be honest about the service at Murwillumbah, I enjoyed it more than the dawn service at Surfers Paradise where the sound system was hopeless, the address was given by some Army wallah who gave his life history(boring), no seats for the old chaps who marched for about 500 metres and then had to stand for about 25 minutes, all the seats were taken by politicians who probably have never seen seen the inside of any defence facility, and middle aged women and children. Not impressed, but at least they played the NZ national anthem which they didn’t do last year plus the backdrop of the beach and sea was pretty grand.

  5. Alan (Tug) Wilson says:

    Pilz just wondering if you are thinking of going to the Rock (Tamaki) reunion next Feb?? Would be great to catch up

    • Brian Edwards says:

      Hi Tug. Yes, have got to the thinking stage! Will have to have a quiet word to the lungs. Went over in January for the 60th year intake reunion and nearly collapsed climbing up to the ships bridge. I do hope the event is well supported as the organisers put so much into these reunions. Im wondering if a “Chairlift” might have been installed on the Hill at the Rock, and yes it would be good catching up.

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