Update on HMNZS Irirangi becoming a New Zealand Heritage Site of Historical Importance.  The update is provided by Frank Lewis.

I have been in contact with NZ Heritage re update on what is happening with regards my initial application of 2016/17.

I have been told that they are hoping it comes up in the next pile of applications to be dealt with. They have indicated we can go ahead with signage etc and they will give us a letter of support that the site will become a listed site of New Zealand Historical Interest.

I spoke with Mark Sinclair (landowner) last night and he is happy to cooperate re the old campsite, however, NZ Heritage said that NZDF who own transmitters and a part of the old receiver’s land, have still not replied.

NZ Heritage suggested we work in with the Army Museum, RNZN Museum (who support our application) New Zealand Defence, Local Council, Rotary and Lions. NZ Heritage will give us a letter of support to these organisations once we have planned what we want.

If there is anyone in the PR/advertising world amongst us perhaps you could give me a call and along with the RNZN Comms Assn, we could put something together.

This is dragging into a marathon, but I will keep plugging away.

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  1. Jim D says:

    Well done Frank. Hope it all comes to fruition.

    • Frank Lewis says:

      I hope so Jim – it is amazing all the hurdles they place in front of you – but as long as I am alive I will pursue it on behalf of all our people who served there.

  2. Paul Murray says:

    Frank your perserverance will pay off. Thank you for all your hard work to date I have very much enjoyed following your posts.

  3. Mike Catlow says:

    Yes Frank you have really persisted with this and it is nice to know Irirangi will not be forgotten so that future family connections can know what it was all about. Went to see my old house accommodation in Ballance Road while passing through Waiouru but it was all green grass and just the roads left.

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