Dropped into the site of HMNZS IRIRANGI on 28 March 2019 to find the following.  Click on images to enlarge.

Main Gate with QM Lobby on right

Main Road into Camp

Thorne Park

Thorne Park

Road to Receivers

The Captain’s House has been moved to the other side of the road.  Soon there will be nothing which identifies this area being used by the Navy as HMNZS IRIRANGI.

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4 Responses to HMNZS IRIRANGI – Wot’s Left

  1. Frank Lewis says:

    As you will know I am trying hard to get the place recognised as a place of Historic Importance – unfortunately I am continually fighting bureaucracy with continued excuses that “we are understaffed”. It will come to the top – I did remind them that most of us were in our 70’s and would like to see something happen sooner than later. I did approach Historic Places in Kerikeri to get assistance however I received a slightly terse letter from Wellington. I will continue and I will succeed.

  2. Marian says:

    It is sad when items or places of historic significance are damaged or destroyed because ‘others’ thing they have no significance or have an attitude of “why do we need to bother with this?”

  3. Pete Robb (one of the Twins) says:

    If anyone has been there – HMS Mercury – has suffered a similar fate…if I remember right you can GOOGLE HMS Mercury and you will see what has happened…I saw it in 2015 when In the UK and even went up to Petersfield with the hope of going onto see it, but after the video I saw, too much and it was a place of many memories for the Commissioning Crew of HMNZS Canterbury 71/72…

  4. Peter ROBB says:

    additional to my earlier post – go to YOUTUBE – HMS Mercury…and you will see the whole sorry saga of it’s demise…this will happen to HMNZS Irirangi…sadly

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