The ‘KING’ Sparkers

The following email was received from Geoff Parker.  If you remember Geoff and would like to get back in contact after all these years drop him an email at


Many, many years early 70’s I was on board HMS Yarmouth as a sparker. We were in
communications with HMNZS Waikato often and I got talking over the ether to a couple
of your comms lads called the King brothers. I was invited on board when alongside
in Singapore and they both got me rather inebriated such so I fell down my hatch ladder
and still have the scars to show. We then had a few runs ashore and had a couple of
altercations with Aussie sailors in Sambewang.
Great times, just thought I’d pass them on and Thank the King brothers for the
good times we had.
Regards Geoff (Fez) Parker



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5 Responses to The ‘KING’ Sparkers

  1. Colin Newport says:

    Frank that could have been Butch & Tam Kingi as they were both on Waikato in 1969-70

    • Peter Robb says:

      Hey Maunga,

      Paul and I were on the same tour….could be ‘we’ all got him inebriated…?
      I can remember HMS Yarmouth when we were out at sea and alongside in SIngas…

      But I will email him…Peter

  2. Thane Zander says:

    Kia ora Frank,

    Just wondering if you can advertise the ML Blog please (with your mail out)? Would be truly appreciated. I can put together a suitable Blurb (if required)!!

    Ka kite ano,

    Thane “Zaps” Zander

    T.W. Zander 162 College Street Awapuni Palmerston North 4412

    MOB 021 0865 7767

    Sent from Mail for Windows 10


  3. Jim D says:

    Both Tam and Butch have long since “Crossed the Bar”

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