Salt Inreases in Whangamata

Three old seadogs got together recently in Whangamata to reminisce and tell a few lies.  I have it on good authority that the three pensioners were all in bed by 7.oopm and lights out was just after 8.oopm.  Good on ya lads.

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5 Responses to Salt Inreases in Whangamata

  1. David Wistrand says:

    Frank, I was at a party the other weekend with some old ex-matelots and the subject of “Cooking at Home” came up. A bit off subject but this lot look like they might be home helpers etc. Do you think some home hints for the unabled in this matter might be in line (for those at the party this is not an innocent question, in fact, it may well never see past the Moderator)

  2. James D says:

    Don’t recognise the one in the middle with the Princess Leia hair-do

  3. BILL BARTLETT says:


  4. Bruce Harwood says:

    Rods trying to impress us by sitting in front of a salad!

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