The Timeliness of Correspondence

A number of you have taken the opportunity to write to your local Member of Parliament with reference to a number of issues which might have included the forming of the latest Veterans Advisory Board and/or the Right to be buried in the Service Section of your local Cemetery.

It is ‘good manners’ that correspondence be acknowledged and answered in a timely fashion.

Having served in both the Defence Headquarters and Naval Staff, it was expected that all corresponsdence would be answered within 14 days or if not an answer was forthcoming than at the very least an acknowledgement of the correspondence would be sent.  Request for Official Information were dealt with and expedited and responded to normally with 48 hours of receipt.

It is clearly apparent that Parliament does not work this way!!  and I encourage you all  to send hasteners to your local Member of Parliament for correspondence which has not at the very least been acknowledged.  Furthermore when a receipt has been received and advice to the effect that your correspondence has been forwarded on to another Minister then an acknowledgement should be expected from that Minister’s office at the very least.

We all understand that our Members of Parliament of busy people however this does not excuse the lack of acknowledgement of correspondence and nor does it remove the responsibility of providing an adequate response in good time.

You have taken the time to send a letter then it is only right that you receive a response!  



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