Card Scheme for Australian Vets

We obviously live on the wrong side of the ditch.  We are still trying to figure out what a Veteran is!  Click HERE

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison has spoken of a “culture of respect” for veterans as he rolled out a new scheme inviting big business to offer discounts to Australian veterans.

The Daily Telegraph has reported details of the benefits that will come with the card, which Morrison is encouraging businesses to take part in by showing their appreciation to Australian servicemen and women.

Complying major businesses will offer percentage discounts to veterans. The reported percentages where between 5 and 10 per cent.


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2 Responses to Card Scheme for Australian Vets

  1. Geoff Brindle says:

    They may have worked out what a Veteran is, but try this, for a Commonwealth “Veteran” to get an Australian Gold Card;
    ..Must have served during a period of hostilities, and a member of a defence force established by a Commonwealth country, and connection with war or war like operations in which the defence forces of Australia were engaged, and either
    ..incurred danger from hostile forces of the enemy in an area outside that country, or
    ..was awarded or was eligible to be awarded a campaign medal for service within that country.

    Geoff Brindle

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