The question has arisen as to who was the Leading Tel on watch in the Port W/T Office located in PHILOMEL on Christmas Eve 1953 when the Tangiwai Disaster occurred just north of Waiouru.

One of the ratings on watch was ‘Charlie’ Webby but cannot remember who was the leading hand of the watch.

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3 Responses to WHO WAS ON WATCH?

  1. James Blackburn says:

    It was NOT me I was L/Tel in HMNZS TUI at that time.

  2. Frank Rands says:

    Captain Phil O’Connell’s father in law was on duty at Stratford as a NZ Railways Clerk on Christmas Day morning re-routing trains via the Stratford – Ohakukura and Marton – New Plymouth lines with the Main Trunk Line washed out at Tangiwai.

  3. James Blackburn says:

    Doc Watts also believes I was in the Port W/T at this time…
    But I can assure you I was NOT as I left there in Early November 1953
    I relieved Boris Simon in Early November.in HMNZS TUI.
    .I was relieved by Peter Smith at the end of February.1954
    The Bunting was Dinger Bell who was relieved by Tich Holland.
    .Jock Pennicuick was the L/Tel in HMNZS Kiwi..he had relieved Ebie Craven I think,
    The Bunting was either Frank Black or Tubby Morris
    It is a long time ago now but my mind is very clear on this and my “Service Docs” prove it.

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