The Nonagenarians – Update

Apologies, Apologies to our Nonagenarian!!  Isn’t that the way we now have TEN…  Are there any more out there!!

There are actually ten communicators who have attained this huge milestone in the Association unless I am again to be proved wrong.

They are Jim Blackburn, Peter Smith, Ron Burton, Jock Howell, Bluey Findlay, Alec Crighton, Arthur (Jonah) Whale, Ralph Woodward, Bill McLauchlan and Louis Wain. So congratulations to the ten of you.  I wonder who else is knocking on the door??



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4 Responses to The Nonagenarians – Update

  1. swimmer33 says:

    Jock Howell 91

    Sent from Samsung tablet.

  2. Bill McLauchlan says:

    Bill McLauchlan 90 on 29 July 2018 – Joined February 1947 completed 6 year term February 1953.

  3. Ray says:

    Lou Wain. Would that be the same Lou Wain who won ..Have a shot at the Auckland town hall, circa 1954 , with a jazzy rendition on the piano and a Gazzoo

  4. Bill McLauchlan says:

    Nice to see a couple of sparkers from the same class (3rd Tels) still going at 90 – me and Alec Crighton. Hope you’re keeping well Alec.

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