Memories of a Father

Yeoman Brian ‘Pilz’ Edwards has kindly provided a family tribute to his father who served briefly in the Royal New Zealand Navy and was subsequently lost at sea when MTB 316 was sunk in 1943.  Thanks, Pilz for your family history and for sharing it with us all.

Click HERE to read on.

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3 Responses to Memories of a Father

  1. Mike Catlow says:

    That was a great piece of family history you have put together,it is a great read, You must be really proud of your fathers devotion to duty during that disastrous war. Well done & thanks for adding this to the Comms history

    • Brian Edwards says:

      Hi Mike. Thanks for the kind words. It was a shortened version of what I have managed to put together over the years. My posting was prompted by the article (did you know) on A/Lt Cdr GJ Macdonalds war service on MTB’S (highlighted in Green) in which my father served in the same flotilla.

      • Mike Catlow says:

        Thanks, i re-read the article on LtCdr Macdonald at the the Navy Museum website.. I haven’t read Gerry Wrights book on him ‘North Sea Warrior’ so must seek out a copy.I liked the bit about his training though –
        “” Ice-cream bikes were used to practice fleet manoeuvres which were also fitted with masts to practice signalling.””

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