If you happen to be serving in HMNZS VENTURE, Christmas 1943 when it was in Fiji, this is what would have been served up to you for dinner.  A copy of Daily Orders is also included.  Click on images to enlarge.  Thanks Neill D for the contribution.  Anyone got an image of VENTURE?


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  1. Jim D says:

    Could only find this on HMNZS Venture:
    “When HMS Viti returned to Suva after her refit in April 1942 the harbour defences were then working well and the new Port War Signal Station was established and manned by RNZN and FRNVR personnel.

    RNZN ratings, signal personnel and Petty Officers lived in barracks in the same building as the Port War Signal Station. All other ratings serving in HMNZS Venture were housed in a large tent camp near the wharf entrance where the Suva Municipal Market now stands.”

  2. Nick C says:

    Geez, things only went down hill from there!

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