Ake Ake Kia Kaha

From 1941 to 1963 there were approximately 12,400 trainees who completed their basic training at HMNZS Tamaki on Motuihe Island, known as “The Rock”.

I wonder how many are alive today who would like to meet up for the last time to tell the tale of this picturesque island; home of a training base ruled with strick discipline by many ‘old school’ ex-Royal Navy (RN) instructors. Their rigorous training methods were very structured, traditional and disciplined, with Royal Navy philosophies and principles.
But it was this discipline and strict training that made men out of boys. To have completed your training on that island was a triumph in itself and an experience that will never be forgotten.

If you served on THE ROCK, would you be interested in attending a one-off reunion, to bring together those who experienced a unique time in their lives?

If so, then at this stage go to the  EXPRESSIONS OF INTEREST  page and add your name.

It is envisaged that the reunion would be held in February 2020.

If we get a good quorum of matelots then we can set up an ‘events’ page, committee, solicit ideas, start promoting a reunion and go from there. Both Gary ‘Kips’ Houghton (formerly Kingdon) and I have unlimited ideas already about this reunion.

If you require further information contacts are Jack Donnelly or Gary Houghton


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32 Responses to DID YOU SERVE ON THE ROCK?

  1. Nick C says:

    The links don’t work and the proposed date has long past.

  2. Dave Wistrand says:

    I was CS42 Jan 1963 and believe there was one more intake after us before moving to Narrow Neck. Was 16 when joined so 2020 will be 74 so should be a right roaring rave up with all the golden oldies

  3. Lou Hocken says:

    Who has a Time machine handy to get back to 2010 .??????…….

    On Sun, Oct 21, 2018 at 7:24 PM RNZN Communicators Association wrote:

    > Frank Rands posted: “If you served on the ‘Rock’ this could be of interest > to you. If you require further information contacts are Jack Donnelly or > Gary Houghton ” >

  4. davesyn says:

    Could be a starter, but does that boo doo say something about old timers? who knows if I’ll live that long

  5. Michael Francis Commons (LTO NZ 14918) says:

    HI. Mike Commons, NZ 14918, 29th Signals boy, drafted to Prince on completion of training, Then onto Bellona, to return her and pick up Royalist, Then, wouldn’t you know it, drafted from Royalist to Tamaki. as Signalman, What a bludgers’ draft, dead boring, But it was great in that it was sgtill a navy draft, and I still learnt quite a bit from being there again. Then to Pukaki for the last of Op Grapple. Then Rotoiti for Op Deepfreeze, Then NCC and out. Thoroughly enjoyed the whole experiene, and made some bloody Good mates. Geoff Brindle lives about 20 Miles from me here i n West Oz

  6. Gene Autridge says:

    could be a starter if still alive

  7. Ray Newport says:

    Ray Newport Ex LRO NZ 14039 reply:
    October 22nd 2018 8pm.
    I would be interested if still around, was on the Rock in 1952 as a 24th Boy. 19 Seamen joined at the same time . We came in to be the Royal Guard for the Kings Visit but he turned his toes up so ended up on the Coronation Trip on the “Black Prince” Amoung other drafts over 10 odd years.

  8. Dennis (Ditz) Powell says:

    Count me in if nothing untoward has happened tween now & then. On the Rock Sep 1962 as seaman boy in Nelson Div (oh those skippers rounds every Saturday), transferred to sparker when posted to Philly May 1963.

  9. Sweeney JCK says:

    depending where it is held and iffin i havent fallen off me zimmer n still wasting oxygen cud be a starter.

  10. Rex Rodgers says:

    I’m starter, was on the rock 1955 – 35th adult entry

  11. Peter Broom says:

    Peter Broom NZ11652 joined November 1947 12th boys transferred to 13th boys so I could be a boy sig.Left the rock joined Bellona and them Hawea,Kaniere,ships company Tamaki and of course time in the MSO Philomel.Like wise if I don’t fall off the perch before then I would definitely travel Oz.Best of luck with plans

  12. Jan Ainsworth says:

    I could be a starter if I’m not pushing up daisys

  13. Dave Newman says:

    Dave (Jiggs) Newman.on the rock from 1952 26th boy intake Comms Geoff Brindle and Frank Elliot class mates and still,above ground. Keep me in the loop and hopefully I can make any reunion..Ciao.

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