You will have previously read the post about ‘Operational Service’ and how this is being applied to service men and women, who when the time comes, may want to be buried in the Service Section of their local cemetery.  To read the original post in its entirety please click HERE 

If you have already downloaded the templated letter and sent it on to your local Member of Parliament Great – READ NO FURTHER.

However,  If you are dithering READ ON!!

This further post is provided to encourage you to take ACTION.  We all know what Servicemen and women are like, there is always another day to take ACTION and we all tend to put off what we should do today or we wait for others to take the necessary action.  WELL, this is your time to standup and be counted.

Click HERE to download a templated letter.  Do not add anything to the letter – just date it, add your home address, place your local MP’s name at the top and sign the bottom of the letter and add your service number.  Then here is the big task  POST IT!!!


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  1. erniek10 says:

    Another point worth consideration. In the defence of the sanctity of a National Anthem, one can’t call on the support of the Department of Veterans Affairs.

  2. Marian Simons says:


  3. Ken Smith says:


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