Here are a couple of IRIRANGI images.  Not sure when these were taken or the history behind the vehicle.  Can you identify any of the people?  The Army signaller is Russell Rogers.

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1 Response to CAN YOU IDENTIFY?

  1. Colin Spence Nz 11679 says:

    This was an old Essex car which we all had a share in so that we had transport in to Taihape in 1952 . We couldnt get a WOF for it but were never pulled up as we only used it in daylight hours.I cannot remember the sailor driving it but he is now living in aussie , Some of the names of the rest are Dusty Rhodes, Nux Worthington, the two Maori lads used to drink Lemonade with us in the New Taihape Hotel and the other guy was an RN sparker whose name eludes me. Those were the days! Regards to all, Colin (Tex) Spence.

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