Who remembers this stuff?

Thanks, Mole for the contribution.

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6 Responses to Who remembers this stuff?

  1. BRIAN ROWE says:

    has anyone any idea when ZMWP was allocated to HMNZS Royalist?

  2. James D says:

    Royalist was handed over to the RNZN 9 July 1956.She may possibly have been given the ZMWP callsign then.

  3. Chris Precey says:

    I was a member of HMNZS Royalist’s ships company when she was handed over to the RNZN in 1956 and the only callsign she ever had was ZMWP. I distinctly remember being on watch in the Plymouth Sounds on LCN when I heard MWKF trying to reach the shore station with traffic. (MWKF was HMS Carisbrooke Castle, which I had the distinction of serving on her earlier on that year). I ended up relaying her traffic to the shore station.

  4. Brian Burford says:

    When i was working at the Navy Museum I used to collect all of this type of information and enter it into a data base. Over time these little bits of information grew into a substantial data base.

  5. Dave Smith says:

    Well said Chris absolutely correct, That’s the only callsign I can remember her having and like you I was there from Day One

  6. Bill McLauchlan says:

    What about VKMX (HMNZS Lachlan)?

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